Can anyone point me in the right direction? A completely free way to help West Coast Ferrets. Postal Address: Contact us for inquires, suggestions, questions or support on contact form or ditectily on e-mail or by contact form. Have you thought about getting a ferret from a rescue? All you need for them is an idea, will and stuff that your ferrets love. Just know you are not alone. Hi Jeremy Good luck! To put this bluntly, if you are currently living in California and looking to get a ferret you should rethink your decision. In the pet category, they are right in the middle of cats and dogs by their personality. Our ferrets enjoy early socialization, are fed kibble and raw diet, and spend time outside, free roam and have cage time. But, who could resist this cute face? please reply. Sacramento, CA In other states, owners must meet many requirements before he can get him as a pet. I can talk about ferrets forever and to avoid that I have made main categories of ferret’s life. Make your Tax Deductible Donation Today. They come from Canada. This is the best place for you and your ferret because they are an inspiration and loveable companions in Friendly Ferret. Ferrets are big sleepers who love to cuddle up in something soft and warm. . We know, we can’t. Please keep in mind that there are many ferrets available in local area rescues. I’m looking for two female ferrets preferably less than 3yrs young. Feel free to ask whatever you want and we will be more than happy to help you. 2700 El Centro Rd West Coast Ferrets Everyone deserves a second chance. My name is Connie Tyler I just had brain surgery I have three aneurysms I just had one operation I just want a fair it to soothe my thing I would like a boy and a girl babies the help with my recovery of my brain surgery if you can please get back to me as soon as you can I would like to get to ferrets, Hi Connie West Coast Ferrets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You mustn’t bathe your ferret more than 3 or 4 times a year. Here's one for example. Promoting Healthy EU Polecat Hybrids & 1/2, Semi and Full Angora Ferrets. If you want to spend some time with other ferret lovers and share your experience you can do that on many ferret shows and events in your area. Pet ferrets have neither. Trust me, having bred ferrets in the past you need to ensure you have a decent lump of money for vet bills because if things do go wrong during the pregnancy or after the birth, the vet bills can be quite high Friendly ferret is made for all ferret lovers and their adorable pets. All Fetñrrets that are sold in Guatemala, in Pet shops, are always mistreated, and suffer of hunger and desesases. If you want to get a ferret from an American ferret breeder, then I would advise that you check out each of the breeders listed and contact them individually! It is believed such occurrences of people letting their ferrets outside would lead to sudden extinction of many species of animal. © 2016 Friendly Ferret. Do know any good breeders/shelters in Oregon? They should eat raw meat, whole prey or high-quality kibble if you can’t feed them with raw. Unprofessional breeders breed ferrets too often with similar genes and those ferrets can get illnesses like insulinoma or adrenal at a young age. Our Angora stock was imported from the UK, Spain, Russia and the Netherlands and US stock from reputable breeders of top conformation. We've designed some great clothing for ferret lovers!

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