Summon it where you need it, taking into account where it will be the most use for the game, not just for exact position you find yourself in. You choose whether to consume an element before you attack, and you can ALWAYS consume the element if you wish, and you will gain XP regardless of whether the effect that is provided is applied or not. It is worth noting, before we begin, that this is a series of strategy tips and explorations that have worked for me. I’ll have to re-evaluate if this build has any room for malleable evocation, but I presume I’ll need to expand on the situational aspects of this class. I mean sure it often works out, but when it doesn't you're left with few good options unless you have good element-generating item. I’m surprised you skipped level 5. Well…that’s useful to know. You only have a stamina of 10 cards as the Mindthief. Not saying that’s bad, I’m just surprised how heavily we diverged. Now, we know our characters well enough to really get under their skins. Range 4 is fantastic for that. I just assumed that were they replaced with ranged attackers or tanks you would be able to take the loss of personal damage output. This allows you to get an attack in (+2 if you are using, It’s not ideal to have a hand made up of augmentations. The bottom half of Submissive Affliction is one such card, allowing you to use an enemy to target another enemy. The rat swarm only moves 1, and it will do so towards the nearest opponent. Name Empowering Talisman. – Start Your Meeples, The Gloomhaven Brute – An Exploration – Start Your Meeples, Starting Gloomhaven – Tips, Tricks, and Advice – Start Your Meeples, Cragheart: Gloomhaven Strategy (Early Game) – Start Your Meeples, Mindthief Solo Scenario Walkthrough – Start Your Meeples. My idea for a class rework of this class is also more or less complete, I’ll be posting that possibly in the next few days as well. “Another alternative, straight off the bat is Perverse Edge with Frigid Apparation to do more damage (however, you do not get the second experience as the target cannot be stunned by Perverse Edge and then again by Frigid Apparition, and somehow the battlefield already needs to be imbued with frost.).”. One of the huge things about PD for me was the initiative but meh. Apart from that the item type can also be specified on the card (Refresh a small item). The Scoundrel is fast – probably faster than any other character, and they just get faster as they level up. Trample (Bottom) + Item Use + Empowering Talisman + Doorway Stacking Bug Could Not Process On Item Callback [Modding] - bad label button Enemy "Bone ranger elite" keeps being alive (With stuck animation) after a trap reduced its life points to 0 (Being controlled by Mindthief skill, see screenshot) Like most Gloomhaven groups, we have failed a scenario on more than one occasion, and the primary reason for this is because we use our discard … I must play mine more similar to yours than OPs. Gloomhaven is the number 1 tactical board game out there. Yea, I don’t know if I need to just emphasize it more, but I thought I noted that my personal experience with triforce is probably skewed by my personal goal and party composition. Thanks for the comment! There are, however, three big things to note about the rat swarm. In my humble opinion (of which I fully accept I may be wrong), the additional melee attacks/damage are the best bet for the Mindthief early on. The Tinkerer, for instance, is the healer of the group. Empowering talisman only refreshes (untaps). I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so will refrain from going past first level and second level. The Mindthief isn’t terrible with ranged attacks, and so summoning a Rat Swarm directly in front of you can act as a shield.

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