These modern day vampires were stronger, smarter, more capable and more attractive than humans and they fed on human blood to survive. For many people, rabbits are the ideal pet. Parents typically look for a Holy Grail of monikers, something that is pleasing to the ears, but not too common. This horror villain seems like a background character, but proves to have a consistent and important presence throughout the, Parker Crane as the the Old Woman is a parasitic being who has it out for the main antagonist of the, There is something haunting about the Creeper. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. The first installment of the film came out in the year 1988, and soon Chucky as a name became famous far and wide. It’s a perfect name for people who are fans of the cartoon or love mysterious and supernatural things. Claudia Mitchell (author) on January 28, 2019: I have an almost 6 mth old male rabbitt hadvhim since he was just under a mth about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks old. Janet, played by Susan Sarandon, did her best to make the name popular. Make it funny. Michael Myers, aka The Shape, has remained one of the top terrifying horror villains throughout time. So, even you can consider this classic. Minerva These are great Pamela. This strong name, meaning ‘defender of man’, would make a cool Halloween name for your baby boy. From: American Horror Story (AHS) TV Show. Meaning ‘dragon,’ the name Draco brings to mind the sneering wizard from the “Harry Potter” series. The best year for Wednesday was 2013. Thank you so much for giving me some great ideas. Home » A list of popular Rabbit Names for your bunny! There have been many versions of Phantom of the Opera, including the amazing live performances of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom. However, the scary vampire seems to be a classic theme found in stories like. The first movie starred Bruce the Shark (not a real shark) and it was a great horror comedy for it’s time. Who can forget Edgar Allan Poe when talking about scary and mystery stories? The first movie starred Bruce the Shark (not a real shark) and it was a great horror comedy for it’s time. Oogie Boogie is essentially the bogey man in physical form which makes him both a scary character and a main villain in The Nightmare Before Christmas. 42. Or do you adore the classically creepy poem “Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe? So Blade was born as a dhampir, a human with a vampire’s genes. He stole the show at the Overlook Hotel. Even though scary vampire popularity is way down, they will always be a viable horror villain. Whatever the reason, here are a few tips to help you out: Before you run out and buy the first rabbit you see, please do some research. In the film, Clarice, an FBI agent played by Jodie Foster, hunts down a serial killer. Parker Crane was a serial killer while alive and hasn’t changed much in death. Although Blair is a unisex name, we love it more for a girl, as it is uncommon. Glenda, the name of a good witch, would make a cool pick for your daughter. Even, Eric, Bill rival’s name makes a good name. It reminds us of the girl with a bright smile who always wear hair band matching with her skirt. And lucky for us, these brands make awfully cute cat Halloween cat names. Cutest Little Pumpkin In The Patch. It also reminds us of Popeye’s skinny girlfriend. Ichabod is a character from the book “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. One of the more creepy things Josef does is put on a mask and refer to himself as Peach Fuzz. I pick up SQUEAK from here for one & I put RUBIE for the other. You can find awesome Sam memorabilia at specialty shops and online. These modern day vampires were stronger, smarter, more capable and more attractive than humans and they fed on human blood to survive. The series did a great deal to impact the popularity of the name Hermione in the United States when the film began in 2001. He lives in the further and his presence in the films is always frightening to witness. Gabarella, Gabbie, Gabby, Gabe, Gabie, Gabriel, Ga’Day, Gadgit, Gage, Galahad, Galaxy, Galypso, Gambler, Gamma, Gammon, Gandalf, Garbo, Gareth, Garfield, Garnet, Garrett, Garth , Gaspard, Gator, Gator Bait, Gayka, Gazeebo, G’Day, Gee-Gee, Gem, Gemini, Gemma, George, George Thurston Fluffybum , Georgeanne, Georgette, Georgia, Georgina, Geppers, Gerald, Geraldine, Geri Lea, Geronimo , Gershwin, Gertie, Ghiradelli, Ghost, Gian, Gianni, Gibby, Gideon, Gidget, Gieger, Giggs, Gigi, Gilbert, Gilbert Grape, Gilligan , Gimley, Gimpy Bun, Gin, Ginger, Ginger , Ginny, Gino, Ginseng, Giorgio, Gipsy, Gir, Girlie, Giro, Giselle, Giuseppe, Gizmo, Gizmo , Gizzy, Glasha, Glen, Glitter, Glory, Gobbolino, God, Godiva, Godzilla, Goldie, Goldy, Goliath , Golly, Gomer, Goober, Goodbye, Goody, Goody Two-Shoes, Goofy, Goofy , Gordon, Gordy, Goro, Gossip, Gotcha, Gothica, Goya, G-P, Grabbit, Grace, Gracie, Gracie Anne, Gracie Defusco, Gracie Jewelanne, Gracie Lou, Gracie Lu, Gracie Lu DeFusco, Grady, Grand, Grandberry, Grandma , Granola , Grant, Grasshopper, Gravy, Gray, Gray Lady, Gray Slick, Gregori, Greippi, Gremlin, Grenchin, Grendal, Greta, Gretchen vom Buchstrand, Grey willow, GreyFire, Gricik, Griffin, Grizzly, Gromit, GrossDex, Groucho, GRUB, Grumblebunny, Gsxr, GT , Guacamole, Guapa , Guapo, Gucci, Guenever, Guffy, Guido, Guido , Guinness, Gumby, Gumdrop, Gump, Gun, Gunter, Guppy, Gus, Gusto, Guy, Gwai Gwai, Gweeby, Gwendolyn, Gwendy, Gweneth, Gwynedd, Gwyneth, Gypsy. The Babadook is a dark and haunting modern day horror villain. He is a known serial killer that wears a mask of grotesque stitched together human skin. Here are the most famous bunnies of all. Josef also lacks empathy but has a talent for playing off the empathy of others to put them at ease. Thanks. Red Pyramid debuted in Silent Hill 2 and quickly became a fan favorite. The Ghostbuster’s dog in the refrigerator scene really creeped out audiences back in the day. If you doubt how terrible Hannibal can be, just ask Mason Verger. I still remember the first nightmare I had where Stay Puft made an appearance. This name has Hebrew origins and sounds rather cool. The name Annie spiked in popularity after the release of “Misery”. His quiet appearances are creepy and stay with you long after the Donnie Darko film is over. The Creeper is one of those scary characters that sticks with you long after you watch the, Billy the Puppet is a creepy clown ventriloquist dummy that is often used during the, Mr. There are so many names out there! This giant of a man was cruel and sadistic when alive and a violent death has made him an aggressive and terrifying ghost. It peaked in the 1940s and is still going steady. Olive is the name of the perky waitress and Ned’s sidekick in “Pushing Diaries”. If you got a pair of bunnies, then here are some really fun ideas for you. Dede on February 15, 2019: I want 3 names for 1 male and 2female The actress, also known as the grudge girl has a fun Instagram account here. Or are you a fan of the Baltimore football team? We loved this name for its uniqueness and sweet sound. But after the year 2003, the year when the last season was aired, Buffy gained momentum. The villain from It Follows is one of my favorites because after watching the film it’s hard not to start setting up a plan for escaping “It”. There are lots of names to choose from here and there are lots of other lists too. Claudia Mitchell (author) on January 24, 2019: we are going to call our two doe's lemondrop and luna. Frank the Rabbit has a striking presence and a spooky looking costume. Samara Morgan is known for her distinct look. Who doesn't love a bunny rabbit? Part of the reason the Patrick Bateman character is such a scary character and ultimately a horror villain, is because of the awesome performance by Christian Bale. Before Esme, Morticia from “ The Addams Family” was the monster mother that everyone wanted to know more about. The Shining movie excels at presenting a terrifying Jack Torrance with the fantastic performance of Jack Nicholson. Igor, the name of the evil scientist, would make a sassy Halloween themed name for your child. Thanks my bunny has a perfect name it is Arlo or as some people call him Harley. Sable, Sabrina, Sacko, Sadie, Sadie , Sadiekins, Safari, Safari , Saffron, Saffy, Saga, Sage, Saint Bunny-face the First, Salem, Sally, Salsa, Salt, Salty, Salut, Sam, Sam Logan Berrypie, Sam , Samantha, Sambo, Sambra, Sambucca, Sammie L Jackson, Sammy, Sammy Sosa, Sammy , Sammyclaws, Sampson, Samson, Samuel L, Samwise Gamgee, San, Sancha, SanDee, Sanderlin, Sandwich, Sandy, Sandy , Santa Valentina, Santa , Santa’s Little Helper, Santolina, Saphire, Sapphire, Sarah, Sargent, Saro, Sasafras , Sascha, Sasha, Sasha Bean, Sasha Bean Mugatu, Sasha Belle, Sasha , Sasparilla, Sass, Sassafras Tea, Sassy, Satchmo, Satin, Satine, Saturday, Saucer, Sausage, Savannah, Saxon, Saying Grace, Scamp, Scamper, Scamper Fi, Scamper , Scampi, Scarecrow, Scarlett, Scarlett , Schaneea, Schatz, Schatzee, Schmedley, Schnapp, Schnapps , Schnickelfritz, Schnitzel, Schnook, Schotzie, Schotzy, Scone, Scone MacBunny, Scoobie, Scooby, Scooby Dew, Scooby Do, Scooby Doo, Scoobydoo, Scooch, Scoop, Scoota , Scooter, Scooterbeans, Scorpio , Scotch, Scott, Scottie, Scotty, Scout, Scraggy , Scrapper, Scrappy, Scrappy Too, Scraps, Screech, Screwdriver, Scruffy, Scully, Scuttle, Seabrooke, Seamist, Seamore, Seamus, Sean, Sebastian, Secret, Seeds, Seiko, Senor Turtle, Sen-Sen, Seraphim, Serendipity, Serenity, Serious, Serrano, Sesame, Sessile, Seth, Seven, sey, Seymore, Shaddo, Shade, Shadoe, Shadow, Shadow Binsky Bunny , Shadowfax, Shady, Shaggy, Shaggypoo, Shaker, Shakespeare, Shame, Shami, Shamrock, Shandi, Shandy, Sharley, Sharon, Sharon the Wunderbunny, Shasta, Shaylee, Shazam, Shazbot, Shea, Sheba, Sheena, Sheila, Shelbi, Shelby, Shelby , Shell , Shemp, Shep , Shepton, Sherbert, Sherbet, Sheri, Sherlock Holmes, Sherman, Shermin, Sherrie, Shia, Shilo, Shiloh, Shimmera , Shindy, Shining Star , Shinobi, Shirley Ann, Shiva, Shmoopy, Shmulik, ShnuggleBunny, Shoes, Shooter, Shorty, Showdown, Showoff, Shoyo Nut Zipper, Shpanky, Shpunk, Shredder, Shy, Shy , Shyla, Siamon, Sid, Sid Vicious, Siddie, Sidney, Sierra, Siesta, Sigmund, Silk, Silky, Silky Skyes, Silly , Silver, Silver , Silverado, Silverpaws, Simba, Simon, Simon Schuster, Simone, Simpkin, Simple Simon, Sir Bunbun, Sir Charles Barkley, Sir Chocolate Rocket, Sir Hops Alot , Sir Hopsalot, Sir Hugs-a-lot , Sir Parsley Buttons, Sir Rabbitus Hopitus Furitus the Fourth , Sir Red rocket, Sir Squeaks-a-Lot, Sir. Or, you can just name him after your favorite food. Is there a scary character not listed here that you really like? Attention! I may name mine Carrot or if they are twins I may name them Peanut and Butter or Hippity and Hoppity. Share your choice with us in the comment section. Annie Wilkes is a great horror villain because she seems to sneak up on you as pieces of her personality leak out in explosive bursts. If you want a subtle, Halloween themed baby names, go for Hazel. Claudia Mitchell (author) on October 19, 2018: Good luck finding one. Jack the Jackrabbit - South Dakota State University. Halloween is a holiday designed to scare, so let’s start with these spooky names that conjure up an ominous feeling.

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