Hold your signature in front of the camera until it recognizes and imports your signature (be sure to keep it on or above the blue line). Protect Yourself From Tech Support Scams Select the fountain pen icon to create a signature or initials. If you’re dealing with the PDF inside Apple’s Mail app, you can sign it and send it back to your contact without opening Files or leaving the app. Now, I am only able sign in one location, not in different locations/pages, and when I save the file, it only You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a, official For us to better assist you with your concern, we would like to ask a few questions: Let us know so we can further assist you. Click ‘Tools’ and then find the item ‘Comment’ from the ‘Tools’ menu. All solutions in this article are in Acrobat Reader DC. Hit Done to save your signature, then arrange it within your PDF. Most places can accept a signature from a tablet, but photos of your sig are essentially a copy/paste and not all places allow for digital signatures or signature copies. saves the page being shown and not the entire document. The ‘Draw free form’ option makes you can use the tablet pen to draw words freely on PDF files, just like to draw on a canvas. After the connection of your tablet and computer, open the Acrobat Reader DC. How to use a graphics tablet to comment, mark, highlight, sign on PDF like using a real pen on real paper. Whatever. Draw handwritten words on PDF like using a real pen on real paper. After finishing your signature, click ‘Apply’ to save it. If you’re on a Surface device, you can use your Surface Pen to write your signature in the field. All solutions in this article base on Acrobat Reader … I don't remember if I did it using the Surface pen or just took a photo of an ink signature. Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an Connect the cables of your GAOMON tablet to the computer and make sure they are well connected. Then you can use the tablet pen to highlight the content you want. You’ll need to use Apple’s Preview app, and a sheet of paper if you’re concerned with accuracy. Click ‘Draw’, then you can use GAOMON stylus to draw. Lastly, the Reader app in Windows 8 (Metro) allows you to annotate with the Pen directly on most PDF documents. You can go to the next slide after 1 second. The ‘Draw free form’ option also makes you can use the tablet pen to draw,  line, circle or mark out the important content. What application are you using to view or to edit your pdf file? On the right-hand side, select Fill & Sign. Click pen icon that named ‘Draw free form’ pen to draw (Note: you can select a color and line thickness you want from the icon that marked as ‘4’). Here is an example: draws the name ’Charles’. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. Signing and saving pdf or word documents using Surface Pro Stylus Hello, When I first started using my Surface Pro I was able to sign a wide range of documents in multiple locations on the document … As a person who has to send documents back to people every day... please ASK if it’s cool to use these before you do it. Here is an example, uses GAOMON tablet pen to draw ‘Gaomon’ and ‘Clarlse’ on this PDF. The Surface Pen allows you to write and draw in multiple applications, such as OneNote, but the Pen can also be used in Microsoft Office programs, such as Word and Excel. In addition to adding signatures, the Fill & Sign app lets you add saved personal information, add text to empty fields in the PDF, and checkmarks or x’s to checkboxes. Safari: Open a webpage, choose Create PDF from the Share menu and hit Markup. Messages: Attach a photo/PDF, tap it in the bubble and choose Markup. I was wondering if it's possible to sign a PDF's signature field in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (or any app, for that matter) using the Surface Pro 3 and its pen. Most everyday situations these options are fine, but not in all situations. 1) Open a PDF document you’d like to sign digitally in an app that supports Markup: Files: Open a PDF you’d like to sign, then tap Markup. Sign In Home > Acrobat > Surface Pen - Acrobat 9 Standard; Highlighted. Select your PDF and open using Adobe Fill & Sign. This thread is locked. All GAOMON tablets, with or without a display, support to write, sign name, comment, highlight on PDF like using a real pen on real paper. Here are some suggestions for your reference to using GAOMON tablet to realize them. Pick your signature, then drag and scale it appropriately in your PDF. The signature can be placed anywhere in the PDF after saving it. The easiest one is Adobe’s Acrobat Reader DC. For example, put the signature at the place that mark ‘8’: choose ‘Sign’, click that place, then signature comes out. So, before you end up in a huge back and forth that takes longer than just signing and scanning would, ask if these are acceptable first. Thanks for watching. Select the share icon to save or share your PDF. You can submit your issue from here: GAOMON SUPPORT TEAM.

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