One of the most notable alternatives to lead acid is a lithium ion battery. is Datacenter/IT applications. This UPS product is a transformerless topology, providing premium protection via online double conversion technology. For more information on flywheel UPS systems please call the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388. Flywheel systems pack a large energy density in a small package. Active Power’s solutions are a great fit for these applications. TLE Series UPS. PowerSafe Energy Services Inc. is multifaceted organization that focuses on providing products and services to the Power Generation and Electrical Services industries. To view our group chairman's COVID-19 message click here. 300kW - 480V @ 60 Hz300kW - 380V / 400V / 415V @ 50Hz, 300kW - 2400kW 480V @ 60 Hz380V / 400V / 415V @ 50Hz, 625 kW - 380V / 400V / 415V @ 50Hz675 kW - 480V @ 60Hz. Calculate Time and Cost. Additionally, UPS batteries have a shorter lifespan than flywheel UPS systems. DUNS: 76-951-9042 – UTR 279 307 0845, © 2013-2016 Eco Power Supplies Ltd – All rights reserved – Cookie Policy – Website Policies, Borri UPS | Uninterruptible Power Solutions | CertaUPS. Web Design by, When the flywheel is spinning, power is available. Find out more here. UPS maintenance contract & generator service engineers based in: Kinetic energy stored within a spinning mass is converted in a DC electrical supply to power a UPS inverter when the mains power supply fails. This analysis and tool are a good reminder that decisions around energy storage needs to factor in a number of variables.”  It is more apparent than ever before that ever data center must evaluate their unique, individual needs, as well as their energy goals and uptime goals when choosing which type of UPS system is best. One of the most notable alternatives to lead acid is a lithium ion battery. All rights reserved. With these two facts we can calculate the return on investment (ROI) for the UPS. Many data centers are employing this network structure as a better means of maximizing uptime and efficiency. Every data center utilizes a UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply – to ensure that power is always available, even in there is a power interruption. but for reference, a battery UPS may be able to provide 5+ minutes of power (and sometimes much more depending on a variety of factors as mentioned above) vs. a flywheel UPS that may only be able to provide less than a minute of backup power. Further, Flywheel UPS systems are easier to store – they do not need as much ventilation, require less maintenance, and do not need special disposal arrangements to be made when their lifespan is complete. With the flywheel UPS, we never have to worry about losing power or productivity, and in a factory setting, having that peace of mind is invaluable. The energy storage time is measured in milliseconds and is sufficient to ride through small breaks in electrical power and cover the start-up time of a suitably sized and matched standby power generator. This site uses cookies. For more information on flywheel UPS systems please call the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388. Industries we serve with our UPS offerings. During the COVID-19 crisis, Active Power products are working hard to keep critical infrastructure operating. Active Power’s product has never failed. Certified for use with the Eaton 9390, 9395 and 93PM three-phase UPSs, the VYCON flywheel systems offer a highly reliable DC power source. The TLE Series key statistics are: • 50 thru 1000kVA ; UL Listed, 480/277V, 60Hz

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