However, Joel's strength occasionally lapses. Guy is accused of plotting to kill parents Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy in November 2016 because they were going to stop giving him financial support. Joel tries to assure Ellie that the Infected were there as a form of defense. Early in the Fall chapter, it is implied that Joel and Ellie had buried the two brothers in a nondescript area. There were apparent signs of a struggle, Maclean said. Before they argue further, the two are interrupted when bandits attack the dam.[35]. Joel also taught Ellie how to swim and play guitar. Marlene takes them to a kitchen, Joel picking her up when she falls due to her wound. Despite Joel shoving him and insulting his community, Tommy still accepts to take Ellie from him to save him from suffering the loss of another "daughter" and to avoid the turmoil that losing Sarah caused him. After making peace, Bill devises a plan to retrieve a battery from a crashed military truck, stating that if he does this, he owes Joel nothing from then on.[24]. [20] As they are leaving, he asks Tess why Marlene is having them do the smuggling, learning that they weren't Marlene's "first choice or the second". The Last of Us: One Night Live characters, The Last of Us Part II playable characters, According to Game Designer Rodney Reece on Twitter, Last of Us Voice Actors, Connection to Enslaved, The Last of Us Storyline Explained in Detail, The Last of Us - Presentation by Naughty Dog, The Story and Environment of The Last of Us, The Last of Us - The Definitive Playthrough,, In Sarah's room above her computer is a certificate. Eventually, the pair crash into a bookstore. He also uses one again in the reveal trailer for. Part I Joel engaging in melee combat with a Hunter. Bill had a smuggling arrangement with Joel and Tess, and before Joel met Ellie, they were both on good terms, claiming he was a "good guy, just needs some warming up to." Status Margie Pfeiffer, a co-worker of Guy’s mother, “may testify that she last talked to Lisa the Tuesday before Thanksgiving,” a motion stated. If you enjoy Jamie's coverage, support strong local journalism by subscribing for full access to all our content on every platform. Joel continued to care for Ellie as the two settled into Jackson, allowing her personal living space in a large shed in his backyard. "There's nothing I can do to assist you in having them pursue that," Sword told Guy on Wednesday. Joel and Ellie fight Infected in Jackson. He wore the watch that Sarah gave him the day before the initial outbreak as a reminder. He had an entire craftsman room for the activity. He knocked on the door, calling Ellie's name but she could not hear him. Joel fleeing from Infected with Sam, Ellie and Henry. Because of their juxtaposed philosophies on life, Joel killed Marlene in fear that she would come after him and Ellie. Ellie, not just being the cure, becomes a very important symbol to reverting Joel back to how he was before the outbreak. Tommy and Joel go while the girls eat. A couple of years after integrating into Jackson, Joel became well-known and respected within the community. Hunters (formerly) Smugglers (formerly) Tess (formerly) Ellie During this time, Joel taught Ellie how to swim, as well as teaching her to play guitar. It turns out Frank had acquired the battery for himself, having fitted it in a truck Ellie has just started. Biographical Information Ellie asks him what he wants her to do; Joel trusts Ellie enough that he lets her drive the vehicle. However, it is clear, through a conversation between him and Ellie, that the subject of whatever happened is very painful for Joel to talk about. When deputies arrived, they found a “horrific, very gruesome crime scene,” and said body parts had been spread across multiple rooms in the Knoxville home. His job kept him fit, and he also owned a treadmill (seen in his bedroom). Just as tears began to roll down his face, Ellie left and mentioned they made try to rebuild their relationship. Prosecutors contend he tried to dissolve their bones using various chemicals, including acid. Henry had a great impact on Joel as they effectively mirrored each other, both being protectors of their respective child. Joel is quite cynical of the Fireflies' promises of hope, which was flowed on to Marlene. The pair grew close, teaming up to act as smugglers in the quarantine zone. She leaves him in the yogurt bar with Callus while she searches the Colorado Mountain Plaza for medical supplies. While crossing a flooded street via the roofs of vehicles and construction scaffolding, they reach a big gap. The trial is scheduled for February 24, 2020. [25] Just before they leave, Bill gives him a nail bomb and teaches him how to make one. Both share the same philosophy and the same ruthlessness, earning a fearsome reputation in the Boston Quarantine Zone. Tommy and Joel introduced themselves; then, the group became silent. He cleared out a few Runners and then waited for them at a ski lodge, playing Ellie's guitar. This led Joel to becoming depressed, hoping that one day Ellie would forgive him, he was overjoyed and even tearful when Ellie expressed that she would like to reconcile her relationship with him. When they obtained a pickup truck he gave Joel the siphon hose, saying they were now even, and then proceeded to tell him to "Get the fuck out of [his] town.". A Knoxville customer was surprised to find an extra ingredient to their Chipotle order Wednesday night. Joel Guy Jr. is accused of killing Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy and cutting up their bodies in their West Knox County home. Ellie once more tries to help but he pushes her off, causing her to shout that he's "not okay". “She thought Lisa was upset. "So, I'll let you handle that. He owned a pick-up truck outside his house. Unable to cross through the main road due to the truck breaking down, they detour into the woods. At the hospital parking garage, Marlene corners Joel, who threatens him with a pistol. He could pin Robert and break his arm, shove his brother Tommy against a locker, tackle a soldier, and overpower Ethan (a trained Firefly) despite the man holding him at gunpoint. Joel Michael Guy Jr pictures,killing and dismembering his parents When the Bloater grappled Ellie, Joel saved Ellie by hacking the Infected to death with a machete.

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