Small compact shrub, grey-green leaves, with large pale pink flowers during spring-autumn. Eremophila is a genus of more than 260 species of plants in the figwort family, Scrophulariaceae all of which are endemic to mainland Australia. Eremophila maculata (purple), sometimes called ‘Thundercloud’, with large purple flowers; Eremophila maculata x viscida, a vigorous bush with masses of mauve flowers; Eremophila oldfieldii ‘Honeyeater Cheer’ with bright green foliage and tons of orange flowers beloved by spinebills; Eremophila oppositifolia ‘Hardy Harry’ with lovely grey foliage and white flowers over a long period; Rounded shrub, glossy green foliage, profuse pale pink terminal flowers September - October. Small shrub, profuse pink-violet flowers, autumn-winter. Large open shrub, green leaves, red flowers spring. Open unique foliage with magenta to purple flowers. Fast growing evergreen shrub to 1.5m x 1m. Compact rounded shrub, grey leaves, orange-yellow flowers winter-spring. Medium shrub, bright green foilage, pale purple flowers. Responds well to pruning. Flowers – Magenta, Purple, Red, Yellow and White Hummingbird attractive. Outstanding plant in flower, pink flowers late winter - spring, good drainage required. Medium shrub, many blue-purple flowers August - November. Spreading shrub, bright geern foliage, white star shaped flowers spring. This plant is indigenous to the following botanical regions of South Australia. Spreading compact shrub, bright green foliage, flowers pale pink, spring-summer. Outstanding rounded shrub, glossy green foliage, profuse pink terminal flowers spring. Stems are more angular rather than weeping effect.Very drought tolerant, rugged plant. Upright shrub, flower buds yellow becoming white as flower emerges spring-summer. Spreading shrub, lavender-cream mottled flowers spring. Cultural use: Indigenous peoples sucked the Eremophila flowers for nectar. Small evergreen plant that combines bright purple flowers and silvery foliage. This intense maroon/purple flowering, dense dark green foliage emu bush grows 3' to 6' tall and wide when mature in a couple of years. A one of a kind from Australian Outback Plants. Open trailing plant, green grey leaves, black pea shaped flowers spring. Low spreading shrub, fragnant foliage and masses of pink - white flowers in summer. Responds well to pruning. Small shrub, light green toothed leaves, lemon-cream flowers ageing to pink-apricot, spring-early summer. Tagged: Water wise, Residential, Drought tolerant, Heat resistant, Cold hardy, Red, Bee attracting, Humming Bird, Butterfly. Botanical/Scientific Name – Eremophila maculata; Common Name – Spotted Emu Bush; Family – Scrophulariaceae; Position – Part shade to full sun. Small shrub, pink-mauve flowers August - September, full sun or part shade. Upright shrub, light green foliage, yellow flowers. Very drought hardy, frost and lime tolerant. Rounded shrub, grey foliage, white flowers. Striking silver-grey foliage all year. Erect shrub, leaves hard rasp-like surface, golden rod shaped flowers spring. Grows in full sun and shaded areas, it is also suited to most soil types that are well drained. Outstanding plant in flower, white flowers late winter - spring, good drainage needed. Erect shrub, broad leaves, clusters of red flowers throughout the year. Spreading shrub, brilliant orange terminal flowers spring. Unpright shrub, silver grey leaves, greenish yellow flowers. This short evergreen shrub has upright branches and vibrant scarlet tubular flowers in winter. Small upright shrub, masses of white star flowers (male) autumn-winter. :NW: North Western   Coastal Tolerant, Drought Hardy, Frost Tolerant. Plant Selector + has been assisted by SA Water and the Local Government Research and Development Scheme. Small to medium shrub, blue-grey leaves, open pale pink - mauve flowers winter - spring. Small to medium shrub large yellow-orange flowers autumn-winter. Profuse winter/ spring flowers, buds start yellow, deepen to orange, and eventually mature to pink and purple. :NU: Nullarbor    Eremophila maculata. Notes. Attractive medium shrub, grey foliage, red flowers. 2m P. Spreading compact shrub, bright green foliage, flowers pale pink, spring-summer. Open shrub, light green foliage, pink flowers. A compact low growing shrub with narrow shiny grey-green leaves and tubular orange/yellow flowers during spring summer and fall. Tagged: Heat resistant, Heat tolerant, Water wise, Freeze tolerant, Red, Humming Bird. Upright shrub, glossy dark green leaves, pale cream-green flowers in spring. USDA minimum zone: 8 Rounded shrub, very large soft woolly grey-yellow flowers summer-autumn. All Rights Reserved. EREMOPHILA MACULATA PURPLE FORM. Large-medium shrub, yellow flowers in spring. The slender fuchsia is a showy desert plant. Local species, open rounded shrub, white star shaped flowers spring. brevifolia. Meduim shrub, mauve - purple flowers in spring, good drainge required. We are a local company: your privacy and comfort matter to us. Tagged: Heat resistant, Heat tolerant, Water wise, Freeze tolerant, Purple, Maroon. Compact shrub with horizontal branches, yellowish flowers spring. Upright shrub, dull grey-green leaves, lilac flowers spring-summer. Low spreading shrub, masses of mauve-pink flowers spring full sun or part shade. Medium shrub, profuse pink flowers in September - October.. Small low spreading plant, white flowers spring, greyish fruit. When first planted, regular watering will assist with good growth. :MU: Murray Height – 1 – 1.5 metres; Spread – Around 1.5 metres. Dense spreading shrub, upright grey foliage, masses red pea shaped flowers spring. Bloom color: Pink to Red Attractive compact shrub, long toothed leaves, yellow-orange flowers in spring. Small low spreading plant, coppery new growth, white flowers spring. Medium shrub, apricot flowers autumn-spring, good drainage required. Prostrate form, rusty brown and greenish flowers in spring, part shade. Erect thorny shrub, dark green leaves, masses of white flowers spring - early summer. Cold hardiness: 15° F. Our catalog features almost 600 different plants. Bricolage Web Solutions. Low spreading shrub, small grey green leaves, large purple flowers during spring - autumn. Erect shrub, deep pink flowers in spring, good drainge required. Medium shrub, bright deep pink flowers winter-spring. Small spreading shrub, fine light green foliage, red-orange flowers winter-spring. Small open shrub, profusion of pink-white flowers spring - early summer. Plant Selector + has been assisted by SA Water and the Local Government Research and Development Scheme. Medium shrub, pink-mauve flowers winter-spring. Eremophila maculata ‘Aurea’ is yellow flowering as the name suggests. Product ID: 4911 Categories: Eremophila, Natives 1-2m Tags: Lime tolerant, Spring flowering, Winter flowering. Small shrub with dense weeping lime-green wavy compact foliage. Rounded shrub, silvery grey foliage, pink flowers spring. Small twinning plant, orange-red flowers during spring. Attractive spreading shrub, grey foliage, large purple flowers during spring - autumn. Eremophila maculata Valentine. As an Australian native, Valentine Emu Bush is no stranger to heat, sun or drought, so when its done wowing you in the winter, it remains attractive and vigorous in the landscape for the rest of the year. Medium shrub, brilliant red flowers, spring and summer. Summary Information. Uses: As hedge or wind-break in its larger forms. Eremophila maculata Purple (Emu Bush) in 75mm supergro Tube Native Plant: Home: Spreading rounded shrub, dull green foilage, orange-yellow flowers mostly in spring, requires good drainage. Small shrub, bright green foliage, pink star shaped flowers spring. This rounded, evergreen shrub is an essential landscape addition for desert dwellers who yearn for flashy color in the dead of winter. Flowering season: Winter Due to Covid-19 we have changed our Flat Rate Postage Offer TO $18.95 EXPRESS POSTAGE per order. Most well drained soils in full sun. Showy tubular flowers attract hummingbirds all year long. Open shrub, hairy grey leaves, large blue-mauve flowers, requires good drainage. Dense spreading shrub, deep pink flowers, spring. Dense medium shrub, profuse yellow flowers September - October. Full sun. Share this item: Description Additional information Reviews (0) Fast growing evergreen shrub to 1.5m x 1m.

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