I went with whole right side of Survival. I got both Marksman and Vanguard unlocked. Not sure if that is not too much fuzz for little benefit. Groups of 3 I can just about manage anything after that and I'm losing about half my inventory in gear. ... zero.jpg 1232×884 839 KB. I first maxed out the combat tree, then the survival one and am now maxing out the tech tree. Magnum - 5* silencer, 5* 2-4x scope, IR/OPV vision. You get that perfect shot. Sooner or later my luck runs out. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Definately get Component Damage and Lockpicking from the two rightmost trees. Not too different though, except that she has tech all the way up to hacker, which in retrospect I consider a complete waste. The right side of the combat tree is good. A lot can be explained with physical training and experience, e.g. I use a lot of flares and either utilities for support, and pop up at the last minute to explode things instead. I always tend to use the Marksman one for long distance sniping. and Enemy marking in combination with Designated target; 30 seconds with a 10% damage bonus from everyone is pretty sweet, and you can mark a bunch of targets at once. You sit there with your binoculars, look for a target and hammer Q every time the cooldown is over and when it finally works the hacked bot refuses to engage and then you get automatically spotted. My idea of survival is not getting killed, and killing other things quickly, so I went for damage reduction for me, and bonus damage for machines where I could. Then again, I can also look at the health bar as a ‘luck meter’ for the times the bullets just missed. I like support roles with a spicey DPS edge in team play, but I found that the way people play this game the healing skills didn’t seem that useful. If you can get Inquisitive Mind early on as you'll need one level anyway. I think its supposed to be 100% not just 100 health points, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the GenerationZeroGame community, Continue browsing in r/GenerationZeroGame. Crash games Generation Zero. Sooner or later my luck runs out. Should be 23 skillpoints in total. Can confirm that sadly tick immunity is gone and so is the gas immunity, it was really nice while they were around but i guess they can’t have us be running around in gas rooms and having ticks jump on our heads without any worries. If I played co-op more often, I might go for enemy marking, it’s a neat little quality of life thing. Here’s mine! This is my only character besides a level 2 permadeath I’ve started. That’s what I thought as well… If I remember correctly, it’s the combination of Stand your ground, T2 Armor and Vanguard. Most of the capstones are useless especially in the current state of the game. You can only get one specialization so make it count. I do not think the health perk works though. If anything, she misses Steady Feet. I have 4x chars, ordered by from the oldest to newest (playing on PC): All weapons between chars have same mods; Then again, I can also look at the health bar as a ‘luck meter’ for the times the bullets just missed. I had trouble justifying growing iron skin and the like. Generation Zero has implemented a Skill Tree system. It was all pretty organic and not planned out, but it suits my play-style. In other words, the level 60 character from beta played largely like my level 30 character from the released game does now, informing my view that people saying “but if you removed the level cap, the game would become terribly unbalanced” very possibly don’t know what they’re talking about. Stamina Amount would also be a good choice if you want to sprint for longer. New Features (Weapons, vehicles, machines & mores), Is it possible to skill 2 specializations of a category. The support skills are Flanking (this skill may very well be the best skill in the game during coop!) Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Level based Machine Level Scaling and MP Machine Scaling. Yeah, I’m still undecided about that one. I hadn’t realised that the level cap kicked in at 31, so I thought I had a few levels to go. All rights reserved. Scroll down to section 7 in my guide if you want to learn more about it: I started thinking about hacking the other day and how it is a skill that only works x % of the time versus another skill like Marksman that will work 100% of the time by always giving you a steady shot. If anyone's gotten any bonus pointers for dealing with the hunters, especially the higher level versions without dieing a million times I'd love to hear em. I've noticed the medkits dont heal you as much after getting more health. How many less shots does it take to kill a tank for example with marksman? That’s how I see the health boost ‘skill’ + being able to handle a knock and keep going. Glock - 5* silencer, 5* mag High standards out the window. Since your char is combat focused, i’d put the last one into Reload Speed. The tick specialization? Just hold your breath. Has Marksman for sniping and Vanguard for running about and more hands-on encounters. I didn’t realise I put nothing into stealth. Hey, your Engineer is basically my build!

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