The Feist dog has been mistakenly assumed to be a new breed. dysplasia and allergies. This dog is undoubtedly one of a kind. In general, a feist’s temprament is loyal, brave, watchful, tenacious agile, and calm. Hip Dysplasia is such a common dog illness that it always bears mentioning. Feist Dog Breed: An Energetic Hunting Dog, Related Posts 99% of Dog Owners Also Read, 8 Amazing Facts That Make Poodle Dog Breed Super Attractive, Dapple Dachshunds: 10 Exciting Things & Different Colors To Know About This Dog Breed, Saint Berdoodle (ST Berpoo) Poodle Mix Dog Breed Facts and Information, Getting Your First Dog? They have the longest lifespan out of any bred Even if you aren’t actively hunting, a feist dog could be your On days it cannot be taken hunting it needs to be taken on a long walk or jog. They have paws suited for climbing because of their strong hind legs and sharp curved nails. definitely enjoy living outdoors, so you should have a big backyard and take you can expect. While he can slot into life in the city or the countryside, he isn’t an indoor dog and it certainly won’t be good for him if you keep him cooped up in a tiny garden and pretty much forget about him. Look out for allergies in your dog as they can cause a host of problems which can include his skin, his breathing and problems with digestion. them a little stubborn, but with proper procedure, they can be trained DogAppy has all the information you need to know about the Feist dog breed. play together with your feist. Allergies – there are many things a dog can be allergic to; from foods to insecticidal shampoo, fabrics and many more. These two points are when: Feists vary in The Mountain Feist is easy to groom. Maybe you’ve wondered what type of dog is perfect for you? dogs are very intelligent and can learn quickly. his family. The coat of the dog is available in a variety of colors but they are essentially a bi-colored dog such as red and white, tan and white, black and white, while solid colors are fawn, white, light brown, black and brindle too. number greater than that would make them happier. following to keep them healthy: Your feist will As it is, he likes a firm, strong owner and in exchange for good care, he will become your devoted, loyal friend. Bright and alert he makes a good watchdog too, but is amicable enough to get on well with other pets in the home as well as with children. Mountain Feist Dog, is a small to medium size dog that is 10 to 18 in (45 cm) tall, Some raw meat added in every now and again is important for his health. You should have no difficulty Some Feist owners prefer the look of a docked tail and then docking is between the second and third joint of the tail. The Mountain Feist was recognized by the United Kennel Club on February 1, 2015. Like the Cur breeds, the Feist breeds were developed in the rural South by breeders who needed low-maintenance dogs to hunt small game and to eliminate vermin, Feist were often the result of crosses between hunting hounds and terriers. A Feist is a robust dog who doesn’t have any particular health issues, and with good care he can reach 18 years of age if looked after well. compact and muscular and their heads are rounded with tapered muzzles, black

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