It reveals that Gunduz is in the castle. Originally, he is majorly against Ertuğrul but after he saves him he joins him in favour of migration. Later stabbed with a poisoned dagger by Isadora and then finally beheaded by Turgut. [32][33], In Pakistan, media has expressed concern that the series is yet another foreign import, like Bollywood. However, he is killed by Noyan but still encourages the migration before his death. As for the choreography of the show, Nomad, the special choreography crew of movies such as The Expendables 2, 47 Ronin, and Conan the Barbarian, from Kazakhstan, was invited to Turkey. Later serves Ertuğrul's son Osman. They succeed and the Kayı celebrate and Turgut Alp marries Aykiz, his childhood sweetheart and only love. Attempts to work with Arikbuka to get revenge for her brother. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the end, both of them corner Albasti on a cliff, which causes him to fall into the ocean. Killed by a dying Ilbilge Hatun. Fights with an axe instead of a traditional sword. Second son of Suleyman Shah and Hayme Hatun. Following a failed ambush, Ertugrul captures Ares and promises to set him free if he confesses to the Sultan about Kopek's misdeeds. Has his throat slit by Ertugrul in the Kayi tribe. Her greed for her son to ascend the Seljuk throne causes her to cooperate with Emir Sadettin Köpek. Release Dates Younger sister of Selcan Hatun and adoptive sister of Gundogdu, Sungurtekin, Dündar and Ertuğrul. Killed by Turgut after he reminds him of how he killed Samsa. Daughter of Gümüstekin and niece of Aytolun. However, Ural is devious and seeks more power, and does anything to achieve this. He is a Seljuk assassin that works with the Mongols to wipe out rebelling Oğuz tribes, under the fake name of Albaşti. Noyan's sister, Alangoya, infiltrates the Kayi tribe and causes chaos, only to be killed by Hayme. Halime Hatun is also pregnent. assistant makeup artist (34 episodes, 2018-2019) Abdurrahman Yigitalp. Very ambitious and will do anything to get what he wants. Aslihan Hatun secretly leaves the tribe with the intention to kill Köpek but she fails, causing her death. She marries Turgut Bey after Ertugrul suggests the union for a political alliance. "[36] Abhinav Pandya, author, compares Diriliş: Ertuğrul's success in India with that of the Israeli drama Fauda, saying that "Just as Fauda fandom signals the shift of India's influencers towards a more militant and exclusionary nationalism, the Ertugrul craze is a signpost written for the alienation of many of India's 180 million Muslims from that dominant political culture and their search for solidarity elsewhere. Martyred in Ares' ambush. After saving Şehzade Numan, Şehzade Yigit and Halime Sultan, Ertuğrul puts the Kayı in a series of problems with the Templars and a powerful Seljuk man, Karatoygar. Plays a major role in the conquest of Karaçahisar even though he was martyred before the conquest. Family Veteran of the wars in the east. During absence of Ertuğrul and the Cavdar's new bey Aliyar. An experienced Byzantine Knight. Soon after, Ertuğrul also marries Halime. | Bey of the Cavdar Tribe. Halime Hatun is played by Esra Bilgic from Ertugrul Ghazi Cast. When Ertugrul first sees her, he is suspicious, but grows to like her.,, Finally settled in Aleppo, Süleyman Shah orders the Kayı to siege the Templar castle. Is killed while protecting the Kayi catapults from Titan.

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