It likely has something to do with Ikuno’s research into stopping their aging process, but it’s never made clear, even after Goro returns. He says, without being able to pilot, he's as good as dead anyway. By Episode 11, the first signs of cracks in their relationship surface. Zorome says he has no idea and Goro wonders how they were born if Papa didn't create them and asks what Hiro thinks. When she turns to him, he says that she's disgusting. He was then shown to be tenacious and brave, as he didn't bother to wait to rescue Zero Two and broke her out of her room and helped her evade the authorities for a while all by himself. The enemy they fought off was VIRM's vanguard. They continue to walk down the beach together and she says they all have to do their best. The kids seem happy and Zero Two pulls Hiro to the water and they laugh as she splashes him. This angers Alpha and he says that Papa only treats them differently because they're his tools before they all walk away. Pronouns ┗━━━━• °•° °•° •━━━━┛ (add image) ʍմsίɕ Թɾεƒεɾεηɕεs ┊ ⇄ II ↻ ┊ ₀․₀₀ ──────────────── ₃․₁₅. He says they won't call him "Papa" anymore and they'll control their own destiny. Before his third ride, Zero Two offers him a chance to back out of it but he still chooses to ride with her. Smiling, he says that he wanted to find something for her. Ichigo is amazed, saying it's like having a bunch of Strelizias. Miku says she had no idea she was thinking about that and wishes she would have told her. He says that he has an interest in them. Hiro says that it is just a rumor. Zero Two credits him for how their lives turned out as it was proof of his desire to live but he believes he caused them trouble. She calls him a liar as the elevator door closes. Ichigo asks what's happening with Zero Two, and she says they're awaiting orders from HQ on what to do. Dr. FRANXX says no because he is interested in what kind of parasite a child like him will grow up to be. Zero Two spits the fish out and wipes her mouth. Zero Two says she's always alone too, thanks to her horns as she puts her band back on. A young Hiro had just witnessed a girl with red skin and horns being pulled to another room by an Adult. In the boys room, Zorome is mad and Mitsuru says that they must look down of the boys. Hiro tells him to try and understand Futoshi's feelings. Looking at Papa and the other council via monitor, Hiro asks that Misturu and Kokoro's memories be returned. He tries to get Goro to help him, but he says he wants to know as well. FranxxNine Alpha, Klaxosaurs (formerly)The Nines (formerly). It's a grim layer of the show that at times gets glossed over due to how meme worthy it is at times. In the living room, Futoshi says that Kokoro is taking a long time to return. Still, there are a ton of questions that are left completely unanswered by the finale. She says yes, and calls him "Darling." 001 tells her child to awaken since they're nearly there. Goro says that Papa and the others made the decision and Ichigo says there's nothing they can do. The parasites meet in their living room and Ichigo says that they have five sources they can use for drinking water. Nana says that the fluid is harmless to FRANXX. She enjoys it and Hiro eats his own, enjoying her reaction. She bounces on Goro's bed and says that she is going to live there too. He says that being a leader isn't easy, but he knows she's up to the task and that he's counting on her. She says it was originally one of their brethren. He tells Hiro that he and Kokoro named their child Ai because it means ‘love’, a word they were never taught but learned from Hiro and they wanted her to inherit the bond Hiro shares with Zero Two. The girls push Nana to let them walk back, and she reluctantly agrees. Trying to hold back her tears, Ichigo tells him not to apologise, adding the phrase "you were awful.". Zero Two runs in and begins attacking. Though he asks her name, she can't answer, and he sees on her ankle that her code is "002." He scooches closer to her and is about to hold her hand, but she suddenly remembers that she was supposed to go bathing with the other pistils. During war, they forged themselves into immortal weapons and evolved into Klaxosaurs. Bone The bomb explodes, destroying the planet and freeing the souls kept in the planet by the VIRM, though Papa and the Vice Chairman survive and vow to return at the peak of their evolution. Later, Ichigo approaches Hiro about his decision to ride with Zero Two again and states how she cannot trust her, especially after what happened to Mitsuru. Hiro blushes and asks if he was watching. Stamen, such as 081, climb out of the hole and pull at her. He was known as a prodigy Parasite with the codename "016" of Thirteenth Plantation, where he's partnered in a boy-girl pair to pilot a FRANXX. She approaches Hiro and says that nobody has ever said such embarrassing things to her before. Hiro decided to go to space to rescue Zero Two despite it being a suicide mission. She responds by wiping her hand on his shirt. Zero Two hears something coming and they leave. As Mitsuru walks by, he tells Hiro not to come crying to him when he regrets his goody-two-shoes act later because he's going to prove that he can pilot Strelizia better than he did. Ichigo again tries to stop him but Goro intervenes and convinces her to let Hiro see her. Ikuno says she does not care. The unit takes out many klaxosaurs and Unit 26 notes that they're fighting well. Hiro sadly watches from the control room. When Futoshi starts a fire, he tries to show Zorome. Zero Two tells Hiro that she will stay and live with Hiro. Since they seem to be test tube bred soldiers their age wouldn't matter that much anyway, since the adults think they'll die pretty early, This might be true but Hiro looks to be around 13 years old. Therefore, the age of the children is (add 17 years to the age it took to get the code number). Japanese Smiling, he says he doesn't care since he got to be of use. Because they'll have to defend Plantation 13 by themselves eventually, it will show if they can handle fighting them in the future. Michiru Kagemori | ヒロ She says that she's going to save Hiro and she doesn't care about the rest. Goro asks what is wrong and Hiro says nothing. That said, it's far from perfect, some of the criticism from back then being valid today. This confuses the other parasites. & More My Hero Academia Questions, Answered, 10 Overpowered Naruto Jutsu That Were Almost Never Used, Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Hiro says that Goro must have gotten child fever last week. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. They run to it and begin slashing it. The two reunite under a tree after keeping their promise. Hiro happily asks if he can let him fight as part of the team. He tells him to stay away from her, as she's not the kind of pistil that just anyone can handle. One of the important things about the relationship between Hiro and Zero Two is that they have this incredible, deep-seated connection that none of the other Parasites seem to have together. 3 Her Manga Ending is Different. Futoshi and Zorome cry and Ichigo says she's happy for them. 9'ε and 9'a says that they're planning to end things without Strelizia's help. They dance through the gate together and board Strelizia. Futoshi promises that they'll figure something out. He taught the kids that names only given to themselves could give a sense of uniqueness when the only name they had was their codes. Ikuno narrates that everything comes to an end eventually. Goro eventually tells Hiro that Ichigo looks at him as her hero and she holds romantic feelings for him, which caught Hiro off guard and again made him feel awkward around her. RELATED: Darling In The Franxx: 10 Burning Questions That The Finale Left Us With. She appears again in Episode 6, in the moment when Hiro almost dies, reminding him that his partner (Zero Two) needs him, also that he is lying to himself upon the fact that he is satisfied and that he thinks had done his best. Diana Cavendish | Miku says she saw it every day but never went inside. He teaches all of this to his friends in Squad 13. Hiro replies he understands but he also wants them to understand how he feels and he can’t just leave Zero Two behind. It’s never explained how she has this knowledge that Hiro and Zero Two are in trouble. Although Hiro does feel guilty for hurting his friends’ feelings and letting them down, he wants them to understand that he feels it is important to chase after and protect what he loves the most to the point he would rather die trying to protect it rather than do nothing and live a life full of guilt. Miku is electrocuted and passes out. However, when Hiro survived his third ride, Goro was greatly relieved and came to support Hiro piloting with her again, as he saw she made a positive influence on Hiro. Hachi announces that, since both FRANXXs have been rendered inoperable, the mock battle is over. He was caught off guard and she pinned him against the wall. However, Hiro and Ichigo suddenly disconnect, so Ichigo asks what Zero Two did differently. Burnish, BNA: Brand New Animal As he tries to, Ichigo walks up and asks what they're doing. Futoshi demands that they apologize. It leaks into the cockpits and melts the girls' parasite suits. They’re not designed to make it to adulthood and actually live full lives, mostly because they’re generally expected to die in their Franxx during battle. Hiro was shown to be very hardworking and devoted, as he refused to stop piloting with Zero Two and when he trained in a FRANXX training unit all day and all night so he could be useful and fight alongside the other Parasites. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. He asks to where. Zero Two throws 081 out of her FRANXX and tells Hiro that he's done for. Hiro is relieved when he learns she survived the klaxosaur attack and had gone under medical treatment. The parasites all walk away to battle. She’s the only overtly, Hiro and Zero Two die in the process of defending Earth from VIRM, and the series ends with the two of them meeting again as, Fairy Tail: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Irene Belserion, Darling In The Franxx: 10 Burning Questions That The Finale Left Us With.

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