Les batteries étaient réservées pour l'effort de guerre, de sorte que le tracteur aux roues tout acier est équipé d'un magnéto d'allumage au lieu d'une batterie, et devait être démarré à la manivelle. The 8N tractor model run was shortened by some of the rulings from the Ferguson lawsuit settlement and the fact that Harry Ferguson had been selling slightly more powerful TE-20, TEA-20, and TO-20 tractors based largely on 9N tractor plans obtained from Ford. Maybe he had a Ford tractor too. Since the original agreement between Ford and Ferguson was sealed with a handshake (versus a written contract) and included the notion that either party could terminate it at any time without reason, Henry Ford II didn't feel the need to continue to honor it. This change was made partially to improve flexibility in varying soil conditions, and partially to evade Harry Ferguson's patent on the hydraulic system. [10] Le tracteur est basé sur la série Boomer 3050[11]. Sometime after that, Mr. Roger Kyes (president of the Ferguson-Sherman Corporation) came up with the idea of producing a tractor without rubber tires, battery, or starter. Ford Ltd Grande-Bretagne a continué à prospérer avec le Fordson à partir de 1928. [2], An immediate success, the 9N's configuration became an industry standard, which was followed by other tractor manufacturers for fifteen years. Problems were most often identified by higher than acceptable returns for repairs. Shop for: Bumper Pull Dump Trailers. A "BNO 40" or "BNO 25" serial number prefix indicates a Moto Tug. Batteries were reserved for the war effort, so the all-steel wheel tractors came with a magneto ignition system instead of a battery and had to be started with a hand-crank. Official Ford documents show 10233 or 10275 tractors built in 1939. Le Ford 9N a encore amélioré l'acariâtre Modèle F par la mise à jour de l'allumage à l'aide d'un distributeur et d'une bobine. [9] Larger than the 8N, the Golden Jubilee featured live hydraulics and an all-new overhead valve engine. Once those problems were solved and the 9N tractors proved to be very successful, Ferguson wanted to make more improvements and still wanted to build and sell the tractors in Europe. En temps de guerre les contrôles des prix ont empêché les augmentations de prix sur les modèles existants, mais ils ne pouvaient pas déterminer le prix d'un "nouveau" modèle. Without a live PTO certain implements such as brush cutters which store inertial energy could send that back into the transmission. The "9NBN" serial number prefix is for a military tractor. The hitches were mechanical at the time. This habit is commonly used with farm tractors, but there is usually no need to be that precise. Ref # Ford Part Number *Links provided for available parts: Part Name: 11001: 8N11001 (6 volt or 12 volt) Starter Motor and Drive Assy. The tractor had no parts in common with the original Ford 8N. Many tractors have had engines and other parts replaced. There are too many small diesel tractors available used starting at around $3000. The NAA was introduced as a Golden Jubilee edition with new sheet metal and a special hood badge to celebrate the Ford Motor Company 50th anniversary. A few collectors have restored early 2N tractors to the wartime specifications. A good method for determining the value of anything is to search for similar items on ebay and Amazon. President Roosevelt was so impressed, he bought the tractor and implements on the spot for his farm in upstate New York, and allowed restrictions on tractor manufacturing to be lifted. Ford Motor Company a investi 12 millions de dollars dans l'outillage pour financer la nouvelle société de distribution Ferguson[2]. Sans prise de force, certains appareils comme les débroussailleuses qui stockent l'énergie inertielle pouvaient l'envoyer en arrière dans la transmission, ce qui fait avancer le tracteur vers l'avant si l'embrayage est désengagé. Mais Henry Ford attendit pour rentrer sur le marché, planifiant d'avoir le bon nouveau tracteur au bon moment pour atteindre le succès dans un marché changeant. Wartime price controls prevented the raising of prices on existing models, but they could not determine the price of a "new" model. Le 2N, comme le 9N, avait seulement une transmission à 3 vitesses, un désavantage par rapport à de nombreux tracteurs de l'époque, comme le Farmall A et M. La réglementation de temps de guerre imposa des économies de fabrication, et certains 2N peut être vus avec des roues tout acier (sans pneumatiques). Model "2N" stands for 1942 Model Tractor. Researching Ford tractor serial numbers is very frustrating. Les dispositifs d'attelage sont mécanique à l'époque. Ford Motor Company changed the model designation only when it was felt a new model was needed. Over 530,000 units of 8N were sold worldwide; the Fordson Model F had sold over 650,000 units worldwide, but in North American sales the 8N surpassed it in popular acclaim and units sold. An early 2N on steel wheels with magneto ignition is another collectable. The 9N had variable front track, a valuable feature for row-crop cultivation, via front half-axles that could be slid in and out and pinned in place. Contact Roberts Farm Equipment for all of your Ford - New Holland Tractor - Model 2N, New and Used Tractor Parts needs. The 8N, which debuted in July 1947, was a largely new machine featuring more power and an improved transmission. Ford 2N The 2N was originally conceived as a stripped-down, steel-wheel version of the 9N so tractors could continue to be manufactured without using rubber tires, starters, and batteries that were in very short supply and needed for wartime production. Ferguson était furieux et a poursuivi Ford Motor Company. At the time these tractors were designed, Ford Motor Company was using single letter designations for each new development project. The following 600 series and later numbered model tractors were derived from the NAA. Many people don't consider the vertical exhaust to be an improvement. The Fordson was a tremendous success in North America and Europe from 1917 to 1928. Carburant : 38 l - Eau 12 l - Huile moteur 5,7 l. Huile transmission et relevage 19 l. Filtre huile : 1,1 l. Filtre air : 0,4 l . Ford's 9N further improved the cantankerous Model F by updating the ignition with a distributor and coil. Smith's Old Ford Tractors - ID History. In Ireland, businessman Harry Ferguson had been developing and selling various improved hitches, implements, and tractors since the 1910s. Il a été officiellement appelé "Tracteur Ford avec système Ferguson", bien que le nom de Ford Ferguson ait été largement utilisé. The 2N has some component changes due to wartime shortages. The tractor could be operated by people too old or young to join the armed services. Would you believe ♢ 8N567420 ♢? Other than the few stripped-down versions specifications for the 2N tractors were the same as previous 9N tractors. If your tractor description and serial number does not appear to match with these listings I would greatly appreciate receiving photos. Harry Ferguson avait compris que l'accord poignée de main avait inclus la fabrication du 9N en Grande-Bretagne. If you have any questions, or problems with this site, please send me a message. Ford, Essence 4 cyl., 4 temps, Refroidi par eau. Le tracteur a un capot de style 8N et des couleurs gris et rouge similaires au 8N. PTO: 24 hp eCommerce Software by 3dcart. This is the same engine as the 9N and 2N tractors with just a slight bump in compression ratio. Older tractors may have been upgraded with newer parts or old parts may have replaced broken parts. Ford 2N. The 9N was revised a number of times, until being relaunched as the 2N in 1942. Le tracteur fini pesait 1.060 kg et était initialement vendu pour US$585. Like the Farmall, it was designed to be a general-purpose row-crop tractor for use on smaller farms. This was an advantage, as tractors from other manufacturers cost almost twice as much.[6]. The first tractor of the series was the 9N, the first tractor to have both three-point hitch and a rear power take-off (PTO). [12] The tractor featured a hood styled after the 8N and a gray and red paint scheme similar to the 8N. Il est proposé au prix de $585 y compris les pneus en caoutchouc, la prise de force, le système Ferguson hydraulique, le démarreur électrique, le générateur et la batterie; les lumières sont facultatives. En 1946, le jeune Ford découvre que, malgré son succès, le Modèle N a fait perdre à la Ford Motor Company plus de 25 millions de dollars en six ans. Tractor.info. The steering gear was redesigned sometime in 1949, the new side distributor engine appeared in mid-1950, and headlight "wing" mounts changed to the round type. The average, non-running, field ornament, can often be hauled away free-of-charge. The letter "N" was chosen for the project to design an affordable tractor using the Harry Ferguson hydraulic plow system. There is nothing wrong with mis-matched parts if you are looking for a working tractor. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Ces renseignements viennent du livre de Jean Chérouvrier et Jean Noulin : TRACTEURS FERGUSON aux éditions ETAI – décembre 1999, Basse 600€ - Moyenne 1800€ - Haute 3700€», Date de 1ère mise en circulation :  19 juin 1947, Ford, Essence 4 cyl., 4 temps, Refroidi par eau, Carburant : 38 l - Eau 12 l - Huile moteur 5,7 l, TRANSMISSION : 3 vitesses avant et 1 vitesse arrière, PNEUS : Avant : 4,50 x 19 - Arrière : 10 x 28, Batterie : 6 V, 90 Ah, pole positif à la masse, Equipé d'une faucheuse latérale avec prise de mouvement arrière, Ce site a été conçu sur la plateforme de création de sites internet. The new Position Control setting bypassed the draft control and allowed the implement to remain at a consistent position relative to the position of the Touch Control lever. Les numéros de série sont compris entre 99 003 et 296 131. His site was shut down, but the information lives on at the following links: Look at recently sold prices and compare descriptions to discover what adds significant value to a specific item. In most cases my value estimate will go negative. [4] Ford Motor Company claimed the patents had already expired by the time of Dearborn Motors' incorporation. Layers of paint and dirt can easily conceal mismatched parts. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. Le 9N avait une voie avant ajustable, une fonctionnalité intéressante pour la récolte de la culture en ligne, via des demi-essieux avant qui pouvaient être glissés et épinglés en place. All email addresses for this web site are set to agressively block ALL unsolicited advertising, sales pitches, nuisance web service offers, and other spam messages. Some documents show 2N production beginning in 1942, others show 1943, some documents appear to show 9N and 2N tractors being produced at the same time in 42-43. By the time production ended in 1952, a proof-meter had been added to the dash, the upper lift arms were improved, and the transmission housing got a "bump" in the side to provide space for a future slower (larger) reverse grear. [2] He reacted by forming Dearborn Motors in November 1946, which took over tractor distribution from Ferguson. MOTEUR. L'investissement a entraîné la production du tracteur 9N, présenté le 29 juin 1939. Please remember, there are differences in the official Ford documents that have been found. Harry Ferguson had understood that the handshake agreement had included the manufacture of the 9N in Britain. World War II intervened and prevented this, although one explanation was that Ford UK was uninterested in the plan. Industrial machinery is intended to last much longer and new models are not introduced nearly as often. 11052 : 18-11052: Bearing (starter brush end plate) 11055: 18-11055: Brush Assy. 30.15 H.P., 134 cubic inch displacement, 4 cylinder overhead valve engine with 4-speed manual transmission, Factory footboards, Right and Left brake pedals co-located on the right side, 6V positive ground electrical system, generator, hydraulic implement attachment and control system, live hydraulics available, Power takeoff, and 6-lug 16”front wheels. Tous les tracteurs 9N ont été peints en gris foncé. A conversion, in poor (non-running) condition might start at around $5000. Most parts are still readily available. Le 9N pèse 1.061 kg et délivre 13 chevaux, il pouvait tirer une charrue à deux socs.

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