Ink the Design Step 1. Clear glass ornaments (Ours were from Hobby Lobby) Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens in Silver and Gold (It’s important you find the oil based pens for permanency on glass.) You can, however, reuse the bodies of your markers as creative material! Ideal for a wide range of surfaces, the paint markers adhere perfectly to all types of paper. Or something else like a thin layer of clear polyurethane varnish? POSCA is not rechargeable. How can I contact POSCA regarding a partnership? It is permanent with no need for fixatives on porous materials such as wood, cardboard, textiles, pebbles, certain plastics and metals. Seal your paint pen art work by curing the ceramic or glass piece in the oven. How long does it take for the paint to dry? Some acrylic paints are self-sealing, though, and won't need any sealer at all! Either cover it with poly resin, or use a 2 pac automotive grade covering. You can find paint markers in a local craft store or online at websites like Blick Art Materials or Cheap Joe's Art Stuff. Talk to you soon! The paint does not bleed through paper. Some are also reversible (PC-3M and PC-5M). Click here to learn more. It is absolutely possible to customise your vehicle with POSCA (car/motorcycle/scooter/bicycle, etc.). I have read and accept the information on the processing of my personal data provided in the data protection declaration. For partnership applications, please use the following form. Metallic Curly Ribbon . Clean the surface with a cloth and ensure it is not damp or greasy before starting work. Thanks to the marker’s piston mechanism and valve system, the tip can easily be re-saturated with paint. PAPER CARDBOARD GLASS PVC STYLE PLASTIC SILICONE STYLE PLASTIC SMOOTH METAL WOOD ROUGH OR POROUS METALS STONE FABRIC UNGLAZED CERAMIC GLAZED CERAMICS FIX YOUR CREATIONS! Extra tip: Whether you need to rectify an error or, if it’s part of your creative technique, please wait until your first coat is dry before covering it. Getting it done in a short period of time eliminates the possiblity of contaminants such as dust and dirt finding their way into the clear coat. If your POSCA tip is dirty, for example by falling to the ground or by another colour during your creative work, you can remove and clean it with tap water. To learn more, click here. Shoot it with 2 coats of UPOL and polish it out. POSCA is a paint marker popular with artists and creative hobbyists. POSCA is a paint marker popular with artists and creative hobbyists. Turn off the oven and allow the object to cool down to room temperature in the oven. The valve system and the piston mechanism were developed to prevent run-outs. We use technical, customisation and audience measurement cookies on the website to provide you with a better on-line experience. I would love to hear what you think or if you have questions. Atom To protect your creation, simply fix it with a water-based aerosol varnish. Howzit sabrina,I just clean it with soap and rinse with fresh water,let it air dry and gloss it. Do I need to test my Posca before using it? Nothing is more disheartening than seeing your beautiful work ruined by using the wrong type of sealer! This type of paint is so much fun to use because you don't need to have a kiln or look for a ceramic shop that can fire your art work. Test the flow on your spare paper – if the line is clear, your POSCA is ready. I've just done some test artwork on an existing epoxy board. in international relations, later obtaining a U.S. teacher's degree and an additional CompTIA A+ certification in computer technology. If you want durabality, then get something that's made to deflect bugs at 90+MPH, not something that's made to cover grandmas wicker toilet paper holder. Ok, this is where you have to get a little creative! , then re-initiate. Get more detailed information about how to seal rocks with Sharpies here, Martha Stewart Decoupage Medium on Amazon, Post Comments It’s true, with POSCA, you can cover your drawing as many times as you want, which could turn out to be very practical! like I did in this. Once cured, these markers are heat resistant up to 149 degrees Celsius. I have had the best success with using a couple coats of spray sealer to seal my rocks painted with 3D paints. Self-sealing paints include. POSCA markers can be kept in any position as long as the cap is fermly put back on after use. All you need is a damp rag to clean your creations. The varnish can be matte or gloss depending on the look you want. Find detailed instructions here. To learn more, it’s this way for colours and that way for tips! Some people (including myself!) Then remove the cap and the pushbutton protection at the other end of the marker. I shall follow your advice  Resinhead and try 2 coats. Indeed, a tip that is too dry can prevent paint flow . Sanded it to 400 grit, cleaned it with acetone, drew on it with water based Posca pen then sprayed it with several coats of Plasti-kote Clear Super Acrylic spray paint in a can - its supposed to be their toughest scratch resistant product but already some of the line work near the rails is rubbing off. All you need to do is attach the printed illustration on to the inner side of your glass and you have the design there as a guide. Do I need to do anything in particular to fix the paint? PREPARE THE POSCA MARKER POSCA paint is permanent on porous surfaces and erasable on smooth surfaces. image by Kevin Chesson from Firmly shake your marker, with the cap tightly closed (!) Learn how to apply temporary tattoos to rocks here! You will hear the ball inside clicking announcing that the paint colour inside the POSCA marker is being mixed. You ever see a Panzer tank stuck, or broken down on the side of the road...Or a V2 rocket fail to launch.. in the last 20 years? To preserve the colour s and the appearance of the creation, you need to apply a water-based aerosol varnish. POSCA can be used on porcelain. Shake the marker energetically up and down with the cap on. Remove the object and it is ready to use. To regulate flow and make sure the quantity of paint is what you want, conduct a test on a sheet of rough paper. RE-PRIME ), 29+ Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners. Select the newsletter(s) to which you want to subscribe or unsubscribe. Make sure you apply in a clean environment and try to apply them all in a matter of an hour or so. In areas that need to be filled with colour, several coats will be needed for a uniform result, leaving a few minutes of drying time between coats. POSCA is a paint marker popular with artists and creative hobbyists. Find out what’s new at POSCA here. glass, PVC and metal surfaces. Glass decoration can now be found in the home, not just on windows but also on everyday items such as jugs, glasses, mirrors… (objects which, once decorated, can no longer be used in contact with food). Find all of our tips here. It's been decided: your new favorite thing is painting rocks! For fall and Halloween rock painting, what c... What is the best way to seal rocks painted with acrylic paint? I have just finished a custom epoxy longboard and I will be sealing some serious graphics that is going to be done on all of the bottom by a graphic designer so I would like to be coinfident that the artwork is going to be preserved. POSCAs are water-based pigment paint markers which are without solvent and odourless and can write on any surface. Outline special areas, write messages and create shading with the pens. Some posca colors and other type of colors cannot stand a gloss coat; they bleed when you pass the brush couple of times, nigthmare way.. White and all those who have big % of white can do the job, others will bleed or run.

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