How is Edward/Consequences not a ship already? Another thing! Your review has been posted. I could tell he was protecting me from something, because a few minutes later, I could see flashes of light, and hear a lot of yelling in another language. Now, as for The River, it will still be written but I can't work on it on a schedule because it's a matter of when my psyche will allow it and in the meantime I keep having and losing other ideas so I am going to allow myself 2 w.i.p. I rested my head on Edwards shoulder, smiling softly at Hermione as she explained what she really was. They were all moving, telling a story. Universal Disclaimer: From here on out, know that I don't own nothing of Harry Potter except a copy of each of the books and movies they've made (even if I did wish I owned Harry Potter and Co. -drools- so much hotness and fangirl obsessed-ness) and I own nothing of Twilight except a copy of each of the books (which I've read but probably made a few mistakes or changed). Hermione asked, confused. You can't get married because you're married, and since 1926. I heard Emmett roar, and Edward tensed up beside me. A man and a woman sat at the island with their hands around a steaming mug each. Please leave me your thoughts because as I said, this is a new pairing for me. He was staring up at me, waiting, just like everyone else, but he also knew I didn't have the backbone. The good news: Bella could become one of the most powerful vampires in the world. She held my hand and Ron just stood next to me, giving support. Nobody leave this room! Just before the first sounds of the oncoming werewolves were heard Remus approached Charlie. He spoke slowly, not wanting to frighten them. Born with magic, and a mind older than her years Bella shall forge her own path in the Wizarding World. Bella doesn’t want to think of how the abuse has changed and influenced her, and that she might need help. Hermione smiled at him once she transformed again. It must be so peaceful, to just live in peace. Hermione let out a laugh as Harry struggled to find the words. As Edward led me into the kitchen at the Cullen's house, I felt a little nervous. He was my best friend, but... he died before he could join us in immortality," Harry said with a sigh. Sup All, yeah I'm back, this is the first Harry Potter/Twilight crossover I've ever published... God knows I've read more Harry Potter related things than anything else in the world and I've written a few things and scrapped them or lost interest, but this one seems decent, but I'll leave that up to you guys. He backed away slowly, mumbling. (BELLA-BASHING, INDEPENDENT!STRONG!OC, CULLEN-BASHING, EDWARD-BASHING… It sounded tempting, but I wasn't too sure about it. Life is simple and sweet until Kol Mikaelson stumbles in, meeting a young girl in the woods while injured and taking him home so her Aunt Rose and her mom could take care of him. Victoria is gone, and she has been for weeks. Coven) move to America to escape the prejudice against their kind. Please review. I found myself walking along the river, trying to watch one of the stories. You subconsciously created it to protect yourself. A/N: So prologue done... on with the show? Picks up in early NM. An Edward/Bella pairing. The man, Harry, narrowed his eyes at me, not saying a word, but the woman, Hermione smiled softly. But unlike other imprint stories about a month later an ancient trickster spirit of the Quileute named Bayaq (The Raven) sends Jacob back into time to 1916 two years before Edward becomes a vampire. Before I knew it I was healed and shipped off to battle, despite my friend's cries that I needed rest, because the world needed me. In saving a friend I'd damned myself to this place. Honestly the brothers Weasley wanted to remain together to watch over each other, and Remus and Hermione wished to remain together due to the same familial connection they shared along with Harry. Edward shook his head no, but Hermione didn't like that. One thing is for certain Bella is not going to make the same mistakes of her counterpart in the other universe. Stories. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (3), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types (1), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Past Edward Cullen/Bella Swan - Relationship, Hermione Cullen and the Battle of New York, Alternate Universe - Harry Potter Setting, Harry Potter and the Unexpected Inheritance, Anthony (Tony) Thomas Cullen (Original Character), After Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Half of the people around me were waiting for the killing blow, the others were waiting for me to announce his death so they could let the hope and cheer rise from their hearts. Charlie clapped him on the shoulder and smiled that crinkly eyed grin only he could and jogged back to meet his group. Now that he's been reincarnated into Twilight as Bella Swan's cousin... normality is just wishful thinking. Harry instantly went over to Carlisle, curling up in his lap. I felt a hand guiding me away from the two men, and behind the counter. Summary: Harry, Luna, Ron, Hermione, Draco and Severus move to Forks after the final battle to start a new, happy life, but the trauma has hit them all hard, leaving some more hurt than others and trouble is never far from them. Now, this is the ONLY battle scene of the story, the next update will begin in the days after the war ends. There just aren't a whole lot of Hermione/Charlie stories out there so I am throwing myself into that arena. Unfortunately, a certain Cullen has different plans. While I was stuck in the hospital wing, Harry fought a basilisk and destroyed the diary, saving Ginny's life. Harry stood in front of me, again, and he gave another small smile. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up at Severus Snape standing there; he smiled slightly, telling me I could leave in his own way. Their old enemy isn't giving up so easily and they're going to need help from the resident vampires. Annalise learned about the Cullens after Edward had slipped up in front of her. Hermione Cullen and family are relaxing in Central Park when their afternoon is interrupted by an alien invasion. I just express mine in picture form.Maybe one will inspire you to write a new fic. There won't be any Bella bashing because I like her character, but there also won't be any love triangle type thing. Everyone, wait. I looked up at the sky; it was stained red from the morning sun. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. "I have only been able to find 15 current werewolves to aid us and none of us will be transformed so we won't be as strong as they will be.". Edward Bashing. To make things even worse Bella discovers that in a town full of secrets she might be hiding some of her own. Get notified when Edward Cullen fanfiction is updated. She had only wanted a quiet few years away from her tornado of a mother. I am, technically, human, but I am different to you. Soon Hermione is swept into the fight with the Avengers and her life is further changed. It was after that moment of pure happiness to be free that I was told we were off to battle. However, this would have been a mistake. "I just received word from a contact of mine warning me of one of Voldemort's plans for this coming night, one of his more evil plans. I looked down at Voldemort who was still staring at me. Harry and Co. move to Forks after the final battle to start a new happy life but trauma has hit them all hard and trouble is never far. "I was born in 1879. Remus quickly moved to the front of the room. "War?" My life wasn't about him, but it was about defeating him, now that he was going to be gone what was I to do? In that time she has gone through hell, lost her bestfriend and been kicked out by her father. After Victoria is killed, Carlisle and Esme's magical mates return to meet Bella, and, truths are discovered. Harry laughed. "Who is Ron?" It had ceiling high bookshelves, and a comfy sofa with a roaring fireplace. Jazellee Yzarei Swan (Edward Cullen's Mate) 93.2K 1.5K 159. Carlisle had a hand on the male's shoulder, not saying a word, and Esme was in the same position with the female. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger stepped forward hands held in friendship and her eyes leaking tears. Not only can I kill him with a flick of my wrist, I would. Remus said then raised the parchment in his hand. "This is what Edward heard in your head; running water," I heard Harry speak from behind me, and I spun around. She seemed quite arrogant, and I didn't like her at first, but she saved my life.". ... Edward's Mate. Hermione laughed, "I guess being immortal is great, but only if you've got somebody to share it with.". Hermione went on to describe their Hogwarts years, moving the subject away from Ron, "In our first year at Hogwarts, we discovered the Philosopher's Stone. Harry snapped, drawing a long stick from his pocket, pointing it at Edward. Now Eleven years old, she and her family finally get the answers they've been chasing after. There, Kol and Bella begin a relationship. Girl meets boy. "I will find a way to find out why you have that block, Bella, I promise. If you keep treating her like this, she'll either become very secretive and do things behind your back, or she'll stop asking questions, and become a puppet for you to play with," I could hear her frustration, and Edward stood, and stormed out of the room. "Wait! Lucian Swan wasn't always his name. She's my mate!" It's also a new couple for me to write including a male character I haven't ever written. AN2: That is the first chapter of my new story. The bad news: Vampires have been taught to fear her kind, and if they cannot claim her for themselves, they will do everything in their power to destroy her. The man had lost all color to his face as he crumpled up the missive in his hand while turning and running for the Great Hall at the same time. Your review has been posted. Bella Swan was abandoned by her vampire boyfriend and his family 8 months ago. His chest rose and fell so slowly it looked as if he was dead, but I knew the truth. A case of mistaken identity, an affectionate cat, and a whole lot of books bring an unlikely couple together. I sleep, eat, drink, and even have a beating heart, but I am immortal.

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