This makes them a bit harder to change. It should be about vertical for best effect. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to contact me. Resist from using an impact driver on your ATV. I guess I never thought about this happening, but it is a big deal to not have the tire sliding around while you ride! Items that are eligible for return must be in new, unused condition with all original packaging. If you are going to break the bead of a tire, I guess you need to know what the bead is first. If you are looking to change tires on your 10 years old OEM 400EX wheels, you may have to upgrade to the best tool on the list. In my spare time, I enjoy the thrill of trail riding with my friends. If your rim and tire are completely free of any damage or nicks by the bead, you may skip this step if you want. When the chains wear too thin and start breaking, they may cause quite a bit of damage to the bike before you manage to stop. The tool is cheap (, Grab a spray bottle of either a mixture of water and soap or, Now it’s time to grab your bead breaker tool. Stop when the tire has beaded or if it has not beaded at about 7-8 PSI. While still holding the second iron in place, use the first iron to continue the process of lifting the tire over the edge of the rim. Hopefully, you will find it useful! But the real damage they can cause is if they come loose, break or if not fit as snug as they need to be. Don’t leave more than 3-5 PSI in the tire, but this will allow you to use more pressure before the tool starts sliding. The expanding gases during an explosion set the tire bead; then you need to quickly jump in to extinguish any existing flames and immediately start inflating the tire. We started ATV Man to share our passion and what we have learned, as well as to help us continue to learn more, meet great people that share our love and encourage us to get our riding more! link to How To Store An ATV or UTV For Winter, check out options and current prices on Amazon, Click here to see the current price of the Beadbuster, Lay the tire on a solid surface. We are the Huntleys and have been riding ATVs since we were little and UTVs since they hit the scene many years ago. The problem is that they have a tough time breaking the bead of ATV tires. Therefore, I recommend that you always apply a coat of bead sealer on the tire bead before installing the tire. ATV Won’t Go Into Gear or Shift – the Most Common... Park the ATV on a hard, flat surface like a garage floor or a paved level driveway. For the second bead, you should start by the tire valve. I ended up with a really simple design. All continental US orders ship via UPS, USPS, and FedEx. How we test gear. Brent Huntley is the owner of ATV Man and is responsible for almost all the material on the website. I’ve included my top 3 recommendations which are the ones I consider to be the most effective and least risky. We love to go riding with our three kids all over the country. Start by placing one of the tire irons in between the rime and the tire. Popular Mechanics participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Spray a second area of the tire and repeat the process. While there are several reports of people successfully performing this method, it’s not one that I recommend. Another tool that seems to be just as effective as the portable tire changer, are the so-called “Tire Plyers”. If the strap breaks, it does so with great force! This helps the rubber tire slide against the metal rim. Use a tire jack to jack up the ATV so the wheel can be removed from the bike. I recommend using a tire-inflator that has a gauge for this part. So if you break that bead, you've got a problem. Then back off, refill with 3-5 PSI of air to stiffen the tire and do the other side. Wedge the tire over the lip of the rim. You can get them at almost any auto supply or hardware store. If you’re looking at a tire rim, right next to the lip, there is a bump, which is called the “bead retainer.” This goes around the entire rim to keep the tire in place. The BeadBuster presses directly onto the tire bead, which drastically reduces any chance of damaging the tire or rim. This primitive tire hack gets the job done, but use caution around flammable liquid. A good alternative for using purpose made bead sealer is using some silicone. First tire had trouble breaking the beads - so went to the internet and found the trashcan tip. This is why I cannot give them a recommended badge by now. The first bead should slip over the lip of the rim without using any tools. Use your valve stem tool on the tire valve to empty it. In addition, off-road tires usually run at a much lower tire pressure. It does not press down on the thin sidewall of the tire, but directly onto the tire bead. Do not over tighten, as the threads on these are quite thin. If this is your first time repairing or changing your ATV tire, you might need to know more about the process involved or the tools that you need. This method does have the disadvantage of not completely sealing the tire cord, leaving it exposed to the elements so it may rust over time. I have not, however, tested these myself. This helps the rubber tire slide against the metal rim. How to Change ATV Tires – the Home Mechanic Guide, ATV Overheating (Symptoms, Causes and How to Prevent), ATV Won’t Shut off – The 5 Most Common Causes. Hi, I’m Haavard, and I’m the guy behind Boost ATV. As for beading the tire, this can be a bit tricky on tubeless tires. Here’s the steps you’ll use to remove the old tire and mount the new tire, don’t worry I’ll go into more detail on how to do each of these step by step. The second most tricky part of changing an ATV tire by hand is mounting it back on the rim again and having it bead properly. Why? Make sure the rim is centered in the tire. You can check your order status anytime. That worked on 3 beads - the fourth has been a frustration. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Remove Wheel And Deflate Tire; Break The Bead On The Tire; Remove Tire From Rim Brent Huntley is the owner of ATV Man and is responsible for almost all the material on the website. Use the tire irons if you have to. I'm an ATV and offroad-enthusiast, an engineer, a farmer, and an avid home-mechanic. But some basic hand tools are required to be able to do the job safely and efficiently. All you need is a ratchet strap. This video dramatically demonstrates how it's done in a garage setting, though the people in the clip use far more starter fluid than is needed. They are relatively cheap and works really good on many types of small to medium sized tires. Then, on each edge of the tire, you find the so-called tire bead. You need two tire irons or a couple of big screwdrivers to perform this step. Returns may be subject to a 30% restock fee. But it’s also that much more challenging when you want to break the bead. Be aware that both of these products come with the disadvantage of making it a bit harder to break the bead the next time you need to change the tire. The hardware or the wood itself kept breaking on all three versions I built. And if you leave too much air the tire can blow. Not all items are eligible for return. When he isn't playing, his day job consists of owning Huntley Law. We love to go riding with our three kids all over the country. The air just escapes. The expanding gases during an explosion set the tire bead; then you need to quickly jump in to extinguish any existing flames and immediately start inflating the tire. If you want risk free, take the tire to a tire shop. Occasionally this leak is caused by a small grain of sand or dirt having worked its way into the bead. When he isn't playing, his day job consists of owning Huntley Law. The bead is what keeps the rubber tire and its metal rim together. This will wear down the paint, creating corrosion issues over time. This means the wheel on off-road vehicles has to do a better job at keeping the tire beaded so that you don’t end up with a flat all the time. I grew up on a farm where ATVs have been and still are an important part of “getting things done”. If the tire has beaded: Deflate the tire to release the force on the strap. Now you’ve got the tire onto the rim, but it’s still not completely mounted. It’s important that the surface is smooth, so you get a proper airtight seal between the tire and the rim. Then continue as far as you get by using your hands and body weight. Often this is what makes the difference between a successful and a failed attempt. (Or Slower?). This content is imported from YouTube. A chain-link cathing your brake line will rip it in half instantly. If you struggle with the tire slipping back onto the rim, attach a clamp to the lip of the rim before you move the tire iron. Add about 3-5 PSI of air to the tire. It is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to There is a lot that can go wrong, and no guarantee it will work. The bead is the sealant applied between the rim and tire when the tire is mounted. Starter fluid, parts cleaner, or WD-40 all work. Of course, there are tire shops that you can send it to, but once you learn the process of breaking the bead on your tire, you can save a lot of time and money doing it yourself. An even better alternative is using a light coat of baby powder on the lip of the rim and tire bead. When a tire connects to the rim, it gets pressed against that bead retainer and sits against the lip. The air compressor alone won’t be able to supply enough airflow to get it to seal. Continue putting air into the tire until you reach the desired tire pressure. When in this position, the tire is prevented from sliding sideways on the rim itself. This is my favorite method for fixing a punctured ATV tire as it does not require you to break the bead of the tire and can be done in a hurry, and anywhere with very little tools. 3. Lay the tire on top of the rim at an angle. More importantly, there is a little trick you can use to make them work a lot more effective on ATV tires. The piece of lumber fill just slides down the tire sidewall. If there is any rust, this has to be removed before you install a new tire. The sidewalls of the tire will start moving outwards against the lip of the rim. When you ride off-road, sand, dirt and other debris will be caught in the little gap between the rim and tire. The air makes sure that the tire is always being pushed outwards against the lip of the rim.

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