I am reading it everyday and try to learn more about my favorite old master and impressionist painting techniques. If you get the canvas, then stretch it onto the stretcher bar, then apply gesso (you don’t need to size the canvas for acrylics) you’ll be golden! Many thanks. Yupo is like a hard compact layer of stone, and gesso is still our hard-packed dirt on top. 3. Good idea? Have you considered applying the gesso by first brushing left to right, allow to dry and the next layer, top to bottom, third – left to right, fourth – top to bottom. I was wondering how you gesso or prime the wood and still be able to get that effect ? I personally wouldn’t Ika, as it wouldn’t give as nice an absorbent tooth to work onto. I’ve usually used brushes but am always dealing with lines and rarely get a truly smooth look. Hope this helps and good luck with your first painting! At the moment I work on illustration board, so it has a hard and smooth surface which allows me to erase the paint away for textures, highlights etc.. Will this same erasing technique work on gesso? This movement of the size layer can cause aged oil paintings to crack according to the Smithsonian Conservation Lab. Don Hope this helps, Hello Will, It might be a stupid question, but is it possible to mix products of different brands? Laurie, Hi Laurie, lovely to hear from you and so pleased you’ve been finding the lessons helpful. Hi Walter, you don’t need much to start with just a surface to paint on and a couple of brushes. When ready to glue the two pieces together, evenly apply a thin coat of Soft Gel (Gloss) to the panel or other material you are gluing to. As with paints, the difference between the two is dependent on price. Could I use calcium sulfate instead of calcium carbonate? Hello Will, I have a couple of questions. Many thanks from a Silver surfer. 3. Fast Drying [around Two days]: Flake, Foundation and Cremnitz Whites [lead], Umbers,Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna. Over time, this constant swelling and drying of the film can cause severe paint-film cracking and delamination. It depends on the effect you are after with your painting, have a solid gesso ground will make it easier to apply paints to the surface. How Long Gesso Should Dry Before Painting with Oils. To add absorbency to your acrylic gesso you would add in more chalk (calcium carbonate – sometimes called whiting) to the gesso. I misled you using saying boards. However, I still have a question. Hi Elizabeth, yes you can use gesso on chipboard. hi,i just found out your very informative site,and thanks a lot for helping us out here,duly appreciated your help.i would like to know could i prime my 48′ x 60′ pre-primed canvas with a normal wall paint roller?or must i get any special kind of roller?this is a very big canvas,i intended to paint a geometrical abstract color painting,4 colors using diluted yellow as background color.the reason i want to use roller to prime my canvas is i think it should be faster and without the brush stroke with using a brush.i am new to acrylic painting.hope you could help me out here.thanks! Really pleased to hear you’ve been finding the articles helpful, “how can fix a canvas before applying gesso like how to hold the canvas in place”. The number of Gesso coats is optional for the acrylic painter; however the oil painter may wish to apply 3 or 4 coats, eliminating the need for sizing and avoiding oil strike-through to the canvas. Cheers, Will. I’m truly showing what a beginner I am! I am thrilled about your website and tutorials and all the information you are just giving out. She tried coating it with Gesso but it soaked right through. 1.) Nice to hear from you, so pleased you’ve been enjoying the lessons, the transition from drawing to painting can at first seem a bit tricky as the skills you have with a pencil can at first seem alien to painting. I dunno dude, why don't you try it. That’s why you’ve had the flaking. would this work to seal the canvas ok. thanks. would you mind providing a detailed article on mediums/retarders and varnishing too.

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