Apart from heroes, there are titans who live in the Dominion and help to pass the Dungeons, allow you to participate in the Guild Wars and in the Tournament of Elements.. 1. If your Ignis is not leveled you could always use Sylva in the back position instead, but this is not recommended. While Titans are easier to level up and promote than Heroes because there are so few of them, the opposite applies in the Guild Dungeon, where having well over 30 Heroes could easily allow you to survive hundreds of levels and win every battle between teams of Heroes. Best titans for guild wars AND the dungeon. For those who want to play without paying, we recommend checking back in five-hour intervals to claim your 60 free Energy – just let it add up and do not use it until the event starts, so that once it kicks off, you’ve got well over your maximum Energy and more than enough of this resource to spend in order to be rewarded for the Energy-specific tasks. As we mentioned in the overview, Super-Titans are the strongest of their kind, but also the hardest to summon. Araji’s passive skill activates around 5 seconds into battle (1:55 on timer) and that increases all your titan’s speed by 30% for 8 seconds. If Ignis fires his ultimate at the right time, Eden can do over 3 million damage at once, so be careful when you see someone defending with Ignis. Special events, as we mentioned, could also net you a ton of Summoning Spheres during Titan-specific events. Even though Moloch and Sigurd are better titans overall than Mairi and Avalon, you don’t want to ever run 3 tanks in a battle. Generally it is still best to use gems for levels 31-51 for a quicker start and most new players will level their titans from 1-51 with gems and then switch over to potions. This will also help you to last longer. The reason for this is if you mine every day until all titans are dead, soon you will have trouble hitting the daily 150 to get 3 spheres and then your titan growth will start to lag. We are investing a lot of time to make this website and ads are the only way how we can keep this project going. Have you ever wondered which Hero Wars Titans you should level up to make best team and dont regret for investing resources in wrong titans? Lastly, Eden’s first skill (Burden of Creation) is a ranged attack that has her throwing a large rock at the enemy team, and her second skill pulls random enemies underground and stuns them when they come back up. So it is usually best to let Hyperion heal once before you kill all your enemies. Bottom line, Sigurd is bad on defense. Lastly, Super-Titans are unique for the fact they have two skills. This is solely due to probability (the more spheres you open total, the better your chances of getting a super titan). Besides sparx and guild war currency, what else do you really get from investing resources, especially gems in Titans instead of your Hero toons? Also remember the roles played by each of the Titans – we’ll be listing them below for easier reference. Best titans for guild wars AND the dungeon. They are much larger than your Heroes and much slower too, as the slowed-down version of the game’s battle theme obviously implies. Talking about each individual role, Defenders are the Titan equivalent of Tanks, as they are generally distinguished by their high Health and less than impressive Attack stats, despite their varying specializations. This strategy will help you for 1 day only, and you will need 17 battles the next day and 16 thereafter, so it is always better to click the save point than to stop before it. As Nova gets low on life, BEFORE he dies, it is recommended to sub him out (of the mixed team only) for Mairi or Avalon in front as tank. Your email address will not be published. Sparks are extremely rare and hard to get, and potions are necessary after level 100 since leveling with gems is so expensive at that point. Then this article will be for you. Your standard defense team of 5 titans should be Hyperion, Araji, Eden, Nova, Angus. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices and comes with a wide variety of single-player and PvP modes, including the good old-fashioned Campaign mode, two different Arena modes and a gauntlet-like Tower that could earn you tons of rewards. 7.8k. Make sure to distribute things as evenly as possible and have at least one, but no more than two Support, Defender, and Marksman Titans. I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars titans mobile guide, see my Youtube channel for more info. That said, one of the most effective defense teams is also Nova, Hyperion, Araji, Eden, and Ignis. The purple barrels always contained at least 30 Hyperion Soul Stones, and since we worked toward completing several tasks before the three days expired, we were finally able to unlock Hyperion and add him to our Titans roster. We have classified the heroes into seven tiers; Tier #1(best heroes; OP performance), Tier #2(Excellent heroes), Tier #3(Good Heroes), Tier #4(Average Heroes), Tier #5(Below average to average heroes), Tier #6(Not good), and Tier #7(Worst). You’ll then want to work on your Marksmen, considering that these are your main damage-dealers. On average, a team of Nova, Ignis, and the 3 supers will defend successfully anywhere from 10-25% of the time vs the “standard team” of Angus, Nova, and 3 supers. For example, it costs over $230 USD on a Russian server to level 5 titans from level 115-120. Buying 50 spheres for 6500 is an OK deal, but it is recommended to wait for the special event discounts. You will then need Summoning Spheres in order to actually summon Titans and gather Soul Stones, though the game will also give you the option to spend Emeralds to summon Titans en masse – this is usually not recommended, though, as it will cost you a whopping 700 Emeralds for the equivalent of five Summons. Otherwise your front titans in the mixed battle (as well as other titans) will take lots of damage. That’s the resource you’ll want to use in most cases, because once again, Emeralds can be hard to come by in bulk if you’re not paying to win. Hyperion’s healing of one of your titans and Eden’s randomly pulling an enemy titan under the ground for 6 seconds and stunning for 2 seconds afterwards if it is the last enemy titan alive). This will allow Nova to absorb damage when using this team while leaving your 3 main titan tanks (Sigurd, Angus, Moloch) to absorb damage for the 3 same element teams. If you are only missing one super titan, use 2 supers, Angus, Nova, and Ignis. Unlike Heroes, where we often recommend having a maximum of 15 to 20 to focus on so that you can perform well in all modes, you have only a dozen Titans, and since we did mention the importance of exploiting elemental weaknesses, you wouldn’t want to be particularly weak in one role or element. Titan evolution, stars. Hero Wars Titan Tier List is best tier list out there at the moment, enjoy! These should only be leveled as last priority. For this reason, I have not development Sylvia and Avalon much.. – 4 earth + Araji – 3 supers + Angus + Sylvia – 3 supers + Angus + Avalon, I joined Facebook recently but from all information I have gathered the best team for any totem is all titans from that totem + 1 Super titan. On the left side, you can view how many Sparks of Power you currently have (this is a general number for all Titans, not individual), but since we already mentioned that above, what you’ll want to pay attention to here are the Titan Skills. Hero Wars Guide, Tips: – The goal of the player in Hero Wars game is to build the best team of heroes – the game offers a variety of heroes – each with different abilities, roles, and stats. Keep in mind as well that leveling up a Titan will allow you to earn Sparks of Power, which you can then use to imbue your Heroes with the Gift of the Elements and improve their rating. Related: Hero Wars (Nexters) Character Skills Guide: A Complete Guide to All 45 Heroes. In the first part of our in-depth guide to Hero Wars’ titan levelling, we discussed drop rates, levelling priority, as well as the best titanite mining strategy to maximize your long-term progression.Before we move any further, it will help if you have all of these aspects clarified beforehand. Hyperion is able to heal (the only titan that can), and Araji generally has the best attack. What is the best earth team for defense and offense for guild wars?. Note: in general, once you have your “standard team” of 5 (Angus, Nova, and 3 supers), it may be more cost effective to level your front line tank (in this case Angus) a few levels ahead of the rest of your titans. List of titans, summoning, the main interface. Usable in guild wars along with Nova, Angus, and Ignis when you have zero super titans. He can be used in guild wars but Sigurd and Angus seems to be better choice. In that case he can level up some of the weaker titans until he can easily make 150 titanite a day, and then return immediately to focusing all his resources on those 5 titans. Every now and then Ignis will fire off his ultimate at the wrong time and you may lose the battle even though you are attacking and have equal or more total power. Some people even use a team of 3 supers, Ignis, and Nova when defending. Regarding titan spheres, if you already have unlocked the titan merchant (unlocked when you level your first titan to absolute star), spheres can then give you titan soul stones which can then be converted to potions via the titan merchant. We’ll tell you more in a bit about the many ways for you to acquire Titan Soul Stones, and we’ll definitely have these formidable creatures covered in there. Otherwise buy potions. 3. Citing an example, let us say that you are facing an enemy unit that includes two Earth, two Fire, and one Water Titan. The official Reddit for Hero Wars Mobile ⚔️ Gather your army of mighty Heroes and Titans, upgrade them and battle against the Archdemon Army! Support, like Defenders, also covers a wide variety of specializations, and just like your Support Heroes, they can be very underrated – even those who mainly deal out buffs or de-buffs. To sum things up, Titans may only be Guild-specific, but since Guild membership is necessary for collecting Soul Stones of certain Heroes, it’s imperative that you join one and start collecting Titans. For the dungeon, unless you are really struggling, you won’t need a healer or a tank as your heroes health replenishes after every fight. Archived. Unlike the regular Heroes, Titans only have two relevant stats that are visible, so that, at least, keeps things simple. They can be leveled up with Titan Potions or Emeralds, evolved with Titan Soul Stones and be equipped with Titan Artifacts.

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