He has 25 years of experience as a professional racquetball player. Pickleball Rocks and Midwest Sports.com Join To Launch Mega Store Pickleball Paradise, Mindy Yoder Joins The Pickleball Rocks Team, Pickleball Rocks Team Launches Pickleball Rocks Club and Names LeEllen Lane National Club Director, Pickleball Rocks Players and Clubs of the Month, Shop Pickleball Rocks Apparel & Equipment. -Matt. I’m 5’2” with small hands, but I hit the ball fairly hard. Donnie and Patty Gallegos Join The Pickleball Rocks Team, How To Stay Positive During a Coronavirus Quarantine. If you like weight and feel of the Seven, you might want to take a look at the new Seven Pro that Gearbox just released as part of their Pro Collection. Your review is recommended to be at least 140 characters long. At seven, eight and nine ounces, Gearbox provides and options for all playing styles. Some players may also miss the satisfying pop of hitting a pickleball ball. Need your recommendations.. Hi Vinod, we have a detailed guide available for Elongated Paddles which you can check and decide which one is more suitable for you. They also feature edgeless construction, instead of adding a thick guard around the rim. I was a 5.0 tennis player forever, then caught the pickle bug. The Seven Pro and Eight Pro are improved versions of the original paddles designed in the pickleball paddle tennis San Diego offices. Thanks-. While the “Nine” may appeal to power hitters and tennis players crossing over into pickleball at nine ounces, it’s pretty heavy for your average player so the “Seven” and “Eight” are more likely candidates for most players. As one of the top racquetball brands, Gearbox has lots of experience developing products for racquet games. It gives the paddle a softer sound and feel, generating more resistance and giving each swing more power. And equally excited for them as this sponsorship also provides them with an exclusive paddle sponsorship from our branding partners at Gearbox Sports. Gearbox brings a unique perspective to the pickleball paddle industry. Gearbox is known for its magnificent edgeless pickleball paddles with impressive durability and quality. Want to buy high quality Elongated paddle. I don’t see any mention of varying weight based on color. The paddle Eight Pro weighs eight ounces. Hi Ezra, This makes for a more uniform surface and according to the company- no dead spots. If you want the most affordable Gearbox product, choose the GH7 or GH7L. Is your company interested in USA Pickleball sponsorship, marketing and event opportunities? Is it true the red g11 weighs more then the yellow and the purple and how much does the like green weigh? Gearbox has also introduced several paddles with single-piece construction. With extra reach, you also get a little more power for direct hits. The Seven Pro is one of the most well-rounded paddles from Gearbox. Can I get the paddle with a 4 1/2 inch circumference grip. The design protects the core from the damage, reducing the risk of soft spots. If you are searching for a new paddle, take a moment to compare each of these Gearbox pickleball products. Watch for Donny and Patty as they use the new technology GX5 and GX6 paddles. As for paddles - I watch a lot of the pros on Youtube. I’m not sure. You also get a larger sweet spot that will not wear out and soften over time. This core is really what sets Gearbox apart from its peers and what makes their paddles unique. From the paddles, we have seen the damage was cosmetic rather than actual structural damage that would negatively impact play. This is an innovative idea from Gearbox and something we wish more paddle brands offered. Watch for Donny and Patty as they use the new technology GX5 and GX6 paddles. JustPaddles. Pickleball Pad is the leading website which reviews all major brands of Pickleball. Gearbox was founded in 2007 by a professional racquetball player with over 25 years of experience in the composites industry. You can choose between a 3 5/8-inch grip and a 3 15/16-inch grip. While the company is mostly known for its Gearbox racquets, they also make quality pickleball paddles. While the H7 core offers a decent balance of power and control, the surface material limits accuracy. Lite Green- I actually haven’t seen a Green G11 but maybe I missed it, I know the new GX5 comes in green. In the last year I have collected tons of gold medals in mixed , singles and dubs, headed to nationals in Nov. The 7 refers to their “H7” core, not the weight- it actually weights 8 oz. FREE 1-2 Day SHIPPING over $69 to contiguous US, Racquetball Equipment - www.racquetworld.com, Paddle Equipment - www.paddleballgalaxy.com. pure perfection! While some other brands offer some paddles without a plastic edge guard, Gearbox’s entire product line is. Become a USA Pickleball Sponsor. Edgeless:  All of the paddles made by Gearbox are edgeless. Get updates from USA Pickleball and stay on the ball. I love its light weight, small grip, and the spin I can put on the ball. It is not too expensive, but not too cheap. Gearbox celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017. Demo paddles available. The resulting paddle is durable, even without an edge guard. It is not too powerful, yet still delivers enough force for power shots. 6 Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles in 2020 |…, Top 10 Elongated Pickleball Paddles in 2020 |…, Pickleball FAQs : Everything You Need To Know About…, Head Pickleball Paddle - Reviews and Comparison Guide 2020, Onix Pickleball Paddle Reviews & Comparison Guide 2020, Best Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddles 2020 -…, Do Not Buy ProLite Pickleball Paddles Until You Read…, Best Prince Pickleball Paddles 2020 - Reviews &…. If the lightweight Seven Pro does not deliver enough power for your needs, you may find that the Eight Pro provides greater balance. Looking to bring new techonlogy to enhance player's game and experience, the new 2019 GX Series paddles are loaded with technologies that have a speficif purpose for each paddle. No matter which paddle you choose, you will be getting technology that is not available from other manufacturers. I played tennis in junior high and high school and then racquetball in grad school and for a few years afterward. Several of the earlier paddles are now discontinued and only available through third-party retailers and pickleball suppliers. Carbon fiber: The single piece of carbon fiber provides an even playing surface. ro racquetball player and extensive knowledge in the field of composites led to the birth of Gearbox, edgeless paddles is that the layers of material tend to separate over tim, Gearbox Original Paddles: Seven, Eight and, specifications on these three paddles are basically identical with just the. The company has updated a couple of these designs, with the new Seven Pro and Eight Pro. We are truly excited and proud to have them wearing and promoting the Pickleball Rocks apparel brand. You get a solid combination of power and control, making this the top Gearbox product. The hyper bite technology is a spin technology, designed to help the paddle grip the ball a little longer. PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF USE, International Federation of Pickleball (IFP). We provide in-depth knowledge about the sport and we are a group of passionate players who are playing actively. These paddles feature intelligent design, a unibody structure, and well-balanced construction. This slight modification gives you better ball control, providing the right playing surface for adding more spin. With the G2, Gearbox … Join one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.! The Seven Pro is an update to the original Seven paddle. There is another new paddle called the GH7, but don’t be confused by the name. The original 7, 8, and 9, along with the G7, are no longer made. If you tend to play one-handed or have large hands, this paddle may be difficult to work with. How Pickleball Helped Amy Lose OVER 100 Pounds. The Gearbox also makes other accessories for racket sports protective, for example, their eyewear made it to the top of our list for best pickleball protective eyewear and they also make gloves for racquetball and other racket sports. Click below to request more information. P.O. When it’s time to replace my paddle, should I stick with the Seven or is there another Gearbox paddle that I should consider? Many of the new pickleball paddles on the market have enhanced texture making them easier for spin, so side by side it’s not clear this would outperform newer touch paddles that have more “bite”. The company was founded in 2007 by Rafael Filippini. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I am 54 years old and have been playing pickleball every day. Join one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.! I would like to know what is the handle lenght of a GLH7 Gearbox Pickleball paddle? Gearbox was founded in 2007 by a professional racquetball player with over 25 years of experience in the composites industry. While the company claims that the solid construction of the paddle eliminated the need for a protective edge when looking at a paddle that’s gotten a fair amount of use one can see some signs of visual damage around the paddle edge. I’ve used one for over 7 years now We are truly excited and proud to have them wearing and promoting the Pickleball Rocks apparel brand. I had tried lots of paddles, not satisfied until I tried GearBox – The newer paddles feature a new spin technology called Hyper Bite. Gearbox wants all levels to experience first-hand how its quality products can improve their game and continue to support their love of sport.

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