I was able to close the Vista WIndow myself by using the Initialization process listed above. "A truly dangerous failure (like an exploding gas tank) is material even if it is rare, and in a different case a duty to disclose a material defect may arise even if the defect occurs only infrequently. Individual results may vary as outcomes are determined on a case by case basis. The Ford panoramic sunroof lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California - Douglas Krebsbach, et al. The plaintiff argues Ford has a duty to disclose “any systemic failure of a specific automotive part of which it was aware and concealed from the public.”. Earlier the judge dismissed express and implied warranty claims but said the plaintiff could amend those claims, which she chose not to do. It’s a $4700 replacement cost. - After the shade panels have finished moving backward and forward, release the glass close switch. Two weeks ago the panoramic sunroof, a stationary body part, flew out of the roof and landed in the freeway. When the clips broke on my MKX, I closed the sunroof with help from 2 people, each pushing the glass from one side at the back while I held the close switch inside. al., v. Ford Motor Company. Both guide clips on both sides broke. On Friday 05/15/2020 the rear stationary part of my panoramic sunroof exploded with what sounded like a gunshot in a not so good area on the southside of Chicago. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. Ford emphasizes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has never requested a recall of the sunroofs and documents filed with the government show vehicles from other automakers have higher rates of shattered sunroofs. Ford thus profited, and continues to profit, at the expense of plaintiffs and other customers, who received defective vehicles worth less than the non-defective vehicles for which they had bargained,” a portion of court documents reads. This past weekend I was closing my sunroof and halfway heard 2 loud snaps....sure enough I experienced the EXACT break as you Nathan. Court documents also show Ford claiming the Beaty’s sunroof didn’t spontaneously break because it was hit by a rock. The Beaty’s, along with several other Ford vehicle owners, stated hazardous conditions while operating the company’s vehicles due to the alleged design defect. The Beaty’s continue to make allegations that state Ford was aware of the aforementioned defect while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was investigating the company in 2012. The two year legal battle between the Beaty’s and Ford shows no sign of slowing down, as both parties are currently fighting over whether or not certain testimony and documents will be made public. I’m pretty upset about it. A Ford sunroof class action lawsuit has been dismissed after the judge ruled the plaintiff couldn't show that Ford panoramic sunroofs are defective or shatter on a regular basis. Just had the front section of my panoramic sunroof shatter while driving on an interstate highway in clear weather and without any vehicles around us. 2. Will see what the dealer says. According to court documents, the shattering was so powerful startled drivers compared it to the sound of a gunshot. While lemon laws vary considerably from state to state, both lemon law and breach of warranty claims (under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) generally require a vehicle defect to: Ford owners whose vehicles have suffered from recurring sunroof cracking, shattering and exploding should consult with an attorney regarding their eligibility to file a lemon law or breach of warranty claim. According to the automaker, one sunroof out of every 2,000 vehicles is a rate equal or lower to shattered sunroofs in vehicles from other manufacturers. The one thing known for certain is that panoramic sunroofs in Ford vehicles are exploding during normal vehicle operation, absent cause from external factors or fault of vehicle owners.

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