[1] He also incorporated more melancholy lyrics as well, which contrasted with the upbeat instrumentation. Hayes showed Camp the top 50 songs on the chart, which featured artists such as Sugar Ray and Third Eye Blind, and told him he wanted "a little piece of each one of these songs". Recording in Redwood City, California. The video features some surreal special effects such as household objects – including shattering crockery – and film reels that float in the air, with lead singer Finn playing a guitar and walking through the same house during different time periods while his bandmates are either performing household chores or playing various backing instruments. In Continental Europe, it reached No. However, DreamWorks executive Jeffrey Katzenberg suggested for them to use "All Star" over the sequence instead. [49][50][51], "All Star" appeared on the Billboard Rock Streaming Songs chart, spending over 100 weeks on the chart and reaching a peak position of number three on the edition of September 21, 2019. [31][32][33] "All Star" peaked at number two and five on the Alternative Songs and Adult Alternative Songs charts, respectively. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. [70], "Mario, You're a Plumber", uploaded to YouTube in 2009 by the channel Richalvarez, has been identified as the earliest parody of "All Star" on the platform. [1], After seemingly completing the album, Smash Mouth presented it to their record label Interscope, but the label declined a release because they felt they felt there was no viable first or second single. [26][66] Siddhant Adlakha of Polygon, who attended a reading of the play, described it as a "jukebox musical, but the jukebox is broken". Stephen Thompson of The A.V. Subsequent reviews from critics have regarded "All Star" favorably, with some ranking it as one of the best songs of 1999. 6 in Norway, No. [53][54][55], Directed by McG, the accompanying music video features cameos by William H. Macy, Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, Paul Reubens, Kel Mitchell, Janeane Garofalo, Doug Jones, and Dane Cook as their characters from the superhero film Mystery Men, which prominently features the song. [56] The visual opens with the characters from Mystery Men seeking recruits, with the group rejecting several applicants before expressing interest in Steve Harwell. "Don't Dream It's Over" is a song by the Australian rock band Crowded House, recorded for their 1986 self-titled debut studio album. Written by Greg Camp and produced by Eric Valentine, the song was released on May 4, 1999, as the first single from Astro Lounge. According to ABC News Radio, it increased from an average of 21,000 views per day to 155,000 a day in December 2016 and reached a peak of 478,000 views per day in 2017. [19][22] Geoffery Himes of Paste called the song "the best reason to listen to top-40 radio in 1999". The song was written by band frontman Neil Finn, and released in October 1986 as the fourth single from the album. sales+streaming figures based on certification alone. [72] The popularity of 2014's Mouth Sounds, in particular, has been cited as a point where the song received renewed popularity and interest. It was filmed in Sydney at an abandoned theatre in Balmain. [12], The song was also praised for its catchy tone. [67][68] The song's basic structure lends itself easily towards being used for mashups or remixes;[4] NPR said that the song "seems like it was made to be remixed, mashed-up and squeezed through the meme machine". "All Star" was the last song recorded for Astro Lounge, Smash Mouth's second album.

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