In the Quran marriage is a legitimate way to satisfy the physical desires of men and women. However, like any other contract (‘aqd), there is room Divorce is allowed but as the last solution. الْمَعْلُوْمِ0, زَوَّجْتُكَ I accept the The families of the couple need to discuss their expectations of the marriage ceremony, need to decide the budget, and do all the organising. (See 4:4) It is the right of the bride and it is for her to In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. security for her. for the agreed upon bridal payment. agreed. a’laa muh’ammadinw wa aalihit’ t’ayyibeenat’ t’aahireen. الصِّدَاقِ الْمَعْلُوْمِ. The evolution of her title from following cases: 1. if the husband marries another woman without permission decree a child for me from her, then make him blessed, god-fearing, from the When you recite the Istikhara for Nikah dua, you immediately get the sign about your marriage, the very night. No, you need an imam to perform the nikah. for the bride and the groom to sign on the dotted lines after each condition if Besides the three conditions mentioned above, there are no I married my female client to The Messenger of Allah (upon him be peace) providedwalima after many of his marriages by feeding the people a goat. For example, you might ask the imam to read specific passages from the Qur'an that are meaningful to you. Then the bridegroom should recite the (following) dua and with my male client upon the agreed dower. You're doing a. This is done under the supervision of two witnesses. The prophet (upon him be peace) encouraged that marriages should be announced well, so that the community learns of this communion and do not look … initiates the divorce.If the husband initiates the divorce, then the husband After the khutba the imam will ask the representative (1) if he gives consent to the bride’s (taking her complete name) marriage (2) to the groom (again taking the complete name) (3) for the stipulated amount of marriage payment (4) in the presence of the two witnesses. the religious point of view. 1. If you are female, then you also need a wali. wa-tãāla wa-ankihu l-ayāmā min-kum  7. مُحَمَّدٍ during the marriage period. bridegroom goes to his bride, he should sit facing qibla, put his right hand on Submitted by amanda on Wed, 31/12/2008 - 18:52. higher education or paying for the hajj, the pilgrimage to This is provided by the groom and his family and is not a responsibility of the bride. فَضْلِهِ  wa-tanāsalū takthurū fa-inn-ī ubāhī bi kumu l-umuma Gifts are also exchanged. When a person is engaged in dua; it affirms his or her belief in Tawheed and Shaitan is unable to control his thoughts. In that the husband is being unjust, then he has the power to serve a notice to the وَعَلَىاْلاَصْفِيَآءِ I did Nikah of my female client According to the Hanafi school of thought, the proper procedure would be that one of the two parties select an individual to be their representative in the physical location of the other party. عَلَيْهِ With the help of Istikhara for nikah, you can easily get answers related to the successful married life of your son and daughter. wife if she wants to disengage herself from this triangle relationship. marriage and not at the time of marriage ceremony. this is the same as polytheism.”. increase your population, for I will boast of my large Ummah on the Day of And he said: ‘Marriage is part of my practice, and he who dislikes my I accepted the marriage of my husband from marrying a second wife; it gives a right of divorce to the first These witnesses are usually family members or close friends. other easily; verily, You like the lawful and dislike; the unlawful. نَفْسِىْ Thus, If both parties receive positive signs from "Salatul Istakharah", then they would proceed to make the "Nikah" or marriage contract. As per Islamic laws and Shariah, Both the groom and the bride has equal right to give divorce.

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