Muslims can keep cats because even prophet Muhamad (PBUH) had a cat called Muezza that He liked a lot. She was taught that a black cat should not be in the house of a Muslim family when she was growing up. According to Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem, who is one of the best Islamic teachers and may Allah protect him, there is a lady that said whenever she sees a black cat her heart starts beating rapidly. Visit Muslim-Friendly Gangwon: Where to Eat, Explore and Stay! Today's topic is on domestic cats in Islam. 8 Halal Beauty Instagram Accounts to Follow, 10 Best Instagram Spots in Macao You Must Check-Off, A 3D2N Muslim-Friendly Singapore Guide to Chase Your Dreams & Passions, 10 Muslim Footballers That Will Inspire You And Your Goals, Singapore-Based “Pusara Checklist” App Will Help You Locate Graves Easily, 13 Travel Photography Tips For Muslim Millennial Travellers. Instead of waking it up, Mohammad decided to take a pair of scissors and use it to cut the sleeve of his rob so that the cat would not be disturbed. No, having a cat in Islam is not haram, and Muslims can keep cats if they want to. In Islamic tradition, cats are admired for their cleanliness. If you look at authentic Islamic narrations, it is said that when a cat has drunk water, Muslims are allowed to use the same water to make absolutions when they want to pray because cats are considered to be a clean animal in Islam that cannot break wudu. Cats were very important messengers in the old days and some people still consider them to be of great meaning in our dreams to date. The color of cats in dreams also mater a lot and Muslims always fear black cats because traditionally, a black cat in your dream was a sign of bad luck. With the blessings and protection of Allah (SWTL) among us, how then can a true Muslim fear black cats claiming that they are evil? The Quran also tells us to care for animals and never to harm them. Well, it is not permissible to buy or sell dogs cats and things that have no benefit such as snakes or monkeys. Yes, the prophet actually had a cat that was very much well respected and He took very good care of it. Some Muslims always as if it is to buy cats food from the market. You should not fear jinn because the jinn as described in ‘Surat al jinn’ in the Quran is that they are intimidated by the humans and they fear us. She even refused to feed it and the prophet said that she will be punished by torture and hell on the judgment day. Prophet Muhammad PBUH taught Muslims to have mercy on all of Allah’s creations – he not only preached this but modelled the way. If a beautiful cat that you love attacks you in your dream, then it’s a warning that a close friend or relative is about to harm you. Some Muslims also ask it is permissible to open a pet shop and sell cats and other animals. Cats should be provided with enough food, water and given roaming time. Before you jump into conclusions, you may give it a thought. When a cat leaks you, it cannot break your wudu in Islam. However, it is important to be observant of any unclean particles or any visible things on the cat’s mouth that it may have eaten so as the water is not considered unclean. On another occasion when He returned from the mosque, Mohammed received a bow from OSA in gratitude. Explore Kowloon, Home to Hong Kong’s Largest Mosque! Islam teaches us to love all living things – humans and animals alike, but cats especially. Did you know that Islam is also keen on hoe cats are treated? Islamic Dream Interpretation Cat Meat Eating Cat Meat Dream Interpretation. If the food itself is halal, then it’s permissible for you to buy that food for your cat. Many modern Muslims recognise this and take cues from the Prophet. Islamic dreams about Feeding Cat find dream interpretations. So you may want to check on the color of the cats in your dream, if it’s a black cat, then it’s considered to be unlucky depending on your attitude towards them. Islam teaches us to love all living things humans and animals alike. Source: Islamic Scholars. Mohammed awoke one day to the sounds of “adhan” which is a call on the Muslim to pray in the morning. All rights reserved. You have to work on your crust and dependence on Allah because we have a saying in Arabic that goes like this, whoever fears a gene, then it would come up and pop up out for him. But did you know Islam is also crazy about cats? We might like to keep them for their companionship, their gentleness or just for how adorable they are. Cats in Islam are also considered to be clean animals that cannot break your wudu and that is why cats are allowed in the mosques. All this will depend on what your feeling towards cats. Any black cat is not necessarily to be a devil by itself or possessed by jinn. Sholat Idul Fitri Di Rumah Dan Panduan Pelaksanaannya. Feeding Cat dream interpretations : Breast-feeding Dream Explanation — (Imprisonment; Suckling; Nursing) In a dream, it means being in need, becoming an orphan, business losses, being emotional or having a temper. We are also told that Mohamed used to stoke the cat anytime he wanted to and it really liked being around Him from the narrations. Some Muslims are even spending a lot of money on buying cats yet buying cats and dogs is prohibited. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim] Besides, the Prophet said: "Verily, Allaah has prescribed Al-Ihsaan (doing good) to everything.” [Muslim] For more benefit, please refer to Fatwa 83830. Assalamualaikum Wa Rahamathulillahi Wa Barakatahu, Is feeding cats amount to charity, my husband made it a point to feed cats whenever they comes, and also insist me to feed them, but I fear them, because they roam around me which makes me scare, and always requested my husband to drop this practise. However, this is provided there are no visible impurities seen in the cat’s mouth. The Islamic meaning of cats attacking you in a dream is that you will have a terrible disease in the future. This is okay because you are not buying it just to keep it for fun. Copyright © IslamWeb 2020. Selling dogs and cats is also prohibited in Islam. In fact, when Prophet Muhammad was seated during sermons, His cat Muezza could rest on His thigh. A black and white cat means that some friend is in a situation where you need to give out a helping hand. He was observed as always being kind towards cats, leading many Muslims during his time to embrace and accept these animals into their homes. Throughout his life, the Prophet was seen to always practise immense care for Muezza. Al-Bukhari reported a hadith of a woman who locked up her cat, refusing to feed it. in fact, if you like a black cat as a Muslim, you are free to keep it. It is permissible to keep cats in the house, and there is nothing wrong with that because cats are not harmful or naajis (impure). Ultimately, cats bring lots of blessings and sunnah into the home. Cats in dreams are interesting because some people see them as bad luck while others see them as good luck. It is advisable to feed the cat well, give it drinking water, and ensure that it is well-groomed. The cat is such a clean and pure animal that they are “one of those that go around amongst us” (Prophet Muhammad PBUH). However, it’s no secret that mistreatment of pets is common nowadays and so let’s all remember the actions of the Prophet and emulate them in our relationships with cats in Islam. Indeed, he may send it to them through trustworthy charity organizations. The key to understanding cats in dreams is to look at friend’s clothes rings around you because probably they are the cats in your dream. She can also be a homebody who spends too much time on Youtube - switching from beauty tutorials, to crime documentaries - then back to beauty again. Cat taking a Muslim in a dream is always a warning that you should take care of and watch out so that you can prevent or avoid the terrible sickness that is coming in your life. every live animal]." Cats in Islam are also considered to be clean animals that cannot break your wudu and that is why cats are allowed in the mosques. Cats in Islam, the Sunnah and the blessings will amaze you when you look for the reasons why many Muslims like keeping Cats. Let it chase and eat some mice and roaches as this also helps to clean the house rather than buy expensive food for that cat while there are Muslims worldwide who sleep hungry. The Prophet said that “her punishment on the Day of Judgement will be torture and Hell.”, EVERY ACT OF KINDNESS DONE TO A LIVING  ANIMAL.”. This was a major cause of many Muslims during his time to embrace and accept these animals into their homes. Advertise | Cut through the noise with integrated marketing solutions across multiple channels. Powered by WordPress. Dreaming of playing with kittens though on the other side is very good news and a sign of good things to come in your life. You can search for fatwa through many choices. If it’s a sort of ginger or goldish cat in your dream, then that it actually represents and means that someone is about to help you out. Editorial | Contribute your travel stories or submit content enquiries. Cats in dreams can also act as a little bit of a warning particularly if you have a close friend that is about to harm you. Islam forbids treating animals cruelly or killing them except for food. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him taught Muslims to have mercy on all of Allah’s creations. However, it’s no secret that mistreatment of pets is common nowadays, but let’s all remember the actions of the Prophet and emulate them. I love their playfulness and independence - they act like they don't need anybody, until they come to you wanting a warm lap to sleep on. Space Travel: How Do Muslims Know When to Pray? Therefore, feeding these cats is an act of charity and an act by which one gets closer to Allaah especially if they are hungry and did not find food to eat. Some scholars have been reported to say that the black of a cat is the most devilish of all. When you are sleeping and in your dreams, you see cats that are cute. Muslims should not fear black cats because of jinn and evil. Giving Charity to Orpahanage With Religious Indoctrination other than Islam, Wife giving charity without husband's knowledge, Whether collecting donations to pay poor Quran teacher is continuous charity, Religions, Sects and Da'wah (Call to Islam), Jinaayaat (Criminology) and Islamic Judicial System, Islamic Politics and International Affairs, Medical Issues, Media, Culture and Means of Entertainment. They look at cats as domestic pets that they keep at home for companionship and gentleness since they are adorable characters. He then stroked his beloved cat three times. Then suddenly, those cats decide to attack you, they chase you and scratch you terribly in your dream. We all know that not treating an animal well generally in Islam is not permissible. She was called Muezza, and there’s one well-known story of both of them. Well, if it is not slaughtered and you know that it is dead meat, this is an issue of dispute. Source: Islamic … Here are examples from the hadith that instruct Muslims how to treat animals: He not only preached this but modeled the way and was observed to be always kind towards cats. There is also nowhere in the Quran that teaches Muslims to keep away from black cats. Cats should also be allowed to have their free time to enjoy their natural instincts. Muhammad often chastised his companions, or followers, who mistreated animals and spoke to them about mercy and kindness. Obsessed with the world and its people, Nadhira launches into lengthy, deep conversations with just about any local she meets in her travels. It means that you are about to have a disease that will make you really sick and in bed. Your email address will not be published. Want to see your brand or business in this story? Please help me in this regard.

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