Eight (8) checkpoints were photo-identifiable but do not produce a statistically significant tested horizontal accuracy value. Palm Beach County is one of the tri-county economic powerhouses driving South Florida’s economy, in conjunction with Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Ocean Ridge on map In addition to these lidar point data, the hydro breaklines are also available. Date: January 23, 2000 Author: Fred Lobdell . Elevation : -2 meter / -6.56 foot, 29. 561-355-2030. www.pbcgov.com. Process steps to achieve this are as follows: Rigorous lidar calibration: all sources of error such as the sensor's ranging and torsion parameters, atmospheric variables, GPS conditions, and IMU offsets were analyzed and removed to the highest level possible. A step into the Light. Briny Breezes, Palm Beach Elevation on Map Palm Beach, United States is only -6 meter / -19.69 foot above sea level, so if the sea rises 2 meters it will it will be underwater and completely uninhabitable. Elevation : 6 meters / 19.69 feet, 11. Elevation : -9 meter / -29.53 foot, 16. - 10.95 km/6.8 mi - Boynton Beach on map OCM performed the following processing on the data for Digital Coast storage and provisioning purposes: 1. Palm Beach County, with an average elevation of about 15 feet, stands high enough to avoid the worst of it, although some areas near the ocean can expect flooding. Photo-identifiable checkpoints in intensity imagery typically include checkpoints located at the ends of paint stripes on concrete or asphalt surfaces or checkpoints located at 90 degree corners of different reflectivity, e.g. - 14.43 km/8.97 mi - The following result is from testing the source lidar data.

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