We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. This cake would honestly be even better for an adult than it would be for a kid (makes sense since the cake says "Happy 22nd Birthday"!). I love the purply accents and the sparkly bottom layer, as well as the flying witch, nod to the Burrow, and Gryffindor crescent on top. As usual the wheels are made of diapers and have been secured with ribbon, circled beautifully! This one is all perfect to suit a dad’s choice! Here is how to make it! Having a precious front that is so due to a mounted frog toy! Nightmare Diaper Cake – It Looks Scary! Brainstorming for a baby shower gift that should be out of ordinary? Perfect baby shower showstopper, all moms can make at home!! Would have a centerpiece worth in your whole baby shower decors! Get ready with diapers, infant spoons, with a flower headband, 2 feeders and with a small stuff animal if you need to clone this eye-catching baby shower diaper cake, really and cool and beautiful! Full tutorial here!! Ideal diaper cake inspiration if you are going to gift only the baby bibs and diapers and also a few toys! Buy it here!! Complete tutorial here by Building it on Pennies!! Buy it here for 60$ only, Ever beautiful diaper cake inspiration, will fancy up the entire baby shower party atmosphere! Integrated with all the stuff a mom need to take good care of her baby! A crazy diaper cake motorbike, ridden by a teddy bear toy! Possibilities are never ending for diaper cakes, here is the drum set baby shower diaper cake done with rolled diapers! Top 40 Free Crochet Baby Booties Patterns, Buy it here for a few of dollars for less than [40$], Buy tutorial or instuctions here for 9$ only, 11 Most Inspiring DIY Wooden Baby Gym Ideas, 17 Free Crochet Baby Booties Pattern / Crochet Baby Shoes, 20 Easy DIY Baby Closet Dividers To Organize Baby Clothes, 4 Free Crochet Baby Hooded Poncho Patterns, 50 Free Adorable Baby Crochet Hat Patterns, Crochet Baby Booties - Top 40 Free Crochet Patterns, 13 Free Corner to Corner Baby Crochet Blanket Patterns, DIY 20 Insanely Genius Ways to Organize Baby Clothes, 30 Best DIY Baby Gate Plans for Free (Ultimate Guide). Circle the round clusters of rolled diapers with flower headbands for building each tier of this ever beautiful tutu diaper cake! Both have the hanging pacifier around their neck and decorated with colorful ribbons and flowers for a lofty touch! Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Shotgun one of the miniature golden snitch cakes! You can't deny the magic that is Harry Potter! Put a folded blanket over the train wheels and just finish it up with an another blanket wrapped on a round cardboard tube, this makes the train engine! This is not the diaper cake but can be added to list as a great baby shower decor, a beautiful diaper wreath, would like a charm also for baby bedroom walls! Would be a great scene-stealer in entire baby shower party!! 3 different sets of rolled diapers have been wrapped with black ribbon to gain 3 levels of round gate and a finally an empty paper roll have been fixed erected to top tier as tree stem! As an Associate Digital Editor, Caroline writes and edits all things food-related and helps produce videos for Taste of Home. Yes, there is a Hogwarts crest on the front. Source. Done by getting creatively crafty with diapers, wash cloths, paper plates and other custom embellishments like the faux sun-flower, always favorite to bees! Should You Hire an Interior Designer or Do It Yourself? Make it yours by ordering here, The special beehive diaper cake, will add 4 moons to baby shower atmosphere and will be the whole showstopper there! Happy Crafting . Made more special by hanging baby pacifiers and also the cool shoes for the baby! We would recommend you to craft this diaper cake that will draw the attention of onlookers more than anything in the whole party environment! Another highly praised diaper cake inspiration, diaper cake motor bike! A fancy castle diaper cake gift for your newly born baby princess!! The cute duckie is the captain of the boat and there are also chimneys over the top making the boat look close to real! ! All kids love the Disney world, so this frozen Olaf diaper cake is going to a be better parent’s choice for a baby shower! Order it here, This diaper cake has been done with hidden surprise gift in the center covered by the rolled diapers!! Camo themed 3 leveled baby shower diaper cake, 2nd tier comes with baby shoes pair intended to gift the mom-to-be! A plastic basket has been integrated to keep the car longer in shape and rest of components and part of the car have been using diapers, baby blankets and bibs! If you are all thinking to create some beautiful baby shower gifts, then we’ll surely recommend you to tryout this diaper cake, given a birdhouse theme! Here is a baby shower centerpiece, the harry potter themed diaper cake, mini photo graphs of the harry potter movie character which looks like the round necklace pendant, have been loaded to each cake tier for clear elaboration of the theme! Another cool diaper cake idea with gift over the top you have decided for a baby shower, rolled diapers give the 3 tiers of the cake and have been secured with blank and white lined ribbon after putting together in circular clusters!! If you are expecting to be a part of a baby shower party in family or in neighborhood, then the thing that you will have always on brain is to plan a beautiful baby shower gifts! Cake! For best ever baby shower gifts, you can chose the diaper cakes which are highly popular these days! Instructions are here! Done by using diapers, a cake pan, a long sleeve baby onesie, baby legging, baby spoons and also custom baby pacifiers! Full tutorial here! Here are the cloth diaper sushi platter, a low-cost diaper cake alternative but with the same gorgeous decorative appeal and party vibe! Other accent can put to suit the decorative taste! It may even steal the bride's show! Really smart idea for a diaper cake, the diaper cake duckie boat! Perfect diaper cake for Gender-Neutral theme baby shower! Cute caterpillar made of rolled diapers, shown sucking a baby pacifier, inspired of cartoon world and is really a worthy gift for a mom-to-be! Polka dot red ribbons circling each cake tier, also makes it worthy centerpiece for the baby shower! Step-by-step instructions here! While your son might not want to be reminded of school on his birthday, you can't deny that "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is a pretty compelling title. Rolled diapers wrapped in washcloths give the train wheels, a rolled blanket placed over a big creates the engine front and it also holds a custom L-shape rolled diapers as chimney!! Step-by-step guide here! Buy it here, Follow the step by step instructions if need this diaper chopper cake ridden by a panda toy, will make all the loving moms happy a lot!!

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