Don't let the cost of a new truck keep you away from achieving your dream vehicle. Shoemobiles were not always part of Grainger’s business model. Akro-Mils is not authorized to give this information to Field Personnel. “Shoemobiles are popular with large companies, where they can have tens of thousands of employees.”. You'll find lots of affordable mid-size trucks that are perfect for daily driving. “Safety footwear is unique compared with other types of protective equipment since it’s typically on the worker the entire day, unlike glasses and earplugs,” said Riebe. Grainger Show focuses on the strength of developing connections. Dive into the world of valuable insights at this specially curated Grainger Show and take your business to new heights. Shop Grainger Canada for quality Tilt Trucks products. W. W. Grainger, a supplier of maintenance and operating products, is going direct to customers with shoemobiles that carry safety shoes. The mobile service reps also are trained to fit workers properly and are knowledgeable about the safety attributes of products. More SAVINGS. Grainger Nissan understands the need to work with clients to fit their needs and is committed to helping you find an ideal used truck. Bruce Riebe, senior manager of footwear program specialists, said the trucks travel the country, with a few gaps in some of the mountain and plains states. Shop Grainger Canada for quality General Purpose Hand Trucks products. Please fill out this field with valid email address. We have created this special Show Resources Page that you can use to download Akro-Mils literature, sales tools, and other information that we shared with you at our booth. The firm operates about 50 shoemobiles that vary in size, from smaller-box trucks to 18-heelers that can stock up to 2,000 pairs. Our sales team will contact you soon, International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition, The Association of Festival Organisers Conference, International Conference on Pediatrics & Healthcare, Southern Thoracic Surgical Association Meeting. Dawn Pearson, VP of global operations for Footwear Specialties, one of Grainger’s vendor partners, explained that shoemobiles are often a more costly way to do business (due to expenses such as truck insurance), but many companies prefer this retail model. Average prices for shoes in the trucks range from $100 to $125, though most companies offer workers a footwear stipend for their purchase. Quality SAFETY. And they have good reason to enforce high standards: According to Grainger, the average worker’s compensation paid out today for a foot injury is $8,500. Watch FN’s video on celebrities in workboots below. Grainger Show will conduct over hundreds of exhibitor’s booth at the expansive trade show floor with a vast range of products on display. “We have a great pool of individuals who do other things, and sometimes that experience translates to [driving],” said Riebe, adding that its drivers must also learn how to conduct sales. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Akro-Mils and Jamco Products are committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees. All rights reserved. (Event Over - New Dates Awaited), Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, USA. ©2019 Akro-Mils / Myers Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Site Policy / Terms & Conditions of Use, Akro-Mils/Grainger Quick Reference Catalog (Model Numbers), Akro-Mils/Grainger Part Number Cross Reference (excel file), Grainger/Jamco Quick Reference Catalog (Model Numbers), Grainger/Jamco Steel Safety Cabinets Brochure, Grainger Plastic Container Selection Guide, Grainger Louvered Panel - Bin Combination Guide, Grainger Rail Rack - Bin Combination Guide, Grainger Bin Cabinet - Bin Combination Guide, Grainger AkroBin-Shelf Bin-ShelfMax Bin Color Chart, Grainger/Akro-Mils Quick Reference Catalog. As one of the country’s top suppliers of maintenance repair and operating products, W.W. Grainger Inc. relies on multiple tactics to reach its customers, including brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce. 9 Shoe Brands That Give Back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, How This Female-Founded Shoe Brand Is Merging Sustainability With Trend-Driven Style, How Amazon Has Impacted Carhartt's Workboot Business, Cat Footwear's New Customers Carry Science Degrees, Not Hammers, 5 Female Leaders on How to Get Ahead in Male-Dominated Industries, All Work – And Now Play: Thorogood Launches Its Infinity FD Outdoor Collection, From ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Frozen,’ the Best Disney Face Masks for Adults to Buy Now, 11 Best-Selling Foot Peel Masks to Keep Your Feet Super Soft, 14 Nail Polish Color Trends You’re About to See Everywhere This Summer, The Best Dior Sneakers and Charms You Can Shop Now, Dior B23 Sneaker in Gradient Blue Dior Oblique Canvas $990, All the Brands and Retailers Helping to Get Out the Vote in November, The Best Shoe Organizers to Store Your Favorite Footwear, Here Are the Most In-Demand Jobs This Holiday Season, The Heart and Sole of the Footwear Industry. Regular Used Truck Deals at Grainger Nissan of Savannah. Connect with Organisers and Exhibitors even before attending the events, Please provide below details. Make full use of the event by sharing the space with other industry insiders and potential partners for a free-flowing exchange of ideas and collaboration-based business possibilities. … Thanks for visiting the Akro-Mils booth at the 2019 Grainger Show! Get that reliable, stylish and tough used truck that you need for less. “If it doesn’t fit right, it’s going to affect everything that happens to a worker throughout the day.”, Wolverine has been a resource for Grainger for over 20 years, according to Tess Huston, sales manager for the brand, and has seen large growth with the retailer. “There are medium and small competitors out there that tend to be more regional,” Riebe noted, citing bigger players such as Red Wing and Hytest. Powered by Your Used Truck Purchase. Incredible SELECTION. To request samples or literature, please send requests to: For Grainger, the greatest advantage is connecting with consumers. We have everything from Ford F-150s to Chevy Silverados to RAM 1500s, and more. Due to current travel limitations and health issues rising in this region, we request our users to kindly connect with the Event Organizers before visiting the event. “That is where we focus our web model,” he said. Used trucks are often just as reliable but feature a lower price point and a bit more mileage. “It’s convenient, and safety managers can have companies show workers footwear with [specific] functionalities,” she said. The company added the service in 2013  when it acquired Safety Solutions Inc., a multichannel retailer operating in about 12 states. Latest Update. Grainger Show Orlando aims at training, networking and inspiring its customers, exhibitors and Grainger team members to work better and smarter, preserving both, their time and money and educating them on ways of how to use them efficiently.

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