For example: [64] Letter from the City’s counsel to the OHRC, September 28, 2012. None of them are subject to the Rental Housing Licensing By-law. The City states that it abandoned the “single housekeeping unit” criteria in part because the test was difficult for landlords to apply and the City was concerned that some non-traditional families and other households could be improperly denied rental housing as a result. Even if that's not a factor (they're you're subtenants and not your family), the Ontario Rental Tenancies Act generally allows tenants to sublet, or add more tenants, as they see fit. Imagine if she wasn't pregnant and you denied the lease based on "how many kids" would be in the house. /u/exasperation comments whether your landlord can dictate how many tenants live in your apartment. As far as I can tell from what I've googled, there's no restriction on number of tenants as long as it doesn't compromise safety. [67] In its 2010 draft bylaw, the City considered imposing a limitation of three bedrooms for Class “A” and “B” rental properties, based on data showing that the average “family” size in Waterloo, and median number of bedrooms per residential unit, is three. I don’t ask.” However, other landlords have said that they do ask intrusive questions and screen people out in an effort to abide by the 7m2 requirement. A landlord shall not at any time during a tenant’s occupancy of a rental unit and before the day on which an order evicting the tenant is executed substantially interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit or the residential complex in which it is located for all usual purposes by a tenant or members of his or her household. A landlord can’t pack people into a tin-can of an apartment like sardines. She said she contacted the City and was told that she could apply for an “exception,” but had not yet finalized the process. Contact our experts in investment properties who work with Clever Real Estate. [Previously] I was able to rent to 4 and 4 as the students came, as a household. However, in the future, if I lose the class D license due to the strict reapplication deadlines, I will be forced to reduce the number of bedrooms as it will be impossible, in my zoning classification.” (Emphasis added), Another landlord shared her confusion: “…I can only obtain a class A licence with a. , regardless of the fact that my house has 5 bedrooms and can comfortably accommodate a large family or group of friends. So a landlord could probably not prevent a couple bringing in a 2nd or even a third child into that 1-bedroom. The effect of the Rental Housing By-law is to also pull in any rental housing of five or more bedrooms within certain zones. [60], Even if apartment buildings make up rental spaces lost to MSD requirements, they may not provide equivalent types of accommodation, at an equivalent cost. We are a low income family, so any rise in rent would be very harmful to us. If she really wanted to, she could decide that it's a good time to completely renovate her space, and so she needs your space, and give you notice to terminate accordingly. This will be reduced by the new 150 meters MDS in the licensing bylaw… even though my bedroom sizes are above the requirement for two people, and so is the 40% bedroom to floor space ratio. [61] A group of students told the City that they preferred non-apartment housing and that the bylaw would result At the same time, certain other bylaw requirements are not justified. Step 2: Choose from available formats and options, Browse all Resources and Publications (A-Z), Other areas covered by the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). … in one of the advertised floor plan of a highrise apartment which is exempted, the bedroom areas are 70% of the gross unit space. This means that tenants of most low-rise rental housing are now subject to intrusive questioning and rules about sharing bedrooms, and can potentially be excluded from housing on that basis. … [A]t the conclusion of the second year, if the City is still at a net surplus for the program, it will be conducting a review of its licencing fees. Some landlords told the OHRC that they have had to turn away families because if they accepted them they would be in breach of the 7m2 requirement. I worry that it will increase rental prices and make, less people inclined to buy houses and rent them to students in the end reducing the amount of selection and quality of housing available. The City went on to state: It is the City’s best information that rents have remained stable across the municipality, that the vacancy rate has slightly increased, and that the number of rental units on the market has significantly increased since the Rental Housing Licensing By-law was passed in 2011. to your lease. municipalities should provide for an appropriate range of housing types and densities required to meet projected requirements of current and future residents by, among other things, establishing and implementing minimum targets for providing housing that is affordable to low and moderate income households.

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