Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Stock hp means what it has at the moment. Check our other NFS Heat Wiki Guides for all the tips, tricks and tweaks in the game only on GamerTweak. Hell yea. How does the Engine Swap actualy works? Need For Speed Heat ups the ante with the cop chases and the drama in the storyline mixed with some really good car modification features, but all that means that you will have cops on your tail most of the time and you might need to shake them off. Question. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. ooh, didn't expect the windsor there. You will certainly have fun discovering how each car sounds. Engine Swap in Need for Speed: Heat allows players to remove and replace the engine equipped in any of their owned cars with a different engine. Edit: Here is a link to the document: It also contains a small How-to-Use guide on how the filtering functionality works. Do we need to do anything special to get a forged one? do u always choose the last one for beeing the best cuz of the better Parts or u go by Engine Sound or how do u guys choose the Motor ... i dont rly know what is the best Motor to choose or what to pick there are not many details... the last one is always the one that gives the most potential power or gives the best stats overall... plz help. That engine saw use in some of the australian ford falcons. For anyone curious, these are what the "Forged" engines are... 466hp Forged 2.0L I4 - SR20DET523hp Forged 3.5L V6 - VQ35DE542hp Forged 1.3l Wankel - 13B-REW542hp Forged 2.0l - Honda F22C564hp Forged 2.5L Flat 4 - EJ255585hp Forged 4.7L V8 - 289 Windsor592hp Forged 2.6l I6 - RB26596hp Forged 2.0L I4 - 4B11715hp Forged 5.0L V8 - Jaguar AJ721hp Forged 3.8L V6 - VR38DETT. Pick your engines based on sound, and what type of car you’re using and what you’re using it for, This is exactly my question!! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the needforspeed community. Turning your car’s engine off has a few benefits to it, if you just want to cut out the car sounds while the car is stationary you can do that or if you want to evade the cops and want to minimize the car sounds turning off the engine works great. Most of the engines to the right aren’t swaps but rather the stock engine (which appears as a swap for the original car). I’m glad the r34 can get up to 1,000hp I don’t mind that a forged version is required, but that’s how you get a real r34 up to them power levels you forged the engine, Exactly what I was’s actually pretty cool what they’ve done with the forged versions of the engines in my opinion. So all of those with 1-3 swaps can be removed as they are the same car. R35 has an end game forged option.

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