Google gives you a six-digit code by text. Also, I only have one gmail account and it is associated with my school account which requires a two factor authentication. This is not safe because people can show up to your home expecting service. A couple of Google searches tell me that likely Piper Lou uses Shopify Pay as their payment provider, and someone with a Shopify account has your number as their verification number. Their texting phone number was If they wanted to make sure I am a real person – as they claimed – why did they not just call me? For about 4 months I've been getting these automated texts from various websites giving me a verification code that I did not request. Please reply in the comments. Some people!!!! I myself just got one and it seems a bit common to receive those codes. Yes, there’s also google voice verification codes. No links, and no clue to the identity of the sender. Then they came back and said to type the correct verification code and I didn’t and stopped texting them and deleted the message. then they said they would send me numbers to log in with,, but i cannot get to my e-mail is blocked & the e-mail they said they would send to is really ole about 11 yrs, old. Details. | 1761 Hotel Circle South, Suite 350, San Diego, CA 92108 | (619) 325-0990 |, “I received a google verification code but didn’t request it.”, I posted on Craigslist and received a txt from an unknown number asking for my Google verification (they demanded I prove to them I’m not a bot)”, “I was talking to a hot girl on instagram and she demanded I send her a google verification code”, Next, “Someone else texted me claiming to be Google, asking me to send them the Google verification code I just received.”, 2. Should I just not send it??? If you are getting without requesting, then it mean some one is doing it for you. When I first received verification codes for this first app, I just ignored them. Written by: Jen Ruhman San Diego SEO Experton May 12, 2016Updated: August 7, 2019. But it's happens too often. Thanks Michael for sharing your experience. Please help me to understand this anything I have to worry about? The text was from an 812 number with a 307 prefix. Its sounds like you accidentally received a Google address verification. Have you received phony “Google Verification Code Texts” ? However, I don’t have a gmail account. Tap your Apple ID username. We are Hyphenet, a managed IT service provider in San Diego, CA. But it's happens too often. Take action! This is a 5 digit code. Tap Password & Security > Get Verification Code. Missed the edit window, but where I wrote "elite message," I meant "entire message.". I am aware of the two-factor authentication scams. Please be cautious of fraud when interacting with strangers on online sites, especially on Craigslist, which is a frequent target of scammers. Unfortunately many people are falling victim to this scam. Required fields are marked *. That person is trying to use your home address as their business front. Are they trying to get into my account. He then stated, for $100 one time fee, they will continue to monitor our online activities & remove any future negative reviews. It’s sad when people that are also unable to spell fall victim. If you gave someone your google voice verification code, they can now impersonate you using that account. I wanna buy your car are you a real seller.” My response: “Yes I am a real seller are you a real buyer? If they are sending your google code, I would be worried. I received a sealed postage from Google. If you want to be discreet, try a reverse phone number search. I keep getting SMS text messages from TikTok several times a week even though I have never used the service. That’s awesome you know what you’re dealing with! Jen, getting messages from google saying someone may have my password and i have 24hours to respond or my account will be suspended. I'm not requesting these codes. I sent a text to say Scammer to the first message. Related Post: Never do this if you Receive a FAKE Text Message. We get them on our home phone and our cell phones. I immediately went into my Verizon account and blocked their number. Googled, and both numbers are apparently in Slovakia +38641926786 and +38641299095 but no more info than that. Fortunately, they don’t have my email address! It is probably nothing. Is this a legit Google My Business document – they say I must to learn more or visit with 3 steps. Someone just texted me about a bike I have for sale on Craigslist and insisted that I text them back with a code number to prove that *I* am real! The issue is, before found so I did give him the code just came thru my phone. I then got a second message from a different phone number also asking for google voice verification code. I hope cragslist puts a warning about this on their site. If you've recently logged in to your account from someone's device / cyber cafe there is higher probability that you forgot to log out. Thanks for sharing this information. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Unfortunately I have it to him. Agreeing that it's probably just someone who was trying to enter their own number and put yours by mistake. Hyphenet | Managed IT Service Provider in San Diego, CA. Tried to call back to those numbers but it goes to voicemail. The scammer will usually use their own phone number when sending the text, CALL the phone number! Learn more. If I were you, I’d change my bank password and make sure your contact information is correct on your bank etc. Not sure if they have stolen my identity or not but I guess I will find out they hard way. For about 4 months I've been getting these automated texts from various websites giving me a verification code that I did not request. Hi. Do you have any recommendations or ideas on how I can keep my accounts safe? I then got a text with a Google Voice verification code and I gave my code. Thank you for this! The elite message was "Verification Code:" followed by four capital letters and two numbers. It looks like a scam but there is no other way to login into my account. I assume someone is attempting to log into my adobe account (can't imagine why) or there is a glitch somewhere. hope someone knows anything. The messages came from 2 different numbers. Please Do NOT contact us to provide support to your Google account. NEVER send the code back to a text number. I have personal financial forms in my email account. Selling your stuff online? 6193171397. And then for my phone (i have an iphone) i'm not really sure what should I do because as far as I know apple products are hard to get through to. Never list your phone number or any other personal information. Join 6,442 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. Most in the middle of the night. The text did not identify what account or service the code was for, the phone number doesn't come up on searches (and doesn't answer when called). Give us a call: (619) 325-0990, Symantec:, Google Security:, Related post:Caution: Amazon Password Reset Scam. If so, how? I said , this is random and shady. Good luck. (They must have a great password)For the instances that you got the codes other than the one you got hacked in, I can't say for sure how safe you were. Google will text you a verification code upon set up. However, yes that’s weird that you’re getting texts from such unusual phone numbers. I just received a google verification code. More employees are using their own mobile phones and tablets at work, creating vulnerabilities for corporate data. Then had second thoughts and checked it out. The number texted from was 575-274-6681. I received my Google verify my business code through the mail. This Google Verification Code Text Scam going around is used by hackers to gain access to your Google Voice account. Received two access codes while I was in process of setting up two-step verification again for gmail (changed phone). If you do get an odd text from someone pretending to be google and asks for a verification code texted back, run for the hills. Their must be something that google can do. My advice to you would be to continue making your passwords tricky and to try to relax a bit more with your code messages. Great job Lena! They will try to steal your identity! You previously linked your mobile phone number to safe guard your Gmail account in case you forget your password or can’t login. You can try contacting Shopify and see if they can contact the user associated with that number. Over the last 5 days I have received no less than 79 verification codes that I did not ask for. You did the RIGHT thing. I logged in to my gmail account to check the activity and the only logins on the account are my own and there arent any security notifications.

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