Where the ‘amphitheater’ is, there should be three Splox that spawn on the grass. Underwater Breather - you can learn it on Kashyyyk, it allow to explore undewater locations, You need this skill to dive under water. Enjoy it mate! Force Push - you will learn this on planet Zeffo in Tomb of Eilram, it allow you to push objects and enemies. I won’t touch the Collectibles Trophy. You need to get back up to the ledge on the left with the chest though, so go outside and swing on the rope then freeze the fan. Anyone know where this one is of Cordovas? the first time i was there im not see him,but when i came back to pick up for the trophy, dont allow me to “interact”. EASY. Hey just want to let you know the ‘full glow up’ trophy is bugged for some people, myself included. We’ve included a screenshot of it below. You will complete almost all of BD-1’s holomaps or even earn this trophy naturally during your clean-up phase as practically every divergent path has a collectible and you need to get them all for various trophies. The level of dust suggests it's been sitting here a long time. The easiest way to earn this trophy is to find a solitary Stormtrooper as they are very weak and it only takes two kicks to kill one. I’m hoping getting the venus fly trap enemy log will cause the game to re-check and award my the trophy else I’ll have to restart :'(. Same here. As for Stormtrooper Commanders, if you stand away from them they will throw grenades which emit a blue light. Hope this helps! Push the block to the other side now, you will see a terminal next to it which BD-1 can hack. Get the best of USG in your inbox by subscribing to our newsletters. I did for another 100 times and nothing. Could be worth exploring. Terrarium – Mushling. Omg. Starting a new count on paper, but make sure animation is complete before killing. Overall, you will need 50 skill points to purchase them all and you can only do so at Meditation Points by pressing, Note that you have to check the Terrarium on the Mantis with. Bleeding Gut is in the Swamp on the planet Dathomir. All Rights Reserved. I collected every chest and secret in the game, but one of the chests on one of the planets is marked as uncollected despite me having the item in my inventory. After obtaining the Astrium and returning to the temple on Bogano, place it in the stone circle in the middle of the room and this will unlock. I got the Platin Trophy. It’s in the alcove of that wheel. Maybe I’m in the wrong spot or the game has glitched? Travel to Bogano and on the landing platform, go down the circular stairs to the room below with the sphere puzzle behind a cage. You will have to come back here again at least once with Force Powers, Abilities and Doid Upgrades you earn in the following locations. This will take you to the other side. Explore the Imperial Excavation near Crashed Venator. Thx. Now I’m missing only one entry in Kashyyyk Flora and Fauna entries, it’s #4. I pushed him off a cliff and couldn’t scan him. I am ONE trophy away from platinum and all I am missing is one Cordova log. There’s a puzzle room to take on, and a handful of rewards to grab right at the end. Definitely my go to for trophy hunting. silly me =). Can’t find anything, any help? Whenever you acquire them, you can press. Crystal caves says 96% and I’ve been searching for hours any ideas for what I might have missed? Acquiring the Holocron: In the actual workshop room of the Abandoned Workshop, scan the stone figures to the left of the door. 05. The only section which counts for this trophy is ‘Cordova’s Journey’ and there are 19 entries, some story-related and some you have to find yourself. This should come naturally during the clean-up part of your playthrough, but if you are still missing XP then you can travel to any of the planets and keep resetting enemy spawns using Meditation Points. These excavation saws were specifically designed to cut through planetary bedrock, giving the Empire access to secrets thousands of kilometers below the surface. When I checked on it in the moring, there was no change. Thanks so much, found vision 1, but can’t find vision 2. Good thing is, a lot of the time, there are new paths to explore and new things to fight. @Camera-FX – Terrarium – Featherfern.

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