Hartman, A. Arthur, Robert C. Nicolay, and Jesse Hurley. You have a good heart and you are very generous. Although there sometimes practical problems in differentiating between father and son, especially if both happen to be prominent, the real difficulty lies in the son's feeling of sharing an identity with someone else or of having to compete with his father for recognition as an individual. Parents are the most important message-senders, but, as children mature and become more and more independent, the messages of teachers, classmates, and other people all contribute to their developing concepts of self. Anderson, Christopher P. The Name Game. Even though parents are the ones responsible for the names people bear throughout life, there is a great deal of latitude available to individuals in the way they choose to use their names. At worst, especially when insensitive adults think the jokes and nicknames are funny and actually use them too, it can undermine what might otherwise be healthy personalities. Benjamin needs to focus on blooming fully, and a secure, essential to his balance. First, fad names tend to lose their popular appeal after only a few years and then more or less drop out of sight as names given to babies. Many people around you envy your strong will. If this is the case, then the name is probably only the first of many such messages these children get from their parents during the time their self-concepts are developing. Also, you are a very charismatic person. However, when we look at the evidence, we can't help wondering how we would have turned out if our names had been different. Shirley Temple was at the height of her childhood career in the late 1930's and early 1940's, so we find a much higher number of Shirleys among 45- to 55-year-old women than any other group. I've included some cool pictures for your enjoyment. Returning to the case of Tonsillitis Jackson, even the most ingenious researcher would be hard pressed to find a link between the man's name and his medical condition. This example is dramatic and powerful enough to stand on its own without the added support of elaborate scientific research. The most important aspect of personality affected by names is self-concept. Garwood's findings were basically the same as those of Orlo Strunk, Jr., of West Virginia Wesleyan College, who compared personal liking for one's first name with self-concept. For example, Curt, David, Diane, Jeff, Judy, and Linda are all considered desirable and positive, and Agatha, Edgar, Francis, Mabel, Marvin, and Phoebe all provoke the opposite reaction (See Chapter 10 of Anderson). Murphy, William F. "A Note on the Significance of Names." An Alice—ah, beware of an Alice, Monsieur! Sixes are marked by their nurturing nature. Ordinarily, an event like this wouldn't attract public notice. He also let it be known during treatment that his mother belittled the family name and that both parents were compulsive about odors of any kind. The number two correlates with a considerate nature. i was born 7/7/1978 ,i rember things everything,why? You love to take care of other people. They want to take care of the world around them, which lends them both a sense of justice and a sense of righteousness. Can you please make corrections and suggest the suitable name please, My date of birth is 8th March 1982 . They are often giving because they see the interconnectedness of the world. Lastly, add the resulting numbers from your first and last name. However, other coincidences involving names do have rather serious effects on the psychological health of some people. Eventually, he learned that the real difficulty lay in his concept of self. You always take care of your outfit and makeup. Think you already know everything there is to know about your name? People see you as an inspiring person. Ellis, A. and M. Beechley. medicaribbean from Caribbean on July 31, 2012: Very interesting. Name meanings: 4 theories that show how our names reveal our personalities 1. Smith identifies six common and distinctive styles for names, and he offers opinions about what they suggest about the people who use each style. Since you are a perfectionist, you don’t start having fun until you finish your work completely. If a boy has an image of himself as bad or as not capable of doing well in school, his behavior will probably reflect that image. "Emotional Distrubance in Children with Peculiar Given Names." Using this chart, follow these steps to learn how your name influences your personality: Take the sum of the numbers that correspond with the letters in your first name. People's birth dates and names exert an influence over their lives—being aware of your potential strengths and weaknesses can help you use your personality to your benefit. Smith, Elsdon C. Treasury of Name Lore. O..my b-day is April 9 2008. thank you good web page nice to know this about me. Sometimes, you lack the courage to break out of your comfort zone. However, no one can be boiled down to a few adjectives. fkeedbacddad. To you, every adventure is worth taking because you love the sense of excitement. Sometimes, you find it very difficult to concentrate on things longer as you easily get bored. Journal of Educational Psychology 68 (1976): 482-487. Most of the time these messages are very subtle, but sometimes they take the form of jokes, teasing, and even ridicule, especially within the child's peer group. One pair of researchers who noticed this tendency attributed it to the fact that our culture permits greater flexibility and freedom in the names of females than of males (Ellis and Beechley). (Strumpfer). The situation in a classroom may be the same or worse for a six-year-old: "Boys and girls," the teacher might say, "I would like for Timmy, Billy, Shane Miller, and Eddie to come to the reading circle now.". very awfull i will send it for everybody !!! Your self-control is exceptional which helps you manage stressful situations. Love is the most important thing for you and you are very passionate. my name and dob ended at the same number, cancerian 28/6/1979 (premature) born 12:45 pm. I go into a detailed explanation of onomatology in a separate article, but I will go over the basics here. Twenty years have I devoted to this great science, this science that I have discovered, onomatology.". When a one puts his or her mind to something, nothing can get in the way. Their greatest weakness, predictably, is over-thinking. Thank you...looking forward to more in the future. Because farsighted nines always have an eye one the horizon, it can sometimes be hard for them to connect with the here-and-now. Sometimes, you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of your friends and family. I was 05/10/1998 and it says I'm responsible, well definitely NOT, Thank you so much! The process for calculating your life path number is very similar to that used in getting your destiny number. Twos show strengths in many of the areas where ones are weak. Judy Garland left her mark on women's names a few years later, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis did the same thing to the names of girls born in the early Sixties (Smith). It is also well established that other names are looked upon as being undesirable and carry negative associations. Savage, B. M. and F. L. Wells. 25 stupid things, which all couples fight about. This seems to be a world-wide phenomenon, because D.J.W. One of these was conducted by S. Gary Garwood of Tulane University (Garwood). The same may be true of the greater latitude women are afforded in what is considered acceptable dress, even in professional situations. Strumpfer, D. J. W. "The Relationship Between Attitudes Toward One's Name and Self-esteem." They are very artistic, a gift that can express itself by honing almost any profession into an art. Case histories of this sort are excellent sources of insight into the relationship between names and personality. You are a very decisive person. I created this quiz to tell you what your name represents or means about you! Numerology: What your name and birthday reveal about your personality. I am not social person nor artic, I do numerology myself and i want to learn more. As he improved during treatment, but before he became conscious of the importance of his middle name to his problem, he stopped using the middle name as a way of identifying himself (Murphy).

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