So, I am hoping this is legit. License expired Sept 30, 2020 now applying for reinstatement. I heard that they stopped asking you to contact the BON in the popup quite some time ago. I got the "good" pop-up an hour after I finished the NCLEX and paid the $8 two days later (PASS). NCLEX result! Only the nursing regulatory body to which you applied can release your official results, which will be sent to you approximately six weeks after taking the … Now I wait for confirmation via Mass Board of Nursing, or 48 quick result which ever comes first!! Contintenal had my test status listed as passed, and pearson still had my results as not available. After two days, I still hadn't received an official email about my results so I tried the CONTINENTAL trick above and I was able to find access to a page that said PASS! How many hours post test were your results available on Continental?, INC, 7900 International Drive #300, Bloomington MN 55425 This NCLEX-PN Practice & Study Guide is designed to help individuals preparing for careers as practical nurses. Pearson's quick results are still kinda nice because they have your name on them, if you want to show it to prospective employers til you show up on the idfpr website. Our mission is to Empower, Unite, and Advance every nurse, student, and educator. I got the good pop-up the day I took NCLEX which was yesterday and "PASS" on Florida DOH website this morning. July 29th - took the NCLEX-RN, got the pop up, July 30th - this is what I think most people don't know about, click on Get Application Status and Grade, enter info such as last 4 digits of SSN, Last name, DOB, Voila! The report breaks an exam down into 8 main content areas and indicates how well a test-taker did in each of them. BTW, is there a new poll on this? So yeah, sometimes it doesn't work and definitely doesn't mean anything re: pass/fail or you personally. I had heard of this other method from a classmate but it did not work for me. I took the NCLEX yesterday morning at 8am, stumbled on the continental testing website today, and the results are posted: PASS! I recently just passed my NCLEX, but before I found out, I was going crazy, trying to find out whether I passed or failed and how to find the results. Has 7 years experience. *Make sure your Pearson account page state "Delivery Successful" before you try the trick* 2. I'm sorry if this method did not work for you. My test ended in 75 questions. My friends got their letters already and I took the test before they did. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. They may also need to follow specific retake policies that are determined by their BON/RB. Seems like it varies. I used this trick. I didn't look until 2 days later, but some if my classmates said it was available after 24 hours. Well this is my first post because I believe that I have passed the NCLEX thanks to the PVT!! I am in Illinois. I was so nervous because some of my classmates found out they had passed the very next afternoon. The NCLEX test is graded two times, so it can take a while to process the results thoroughly. Individuals who failed the NCLEX can take the test again as long as at least 45 days have passed since their previous test attempt. I did not try until around 2 or 3 after taking the test in the morning. I was so nervous because some of my classmates found out they had passed the very next afternoon. @kayms16 That's great and congrats!, INC, 7900 International Drive #300, Bloomington MN 55425 Sigh***....congrats to all who passed! @savexpigoo I passed!

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