「丸に違い鷹の羽」 (Chigai-Taka-No-Ha) https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%B7%B9%E3%81%AE%E7%BE%BD#/media/File:Maru_chigai_taka.svg. who founded clan? How can I find out more of it’s origin? I was sent the family crest by my great uncle. My daughter-in-laws maiden name is MIyake, she is from Kyoto….sorry for the miss information. This one of the most amazing items that I have bought in a long time. It’s plum pattern crest and this particular crest is tied to a certain clan which was not based in Kamamoto. I’m trying to find the Kamon for my grandparents. There is no information on which clan is attached to this Kamon in our resources. The simple circle design is perceived as a star in Japanese family crest realm. https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%9C%A8%E7%93%9C%E7%B4%8B#/media/File:Japanese_Crest_Maru_ni_Mokkou.svg We also have access to some off-line records and history books that help us in heraldry and creating the artwork for each German coat of arms. I loved it, she loved it, the whole family loved it!!! The My surnames are ASAHIDA (or ASSAHIDA) and KAWAKAMI. There are many kamon candidates for your family names. I believe my husband’s family crest is a takanoha with the feathers crossing. The research you’re doing here is amazing, and anything you find would be greatly appreciated! We just want to make sure. So you’re looking for information about the Tashiro (田代) family from Kanagawa. Omura family crest is “Omura Uri” (大村瓜). It's beautiful, thank you so much. So from grandmother to mother, mother to daughter, and to grand-daughter… There’s a certain crest succession on female line aside from the male one. Received the surname crest this morning. It is a pride for a family to learn about its origins and armorial bearings. Thank you so much for the feedback Hiroko! Absolutely top class, looks very professional and personal. Delighted with it, have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends. The quality of the family crest and personalisation is excellent. Could you send us a photo of the family crest? It’s been considered that “Yamauchi” family began using “Mitsu Kashiwa” in relation to Chiaki family of Atsuta Jingu (shrine). Saku-gun (County), Shinano-no-kuni (present Nagano prefecture). http://kororo.tokyo/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/ebisu.jpg. My grandparents and their families were in the camps during WW2 and so they stopped passing down cultural information and traditions due to that experience, so my cousins and I don’t have a lot of history and I’m trying to recover that for us. If so, this kamon could be it. Not just different colored flags, but samurai started to have their own crest. https://www.patternz.jp/product/kamon-consulting/. My mother was born in Fukuoka, Japan, March 7, 1928. Hello. collared or. We cannot find anything on the internet for it. The Edo administration ordered common people not to use a family name. Thank you for providing any information you may have! So, I told him his Family need not any Shotguns approval. Trying to find Mochizuki family crest and family history. I was wondering if there was any way I could send you a photo of the symbol in question and possibly find out what on earth it is. So little of that out, The framed family coat of Arms was everything we wanted! This is the link you can download the Maru-ni Sumi-tate Yotsume. (phew). The family crest you provided us, “Maru-ni-Mokkou” (丸に木瓜), is the second most used Kamon in Japan. Great selection of products. Is it a thing for all gods or is Ebisu a special case? patternz.jp{at}gmail.com. We are very sorry that we can’t be of your help. if so it as far as I know it is 三重県. In our resources, the Tashiro family in Kanagawa has a certain origin with a certain samurai connection. If that’s correct, there is one line which uses “Tsuta” Kamon out of four lines. Nobunaga used this Kamon on his flags. Aside from that I don’t know too much else, I’m wondering if it would be better to ask one of my relatives in Japan to retrieve our koseki to find more information? Can you help me with those family crests? So your family definitely has one, too. Even I could figure it out !!! We research the information of the family based on a set of the family name in kanji characters and the family domicile (such as prefecture, in your case, Tokyo). Buy a digital Coat of Arms in high quality. Since you have provided the information that your mother came from Chiba, we could say its roots should be traced back to the Minamoto clan. Turn to Heraldry & Crests for a search of your family's surname and family crest. If you have any trouble seeing this file, please let us know. We got each of our family crests on either side of, The perfect gift…. So we can’t really relate this family to yours. And it is totally fine to make a hanko out of your family crest! Around this time, the family crest was only for the nobles just like the western society, but we entered the phase other class began to use family crest at the request of the period. Do you know the domicile of your wife’s family in Japan? The family name is Tetsuka. This is very important to me to have this family information to pass on to my children…, The Kamon which looks similar to a full moon, the closest one we can think of is “Tsuki ni Hoshi” (A star in a crescent moon). My mother wants us to walk away permanently… When our Clan Conquered another Clan the next born male learns the conquer clans way, his clans way he learns on his own. We have coat of arms whose origins come from many nationalities including:Irish Family Names  British Family Names  English Family Names  Scottish Family Names  Welsh Family Names  French Family Names  German Family Names  Austrian Family Names  Polish Family Names  Norway, Sweden, Denmark Family Names  Portuguese Family Names  Spanish Family Names  Swiss Family Names  Dutch Family Names  Italian Family Names. Thank you so much for the quick and very thorough response! And yes, the kamon we are using as our PATTERNZ logo is exactly “Maru-ni Tsuta”! This is an amazing service which you provide. I have a girlfriend who says presentation is everything!! If you find it good for you, let us know. We use https://myoji-yurai.net/ and other numerous sites to double and triple check to make sure We love this industry and we love exceeding our customers expectations. I would be more than glad to send you a clearer picture of it at the earliest. Last name is Yamazaki . In this job, you have to distinguish each party precisely and Kamon came in very handy for this reason. And of course, we can compile the report of the origin and history of the family crest. Hi Hiroko, thanks for your great work. You are so much welcome, M. We use the site of “The Origin of Japanese Family Names (Japanese Only)” (https://myoji-yurai.net/) as a reference to trace back the roots of one’s family name. locational, I would like to return it to the family, but am told that to give it to the consulate here in the U. S. would just put it in the hands of the government and not the family it belongs to. Hi, I’m looking for the family crest of name Hara, from Saga / Nagasaki region. Thanks for the comment! Eiraku Tsuho was a coin which was imported from Ming Dynasty, it’s been circulated until the early period of Edo. My husbands family name is KURIKI. What a talent this artist has. I hope this is helpful. The representative kamon is “Gunbai Uchiwa” (a military fan originally used as a sumo referee’s fan). In Europe, only the privileged classes were allowed to have the crest. Many of them are derived from the name of places, geographic features, and occupations. My family (mother) was from Chiba. Delighted with it, have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends. wow! Good to hear from you again! There are two different origins and seven different kamon attached to the family name. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/cc/Japanese_Crest_Matura_mitu_Hosi.svg/688px-Japanese_Crest_Matura_mitu_Hosi.svg.png. Could you tell me why that might be? A ton of information, and it’s easy to follow. I am proud to be Irish American (although you wouldn’t guess from my name). We created the list just to show the examples and give a reader a sense of a set of popular family names with representative family crests attached to them. In addition, the Hirano family from Chiba Preceture has quite a lot of origins and family crests as well. If you have concerns about processing times you may email those concerns prior to placing your order. Any information would be helpful! Thank you very much!

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