I've got a really extreme view on this, which is one of the reasons i'm CF. I stepped inside and as soon as the door closed, I got a phone call and an ear full of bullshit from her, panicking and asking why I walked inside when I knew I wasn't supposed to. Except he wasn't at a frat retreat, he was on a training exercise in the Air Force. "I HATE feeling like I’m being manipulated, or handled." TIL what my mom is. I went away to a fraternity weekend retreat during my freshman year where us pledges weren't supposed to bring our phones. "Childfree" refers to those who do not have and do not ever want children … Helicopter parents are the worst. My moms mood dictates the mood of the whole house. I however turned out more responsible and together. 29/F/Tubal+IUD+mentally 2 sister+emetophobia=NO KIDS HERE! 8 year olds still on Velcro shoes, 10 year olds barred from going even to the corner store on their own, high school freshman not allowed travel for a extracurricular trip, high school juniors that don't take ownership for their own grades. ", READ MORE: Helicopter Parenting Leads To "Low Self-Regulation & Social Competence". Have friends over? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There's a lot more weird shit my dad does, but this one stood out to me when I first read this post. Here are some of the examples from the reddit post of children of helicopter parents talking about the impact their that had on their life. card. The victim roots run deep with my mom. Am I just ungrateful and overreacting? Saying, "Kids with helicopter parents tend to become adults with helicopter parents. Press J to jump to the feed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I become even more CF when I found my own parents becoming dangerously obsessive about us kids. So..yeah. It’s constant taunts. No late assignments or any absences. Probably hard because he catches every vaguely helicopter-like impulse and nips it in the bud! I’m trying to set boundaries. I used to ride my bike to places near my neighborhood in the summer when no one was home. Luckily, they didn't need me throughout the trial so I was dismissed. It took having a girlfriend with an abusive, white-trash family for me to realize this. I guess I view parenting as a process of education and letting go. Can't seem to grasp your child is their own person with their own interests? I am almost 30 years old and my mom still cries when I leave her. i keep alot of secrets from her. This subreddit is not a substitute for therapy. (Parents split when I was 5-6, mom got re-married, little bro is an oops and is 14.5 years younger than me.) Since it's a newer term, but not really a new thing at all, a recent Reddit thread explored what it looks like whenever these helicopter kids grow up. Although some parents see helicopter parenting as a good thing, it can backfire and cause a child to develop low self-confidence or low self-esteem. I remember asking the professor "When are we going on the field trip, since it was canceled yesterday?" Helicopter Parents r/ helicopterparents. The term, helicopter parent, refers to those parents who don't give their children much space, oversee every aspect of their life, constantly hovering (you know...like a helicopter? I was 18 at the time. Honestly I feel like you shouldn't even consider becoming a parent if you're intentionally going to fuck up your kid's life mentally and socially. Something I have had to work myself out of in my 20's. Sorry to break it to you, but yer mum's an idiot. How Do I Know It's Time To Redecorate My Kid's Room? They allowed me to play outside for hours on end with other kids. And the professor just looks at me with this puzzled face, as if I was retarded or something. I’m 37 years old. It’s not just this but many things that add up. Did they just forget you said you were going on a trip? I also deal with HP in my career and it grates my nerves. I don't know much about child development /psychology, but it seems unhealthy for the kid. It's honestly … Haha, it still makes me squirm with embarrassment when I think about it! Drug use is not an adult problem, pregnancy isn't inherently an adult problem, but caring for a family at that age is. My mom knew this. I’m 17. One user opening up and sharing that, "Where I went to school there were, unfortunately, a LOT of helicopter parents. And she's not very consistent with how she helicopters him. I’m a senior in high school, I have three college applications due nov 16, I have one completed and one halfway done. They pushed us to be independent. While most of the comments can be described as pretty depressing, one person left the world with some pretty spectacular parenting advice that everyone can appreciate.

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