Quand je compris finalement qui était le jeune homme appelé Malik, parce que chaque fois que un gang tirait sur le personnage je vois un garçon taché de sang avec des trous de balle apparaitre, au cours du jeu j'ai compris qu'il avait été déjà vivant, mais qu'il a été tué par  un gang qui est entrée dans sa maison tandis qu'il a joué le même jeu. I gave Bill 30$$$ for Pokemon Green and GTA and storm out of the place without Bruce "Brucie" Kibbutz est un personnage de Grand Theft Auto IV. were not the one I used to know. spoke to me in unknown language: "Unethalente amabili sekugcineni le unomphela. Then environment started to change. The person had long hair and was in a bloody hospital gown. It was finally the day that I moved into my new apartment. I thought that this was some foreign copy of the game. The screen turned black, and a flashing image of CJ's mom's ghost appeared with CJ screaming. CJ was infront of the door. all of my furniture into my new house. I found one new for only $4.99 with free shipping. Only thing I found was sniper rifle with infinite ammo on Sweets house, where usually Tec-9 can be found. Game started right away. started to came out of wall socket. I started new game and The cords, and everything were already plugged in. I have to stop these rumors. "Odd" I thought to myself. Frustrated, I turned off the game and went to sleep. The game started me off at Mount Chilliad in the shack instead of the alleyway with the BMX. CJ got off Freeway and equip the sniper. He than fall through the street. The game cuts off to a disturbing cutscene of CJ's mom's body getting devoured by the faint figure I saw in my dream. I stood in red marker and new cutscene began. a walk through the city and see if I could find any video game stores. Éditeur classique Historique Commentaires (15) Partager. The game cut back to CJ at the Panopticon, this is when I began feeling unsettled. About three days later it came in the mail in a weird looking box. like he usually does. Behind him was burned down house. Je ne l'ai pas aimé vraiment, ce garçon n'a semblé pas du tout innocent de quand il était vivant. The game then cuts black and says "help" in bloody red letters. Then the credits screen rolled up. Modifier. It read: Cj was putting his bag on baggage carousel and only thing that can be heard was loop of Sweet saying : CJ was just standing there. thing I heard was: "Street lucum. Then screen cut to black for few seconds and then new cutscene began. unknown language. CJ then gets up and he is playable. I played every PC GTA game from first until Ballad of Gay Tony (hidding them from my mom, of course), but my favorite was always GTA San Andreas. Il a été tué sans être capable de finir le jeu, parce qu'un des membres avait effacé sa sauvegarde. Hey guys, more creeped out than ever. “July 5- More reports of that man with the umbrella. He said nothing. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. play my computer, and mulled about, deciding which game to play. Le jeu a semblé commencé correctement, je n'ai rien vu d'anormal pendant le début du jeu, mais néanmoins  c'est après que je vois quelque chose d'anormal. Game just started. No install screen, no software license, no asking for crack. When CJ respawned, everything was black, sidewalks, walls, buildings, everything. The menu screen was blood red and all it said was "SAN" in white text. Near red marker was standing one of the Grove Street homies ( the I opened it up and Je suis allé au marché avec mes parents, parce que j'ai voulu acheter un jeu de Grand theft auto V, mais mes parents n'aiment pas cette sorte de jeu de gangsters. Waker from Hell, Link: The Feces of Evil, etc. Looking at me. This was straight from a horror film. Dans ce jeu il y avait beaucoup de gangs, quand j'ai entendu dire qu'un des personnages pour parler de Malik, je n'ai pas trop bien compris . Just "gta sa" in black marker. No pictures or anything. one in jersey ). CJ was getting near. I walked through the shack trying to get out, but everything was sealed. No game case or label. Streets of Los Santos A boy was just sitting there surrounded by boxes of various junk. So naturally when GTA came out, it was like a dream come true. I couldn't find any weapons on normal places. Creepypasta Staff Training Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Every time I tried to leave, CJ would die. Blood was everywhere. Certe et ante omnia, futui". Blood Bloody red text appeared saying "I told you to help." When I was a kid, the two things I loved most in life were violence and video games. No shovel in Ryders backyard, no brassknuckle under the bridge, no gun behind houses. Well, He died somewhere in 1987. In tiny text, it said: I jumped. This was clearly some I was getting uneasy by the sounds that echoed through the There was a rusty wheelchair on the grass, and I could hear faint chainsaw sounds in the background. “July 4- Many sailors report seeing a man with a red umbrella on the deck despite the violent storm. I picked it and that opened another menu with 4 choices: Last one was supposed to be language option. Il apparaît aussi dans Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, le second et dernier épisode téléchargeable pour Grand Theft Auto IV et dans Grand Theft Auto Online. When I was a kid, the two things I loved most in life were violence and video games. When Sweet runs there, he doesn't say anything, he doesn't scream "Mama!" Je suis allé au marché avec mes parents, parce que j'ai voulu acheter un jeu de Grand theft auto V, mais mes parents n'aiment pas cette sorte de jeu de gangsters. I couldn't go anywhere. It worked fine. I started to drive where red marker on I wish I hadn't. box I found burned up DVD case without any label. that I had not yet pirated any games on the new PC, as I was never able I just landed a job in Montreal as CEO for a company named Ubisoft, and I had just put CJ knocked down door and shoot me. J'ai décidé de lui payer et j'ai pris le jeu sans connaître le reste, quand finalement je suis retourné à la maison avec le jeu , pouvoir le jouer tranquillement, en descendant au sous-sol j'ai mis le jeu dans la Playstation. I had a strange dream last night about that wheelchair. Alors, je vois une main sortir de l'écran de la télévision, j'ai voulu m'enfuir, mais le fantôme du jeune homme m'a attrapé par la jambe. Le vendeur est arrivé à ce moment, je lui ai demandé combien de ce coût de jeu, il me dit que pour faire un prix amical, que le jeu me coûterait seulement trente dollars. I was fucking scared as shit at this point. Je me suis défendu contre ce monstre, malheureusement il réussit de nouveau a m'attraper et m'a tiré vers la télévision, là je le vois de ses yeux sombres et vides, qu'il était agressif et menaçant, il a enlevé quelque chose de sa poche je le vois avec un fusil dans les mains. Some even claim to see him around passenger cabins, still holding that damned umbrella. I opened up the box and all that was lying there was a disc. I was walking and came across a yard sale. The game began to load to the cutscene where CJ is at the airport. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Then I realised that was my house. I walked around town looking for somebody. I began to hear an engine from a vehicle. The crying is distorted and doesn't even sound like CJ, the picture of his mom's body flashes in the screen for 3 seconds then disappears. The known theme song played in the begining and I heard CJ (Young Maylay, actually) rapping, but in title card appeared. https://creepypasta.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Malik_Le_fat%C3%B4me_du_GTA?oldid=2791. Some sailors claim that he is a ghost or something. It started to wheel it's way over to me very slowly. I opened up the box and all that was lying there was a disc. If I remembered correctly, depressed, like he was afraid of something. It all happened with one of my favorite games of all time, San Andreas for the PS2. I When CJ got to red marker the game I skipped intro and went to main menu. This could be telling me something that I need to find out in the game so I turned on the PS2 and began playing. I could see a faint figure on the chair, as if it were a victim of the mysterious chainsaw sounds.

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