This, for the Victorians, symbolized that the deceased were cultured and educated. Living in Edinburgh for a few years while travelling around the country exploring Scotland. It is estimated that something in the order of 50,000 burials have taken place here, with around 3,500 tombs. When I look at the epitaphs on each gravestone I pass, I take note of how old they were when they died. My mind skips over the people who lived full, long lives. But when it wasn’t bringing in enough money fast enough, they began murdering people to keep up with demand. You can find more information about this route on the Glasgow Necropolis website. Moving chairs have been heard and, perhaps most hauntingly of all, the sounds of giggling children! Visiting Glasgow Necropolis was such an amazing experience, and it will forever hold a place in my memories as one of the best mornings I’ve had in Scotland. Crystal wants to inspire you to move to Scotland. I’m encapsulated by a stunning silhouette of Victorian tombs, monuments, and mausoleums in the Glasgow Necropolis. Crystal moved from Canada to Scotland. The beginning of your post made me think of them, as they started out as entrepreneurial grave robbers operating out of Edinburgh. Greats like Alexander "Greek" Thomson, Bryce, Hamilton and Mackintosh have been responsible for designing it. The mausoleums, tombs, and gravestones I pass are weathered and overgrown with moss, revealing just how long they’ve been there. Originally, the necropolis planned to have a tiered level of Glasgow catacombs under the hill to combat body snatchers or “resurrection men.” They would steal bodies for anatomists who were willing to offer a generous sum for fresh corpses. Before you go: Check these pages out to explore more dark tourist sites or spooky travel destinations! I snap as many pictures as I can before entering the enchanting cemetery. There’s one part of the place that gave me the creeps – it’s a cylindrical sandstone tomb or crypt atop the hill. I wonder if it was similar in the Mirogoj cemetery (which I haven’t actually heard of so I will need to google it!). In April 1833 the Victorian Glasgow Necropolis officially opened, and was an interdenominational burial ground with the first burial being Joseph Levi, a Jew, and a jeweler. Since I don’t actually see any other guests for the duration of my stay – it could be the “White Woman”, who is renowned for her presence in the Necropolis! If you do visit Père Lachaise Cemetery, I recommend staying or eating at Hotel Mama Shelter. I do like a wacky hotel, so I’ll be sure to check it out. Some of the gravestones have images of skulls, clasped hands, scrolls, doves and even images of the deceased themselves! Adjacent to Glasgow Cathedral, the Necropolis was modeled on Père-Lachaise in Paris. © 2020 Atlas Obscura. It’s a beautiful, serene place that fills me with an overwhelming sense of calm. A crisp winter breeze keeps me company as I quietly make my way through the “City of the Dead.” The Glasgow Necropolis is one of the largest cemeteries in Glasgow Scotland. Sign up for our newsletter and enter to win the second edition of our book. As I approach the main gates, rays of golden sun wash over the tombs. City law dictates that this mountaintop cathedral containing the heart of a saint is to remain the tallest building in town. If you are not up for that and want to visit the Glasgow Necropolis to explore the city of the dead. The entire necropolis is mine for the evening, and I embrace the peaceful silence it has to offer. I do the same thing you do and try to envision their lives before they died and imagine what type of people they were. I will be sure to visit both the Lychakiv Cemetery and Cemetery of The Defenders of Lwów. When we were in Zagreb, we visited the Mirogoj cemetery, and one thing I started to look for was how many people died during the war, and I wondered if some of of them died of other reasons, and it was coincidental, or if they were all war-related (even if not murder, was it due to starvation, exposure, old age & no facilities to care for them, etc). So sad that so many people end up in unmarked graves, but I do guess that as so many people have passed it is difficult using so much land for the dead. 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Old Glasgow Map | Glasgow In 2019 | Glasgow Map, Glasgow, Edinburgh pertaining to Glasgow Western Necropolis Map. Not wanting to get lost in the labyrinthine 37 acres of Glasgow Necropolis burials, I make my way back to my hotel. The only ghostly experience I hear is the rustling of keys as a nearby hotel patron struggles to enter their room. A bridge, known as the “Bridge of Sighs,” stands at the main entrance, and got its name for being part of the funeral processions route (also an allusion to the “Bridge of Sighs” in Venice). Approximately 50,000 burials have taken place here. I stand in solace, taking in the silence and stillness. The act of grave robbing was prevalent across Britain and became a grizzly profession for many who would provide much-needed bodies/body parts to their customers. You know, in the Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh – it’s super hilly due to having so many unmarked graves beneath it. Related Post: Historic Edinburgh Cemeteries to Explore. Once functioning as a hostel for inmates released by the nearby (now closed and demolished)  Duke Street Prison. The historic Cathedral House Hotel, where I stay, overlooks the Glasgow Necropolis.

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