Upon hearing this Catra's eye were now full of regret over her past misdeeds. However, in Season Two, Catra has her locked up and is still visiting her. She tells him that he shouldn't be obsessed with failure and that she is a failure herself, he was quick to disagree, but before he could refute her statement she gently shushes him with her hair and continues speaking. Catra then gives Adora back the sword and lets her escape unmolested. Catra returns from The Crimson Waste and gives them She-Ra's sword and Entrapta realizes it's the key to getting the portal to work. It would later be tousled to one side during Season Three and continues to stay that way. It doesn't take long for Catra and other members to see that Entrapta has become his favourite. When Shadow Weaver denies this, stating that "her will is his will," Hordak asks her why she requested more troops to look for Adora, who he calls "one missing soldier." After discovering Prime may have a weakness on the planet Krytis thanks to Wrong Hordak; the crew visits the planet. In the season 4 finale, When it comes to Double Trouble's turn to betray her, they make a point to highlight her obsession with Adora after her strong reaction to them taking Adora's form and taunting Catra while reminding her that it was ultimately her own actions that led to Adora leaving her. This is what caused her actions at the end of Season Three. Media Information Species When Adora was rendered incapable of becoming She-Ra by Horde Prime's virus and nearly dies from it, Catra's confession of love, and her subsequent return of it by kissing her, is what ultimately reawakens Adora's powers. The two are last seen walking together with her arms around his, laughing and talking, and with Mermista questioning their relationship. Entrapta was not seen with Bow when he tried to rescue Queen Glimmer. Entrapta, who had been working closely with Hordak for some time, defended her work with the Horde. Shadow Weaver, of course, had her in a magic bind, so this may have been Catra lying out of a situation. When struggling to complete a weapon without Entrapta's help, Catra boldly states he needs to get over her and how the two of them don't need a princess in their lives telling them what to do and don't need anyone at all. There are metal ports in various parts of his body where his cybernetic armor attaches to him. When Adora and the others came to rescue her, she was horrified at what Prime did to Catra. Any memories of Scoripa and her family were erased after Hordak was "reconditioned." Hordak wears black knee-length boots covered in metal plates and soles, a black uniform bearing the red Horde symbol that covers his entire body except for his lower back, a dark red hooded cape, and metal armor that has red lens on the forearms and creates the illusion that he is broad-shouldered and and muscular. Entrapta smiled and patted Catra on the head and said she forgave her. Catra with no memory of what happened, appeared in a reality where she and Adora are still friends and Shadow Weaver actually shows her affection. When examining a damage bot that was brought back to him, he questions if it was Entrapta's work that destroyed it. Hordak brought to tears after finding out the truth about Entrapta. Which ends up being a mistake. She temporally split from the Alliance, saying it was being together that caused Entrapta's supposed death. These feelings, twisted with the hurt and betrayal from Adora's defection and otherwise, no companionship from anyone else, would prove to be the catalysts for Catra's claw to power. Upon their escape, Catra returns the sword to Adora, though alludes to another motive for doing the act. Eventually, when Entrapta said Adora was right about the portal not being safe, she snapped, used her stun gun on Entrapta, and had her sent to Beast Island. The conflict ended when Hordak commanded his sorcerers to draw Castle Grayskull into the dimension of Despondos. He has also shown to be rather cautious, as he told Catra to execute Shadow Weaver on the grounds that if Shadow Weaver escaped, she too could become an enemy with detailed knowledge of the Horde. Leader of vast army Master of advanced sorcery Able to reshape body into any machinery size shifting Scorpia discovers Entrapta put her recordings in Emily and it could only be accessible if she was destroyed. Glimmer hugged Catra and told her to take care of Adora, Catra hugged her back, assuring her and telling good luck. Horde Prime shows his disdain to his "Little Brother". Entrapta preparing a stunned Hordak for his new armor. More She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki. When realizing she interrupted them she decides to leave but Hordak wishes for her to stay and instead dismisses Catra. Although mechanical in result, these transformations may have been magically instigated, as they occur instantaneously with an eerie glow and sound effect - but we must not forget the Third Clarke's Law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". Hordak was able to escape to Etheria with the infant Adora, and he saw to it that she grew up to be a Force Captain in the Horde, thanks in part to the spells Shadow Weaver cast on Adora to make her compliant. When Scorpia left the Horde, she was devastated and continued to bottle up the frustration from constantly feeling abandoned by others. Catra realizes this and keeps her cool while befriending the magical creature. Everyone fled Mystacor for their base. Entrapta watches on as he confronts Horde Prime, establishing himself as an individual, and effectively crediting Entrapta for giving him the foundation he needed to believe in himself. After returning to Etheria, Entrapta would leave the Rebellion's hideout to look for a signal with Swift Wind. Adora tried to comfort her and said Entrapta could remove it, however, Catra told Adora to leave her alone and to drop her off on the nearest planet. Catra lies, saying yes, and this makes Hordak angry, telling Catra that, through Imp, he already knew of Shadow Weaver's escape. First Ones Sigil Upon becoming Force Captain, Catra was quick to claim authority over the other cadets. The clear display of Shadow Weaver's favoritism with Adora over Catra is shown as early as Episode 1, barely ten minutes into it. It is implied the two formed a romantic relationship after the battle. Catra was likely motivated mostly by self-preservation as she heard that Horde Prime didn't want word getting out of his "brother's botched conquest" and she told Prime that he needs her to know how to use the weapon. After hearing his story, she instantly builds him a new suit while attempting to boost his self-esteem. When they reached the Luminarium Catra broke stealth mode alerting the sorcerer's to their presence and a brief fight ensued with one sorcerer. Dislikes They not only seem to be part of the same training cohort together, but they also apparently grew up together (see the flashbacks where Catra is upset about Adora becoming friends with Lonnie; Adora & Catra look like they’re between 4-6 in that scene, so age differences there would have to be very small), which makes me think they’re probably very close in age. Catra was relieved when Double Trouble returned to the Fright Zone and trusted them enough to follow their advice to have her forces attack Bright Moon. For some time she has only had the kitchen staff working in the castle. She was trapped behind a door, and the princesses believed that she had been burned alive, thus never going back for her. It's possible that she went searching for him when she arrived but could only to find his crystal, which she would keep on her. When she learned that Shadow Weaver told Adora and was in Bright Moon, she became unhinged and told Scorpia that they were returning to the Fright Zone. Unknown (possibly raised by robots, as she is seen with robotic parents in her portrait) Hordak (implied boyfriend) When she mentions how Entrapta was the one to let the princesses into the Fright Zone he goes as far as throwing a large piece of debris at her before angrily reminding her that she is not allowed to say her name in his presence. She lately attacked and paralyzed Hordak who was serving Glimmer her dinner, saying him that this time wasn't "nothing personal". In the final season, Entrapta finally realized her actions had consequences and felt genuine guilt for the terrible things she did with the Horde, and wanted to redeem herself. Entrapta refers to herself as Hordak's lab partner and was excited when he told Catra he wanted her assistance. Horde Prime (genetic template/"brother") Entrapta (girlfriend) When Entrapta remembered this in the alternate reality, she was visibly saddened. The clone attacks her, knocking the crystal out of her hand which prompts Bow to step in and save her. Catra derided Perfuma's apparent nativity while Perfuma berated Catra about how terribly she treated Scorpia in the Horde. Entrapta (girlfriend)Imp (former pet)Shadow Weaver (formerly) The Rebellion Catra During a heated argument, when Adora revealed that she never hated Catra even after everything that she did, Catra called her a fool and told her to get out. She's kind to everyone she meets, never threatening or harming anyone directly, including robots. Frightened, Catra fled, leaving Glimmer in tears. Catra later rendered her powerless and took her place as second-in-command, but Shadow Weaver manipulated Catra into providing her the means to regain some of her powers and escape, something that especially made Catra feel despaired and betrayed afterward. According to Noelle, I believe about 3 years pass during the show, so Adora and Catra ends up at about 20-21, so you got that one. Entrapta detected a life form and Adora decided that they should search for it, making Catra point out that the plan was to barge into the rickety spire to contact an unknown person in the vague hope they can help defeat Prime. Ruthless leader of The Evil Horde However when Bow mentions how he thought Entrapta was still with Hordak, she frowns and then hides her face behind her mask. Catra becomes the new force captain in place of Adora. I didn’t hit puberty till I was 13, and then grew from 4’6” when I was 13 to 6’4” when I was 19 (and stopped growing around then). Hordak is the main antagonist in the Netflix Original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. After discovering the truth about Entrapta, and coming to terms with the fact she was likely dead, his anger quickly turned to sadness for not seeing through Catra's lies and he was brought to tears once he was alone. Before Entrapta knew about his body, Imp seems to have been the only one allowed to see him without his armor. For the remainder of Season Five Catra retains her Season Four outfit, albeit it is now completely sleeveless, she has a black belt, and she has stopped wearing her mask. Entrapta and Catra first met at "Princess Prom". Catra typically refers to Glimmer as "Sparkles" during their interactions, and Glimmer calls Catra "the worst" whenever a dangerous situation ensues out of the latter's doing, specifically in "White Out". He tasked Catra with questioning Glimmer about the ship and reporting back to him the information. Hordak finding out Entrapta wasn't at Bright Moon. Their first meeting after this is the fight for the Salineas Sea Gate, where Catra leads an assault on the kingdom of Salineas. It was just then that Double Trouble came in, Catra, trying to hide her relief that they had returned, asked where they had been. When stating she could never understand his work as she's from a backwater planet, she is not only offended but demands he tells her everything. She wakes up and scratches Emily after the bot startles her. They ultimately had enough of her cruelty and selfishness and left the Horde. Adora still appears in her nightmares, asking her why she is doing what she does (implying that Adora acts more or less as her conscience). She is shown to be afraid of him at times especially if she failed him, which is something Catra picked up on. This surprises him, as it seems he was trying to scare her away. Hordak's bio on his card back reads as follows: Second born heir to the Horde Empire, Hec-Tor Kur™ arrived on the planet Eternia® while battling the cosmic warrior He-Ro™.

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