He worked steadily in television as well as films, long outliving Hawks, Ford and Wayne, and achieving some late notice as a senile hotel waiter in David Lynch's Twin Peaks TV series. Hank Worden (born Norton Earl Worden, July 23, 1901 – December 6, 1992) was an American cowboy-turned-character actor who appeared in many Westerns, including many John Ford films such as The Searchers and the TV series The Lone Ranger. Their first film was Duel in the Sun in 1946. TCM (082), Fri, Dec 25 He enlisted in the U.S. Army hoping to become an Army pilot, but failed to pass flight school. All he had to do was just stand there in any scene and you couldn’t help but notice him. Buy Movies. Worked on several Tex Ritter Westerns billed as Heber Snow because the producer felt that a Mormon-like name such as Heber Snow would help the films do better business in heavily-Mormon areas such … Hank Worden Biography: Bald, lanky, laconic American actor Hank Worden made his screen debut in The Plainsman (1936), and began playing simpleminded rustics at least as early as the 1941 El Brendel two-reel comedy Love at First Fright. Explore. An expert horseman, he toured the country in rodeos as a saddle bronc rider. Hank Worden (Actor), John Wayne (Actor) Red River (1948) - English. Categories. Hank Worden Bio/Wiki, Net Worth, Married 2018. Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. 1939 Worden has 222 credits on his resume on IMDb, including some 150 movies and various TV roles. The most recent movie that Hank Worden and Claire Whitney starred together was The Woman of the Town in 1943. The Alamo. The Horse Soldiers (1959) - English. Guy Wilkerson and Hank Worden have starred in 14 movies together. 2:15 AM PST 1939 on IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. IMDb takes a look at Gal Gadot's biggest roles and the parts she never got the chance to play, including a major role in the James Bond franchise. Hank Worden full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. Hank Worden. Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family. A member in good standing of director John Ford's unofficial stock company, Worden appeared in such Ford classics as Fort Apache (1948) and Wagonmaster (1950). Hank Worden movies. Born Norton Earl Worden in Rolfe, Iowa, during his parents' visit to a relative's home there, he was raised on a cattle ranch near Glendive, Montana. Hank Worden, a character actor whose career spanned five decades with appearances in more than 100 films and on many television shows, died … [3] He was survived by his daughter, Dawn Henry, whom he and his wife had adopted as an adult. Fight for Texian Independence. In good health through his 91st year, he died peacefully during a nap at his home in Los Angeles on December 6, 1992. The special looked back on Worden's career and featured guests Clint Eastwood, Paul Hogan, Harry Carey Jr., Ben Johnson, Frankie Avalon, Burt Kennedy and stuntman Dean Smith. Their first film was Bandits and Ballads in 1939. American character actor, mainly in Westerns in comic or rustic roles. Often erroneously credited as the coach/manager/cornerman in the boxing flashback in The Quiet Man (1952), but according to Worden himself it is actually another actor of vaguely similar appearance. Broke his neck in a horsefall in his 20s, but didn't know it until his 40s. By this time, Tex Ritter had become a star, and Worden played sidekick roles in a number of Ritter's Westerns. Hank Worden (Actor), John Wayne (Actor) Fort Apache (1948) - English. In 1992, Worden hosted and co-produced, with director Clyde Lucas, an independent special shown on the Nostalgia Channel and some PBS stations entitled Thank Ya, Thank Ya Kindly. A small part in Howard Hawks's Come and Get It led to a number of later appearances for that director, who also recommended him to director John Ford. Hank Worden is one of my all-time favorite character actors and what a character actor he was. The most recent movie that Jack Roper and Hank Worden starred together was Jack London in 1943. Sports. [2] Following the run of the play, Worden drove a cab in New York, and then worked on dude ranches as a wrangler and as a guide on the Bright Angel trail of the Grand Canyon. Worden's best performances were given for demanding directors. Defenders and Attackers. The most recent movie that Sidney Blackmer and Hank Worden starred together was Accused of Murder in 1956. Washed out as an Army pilot. 1941 Love at First Fright (Short) Hank Hatrack (uncredited) 1941 Border Vigilantes Aunt Jennifer's Wagon Driver (uncredited) 1941 Robbers of the Range Stagecoach Attendant (uncredited) TCM (082), Common John Wayne movie supporting actors, If One Movie Could Introduce Your Country, Non Best Picture Nominees from AFI's Best Pictures, Characters Featured In Empire And Premiere's Best Characters Lists, House - With Ghost/A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank/Dr. His last role was as a waiter at the hotel in the TV series Twin Peaks, in which he appeared in 4 episodes. Alamo Defender Biographies. Educated at Stanford and the University of Nevada as an engineer. The Alamo Siege and Battle. The Films of Hank Worden. Jack Shannon and Hank Worden have starred in 2 movies together. His name was Hank Worden (also spelled Warden) who was a member of John Fords' stock company of supporting actors. During one ride, his horse landed atop him and fractured his neck, but aside from a temporary soreness, Worden did not know of the nature of the damage until x-rayed 20 years later. Texian Leaders. Jack Roper and Hank Worden have starred in 2 movies together. ... Fri, Dec 25 Holiday Celebrations, Family Traditions, and Food! Sidney Blackmer and Hank Worden have starred in 2 movies together. Worden made his film debut as an extra in Cecil B. DeMille's The Plainsman (though a few later films were released prior to The Plainsman). Actor (226) Twin Peaks (TV Series 1990-1991) Waiter (4 episodes, 1990-1991) Almost an Angel (1990) Pop - Patient in Hospital Big Bad John (1990) Good Ole Boy Once Upon a Texas Train (TV Movie 1988) Old Timer (as Hank Warden) Knight Rider (TV Series 1986) Slim (1 … Educated at Stanford and the University of Nevada as an engineer, he trained as an Army pilot, but washed out of flight school.

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