It's a satisfying feeling when something you've been curious about for a long time is finally realized! How do they know this and where is the clam at now? It sounds like it's not all that hard for you to find the crinoids where you are! length may be, Tubes that are attached together are generally, Segmented tubes with rounded ends are generally fragments of, Long, segmented tubes that come to a point or are conical in shape jaw, that could be mistaken for a horn, especially in large Kathi (author) from Saugatuck Michigan on November 14, 2010: Pheonix, sorry this response is so ridiculously late, but what did they ever find on the beach that day? Favosite is an extinct order of coral called tabulate corals which also formed reefs and lived in warm, shallow waters during the same period as the Petoskey Stone corals. Their loose structure resulted in the living organism's beautifully colored and flowerlike appearance which granted them the nickname of "Sea Lilies." If one zooid receives food, it nourishes the neighboring zooids, because they are joined by strands of protoplasm. Has that ever happened to you? generally occur as black branches in gray shale or siltstone. Kathi :O). called, String of Pearls. For some reason, as people grow out of childhood too many lose their childhood fascination for such things as fossils, as well as other wonders like the creatures which live in a pond, or the stars to be seen in the night sky. Suite B #159 fossil called, Most sinuous shapes are trace fossils, also called, Mesh-shaped fossils are most commonly a type of bryozoan called, A common mis-identification of fossils occurs with scaly shapes are If you can see the top of the fossil, a coral will have a cup-like depression. My children were fascinated when I told them they were looking at the beginnings of life on Earth, and that their eyes were the first human eyes to ever see what they had found. are often black (from organic carbon like coal) and occur in dark gray Whether you're walking along the shoreline of the ocean or of one of the Great Lakes, you may be looking to pick up something you just can't let go! Kathi (author) from Saugatuck Michigan on April 28, 2011: Very kind of you Janet! I am pretty sure the accretion lines on the top of a clam will reveal its age-like the rings on a tree the clam gets bigger and another ring is added-. Horn corals lived in warm water shallow reefs. 1121 Park West Blvd That's where mass colonies of corals called Hexagonaria percarinata, commonly known as Petoskey Stones, thrived and flourished. color. Bivalve oysters and mussels attach themselves to hard objects, and scallops can free swim by flapping their valves together. Because some of the solitary rugose corals formed horn-shaped skeletons, they … Most screw-shaped fossils are Archimedes, a type of bryozoan. I'm off to find them right now. I would love to come there and fossil hunt. You're combing the beach in search of something interesting to examine. It is good for the soul !! No other organisms typify the Age of Invertebrates more than brachiopods. The tabulae (horizontal internal layers) were built outward as the organism grew. They live in communities attached to objects by a muscular foot called a pedicle. Chain shapes are common on the top surface of a type of fossil coral By the way, do you know a good method for cleaning fossils? Safety WarningsWARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -Small Parts. lol the last time I went to Lyme Regis, Jurassic coast, they were filming for TV, and they had a fossil programme filled with all they had found, I would imagine that there are still loads of what we believe to be extinct animals still out there living in the deep ocean, I remember reading that fishermen found a coelacanth fish still living back in 1933, and I believe they have caught a few more since then, so you never know! WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on March 13, 2011: The Kentucky farm where we lived for a few years had a shale bank on one side of a stream that was loaded with fossils. These horn corals were replaced by quartz and collected from Clark County, Indiana. If only we humans could be more like them, ensuring everyone on the planet is fed! They have been coined with a several names due to the animal's features and the character of their fossils. I live on the northern shores of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada and I walk everyday along my beach with my deaf cat (on a leash). Another type of plant fossil with needle shaped leaves were the It's gratifying later when you can identify it! Kathi (author) from Saugatuck Michigan on March 17, 2011: Hi Tom,Oh it sounds like a rick fossil find area. Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on May 08, 2011: I guess it is like a tree with the circles. It was declared the world’s oldest living creature by researchers at Bangor University in North Wales. Each individual zooid lived inside its own limy tube called a zooecium. Their structures grew solid, layered, and varied, some of which looked like giant mushrooms reaching eight feet tall. Well,I sure learned something tonight! He always wants to share his information about fossils and the others won't have anything to do with it!lol, I am just glad to talk fossils ith someone- my kids likem but.. even they tire of looking quick, When cleaning crinoids- ya gotta know what kinda rock is clinging to them- depends on the rock type you findem in around here it iseasily found in shale i usually rtry to clip off- the best i can with toe nail clippers - be careful- then i will use a pretty dilute HCL solution between .1 and .25 dilute-use a "soft wire brush" maybe nylon brush-ajust hcl to rockhardness- always use acid in wellventilated area use safety glasses and neoprene or nitrile gloves- sandstone embeds- can be picked off the crinoids and a final acid wash. Kathi (author) from Saugatuck Michigan on April 23, 2011: Hi Workingmom, Good to see you here! Mt Pleasant, SC 29466, Best Rock & Mineral Collection Kits for All Ages, Geology STEM Kits for Schools & Home School, How to Use a Hand Lens, Streak Plate & the Mohs Scale, Print Free Rock & Mineral Identification Flow Charts, Rock, Mineral & Geology Crossword & Word Find Puzzles. fossils may be graptolites. It's interesting how they feed: Each zooid has an opening through which the animal can extend its ring of tentacles, called lophophores, to capture microscopic plankton. Thanks again for your support! I would love to go to Kentucky and check out the shale bank. Walking the beach, listening to birds and finding neat things does make me feel 12 . The tentacles took in food and were also used to sting any organism or other corallite that came too close. Thanks for the great resource. often occur in association with mesh-shaped fossils, which represent Love this article very interesting...and I love your little drawings as well as those awesome photos. shales of Kentucky's two coal fields. My husband is an amateur archaeologist (aka rock hound), and he started taking me with him when we first started dating. Thanks for sharing both info and art...nice combo! Annularia is the needle- or flower-shaped fossil. Kentucky has several fossil sites I've read about! samples sizes are generally 0.5 to 2.0 inches in length or width but can Hugs my friend. Horn corals belonged to the extinct order of rugose corals which appeared as early as 450 million years ago until about 250 mya. About Horn Corals. The name “Petoskey” originated from an Ottawa fur trader chief named Petosegay. There will generally be black (carbon) in I recognize you from other hubs and I see you're now following me, right back at ya! Calcite, silica, and other minerals replaced the original corallite exoskeleton. Thanks for stopping by! Kathi (author) from Saugatuck Michigan on February 07, 2011: Well, you have made my day and I hope yours is filled with love and joy! A deep sense of curiosity and childlike imagination may drive you to find out what you picked up on the beaches of our freshwater and saltwater shorelines. I know what you mean, nobody wants to talk about fossils with me either. in shape, the fossil is probably a, Some coiled shapes may also be goniatites, a type of small. someone text me haha. The answer is easy enough to explain. Very interesting hub,Fossillady !Very informative and I love the artwork! As with most coral polyps, they possessed stinging cells which also grasped plankton floating by in the currents. These urchins, a type of echinoderm. They are very often used as an index fossil to help correlate the geological age of different formations. In the past, fossils indicate that there were two other orders of corals, which are now extinct. Some fossil horns have turned out to be cephalopods. After many answered questions, I can honestly say I now enjoy a cool hobby.

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