They managed to get the screen much further out toward the edges so without making a much larger alti on your arm you end up with a bigger, more beautiful display that shows everything you're already used to and adds a super simple light function if you ever need it. Parasport AloXs Compact Digital Altimeter, ALTITRACK Electronic Skydiving Altimeter & Digital Logbook. Shop now! Aircraft altimeters are subject to the following errors and weather factors: Position error from aircraft static pressure systems. 31.00 “Hg. over 31.00 “Hg. set in the altimeter and continue the approach. Low Barometric Pressure: An abnormal low-pressure condition exists when the barometric pressure is less than 28.00 “Hg. These airports will report the barometric pressure as “missing” or “in excess of 31.00 “Hg.”. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The unit's electronic logbook stores information about the last 200 jumps. If no current altimeter setting is available, or if a setting above 31.00 “Hg. Exterior helmet mount available, Handmount, Wristmount, Scratchproof 2mm thick hardened glass lens. The Ares II™ is a digital faced visual altimeter for those civilian skydivers who prefer a digital display over a traditional analog display. An official website of Air Traffic Procedures Office. Guys, this thing is where it's at. The minimum safe altitude of a route is 19,000 feet MSL and the altimeter setting is reported between 29.92 and 29.43 “Hg, the lowest usable flight level will be 195, which is the flight level equivalent of 19,500 feet MSL (minimum altitude (TBL ENR 1.7-1) plus 500 feet). The AresII™ is a digital faced visual altimeter for those civilian skydivers who prefer a … Great upgrade from the Viso The screen is bigger and easier to see in freefall. ARES II • AresII™ is the next step in digital visual altimeters • A big sunlight readable LCD with backlight • Made in aircraft grade aluminium with a toughened glass lens • Waterproof and built to last . Flight operations are restricted to VFR weather conditions to and from an airport that is unable to accurately measure barometric pressures above 31.00 “Hg. When an aircraft's altimeter cannot be set to a pressure setting above 31.00 “Hg, the aircraft's true altitude will be higher than the indicated altitude on the barometric altimeter. Points are accumulated with each purchase you make or review posted until you decide to spend them. in the altimeter prior to reaching the lowest of any mandatory/ crossing altitudes or 1,500 feet above ground level (AGL) when on a departure or missed approach. Set the altimeter to a current reported altimeter setting from a station along the route and within 100 NM of the aircraft, or; If there is no station within this area, use the current reported altimeter setting of the nearest available station, or; If the aircraft is not equipped with a radio, set the altimeter to the elevation of the departure airport or use an available appropriate altimeter setting prior to departure. 2. from 31.21 “Hg. When entering an oceanic CTA/FIR from U.S. offshore control areas, pilots should change to the standard altimeter setting 29.92 “Hg. Flight operations are not recommended when an aircraft's altimeter is unable to be set below 28.00 “Hg. Here is a \"how-to\" video for your digital altimeter.What do you want to do:1:58 - Turning it on2:16 - Lit the blacklight2:51 - Daily jump counter3:05 - Setup parameters (date, units, jump counter...)6:12 - Access the logbook (jump number, exit altitude, freefall rate...)Links:Viso II+ Roadmap: II+ Manual: info about the Viso II+: Vibes on Social Media:YOUTUBE: instead of 30.90 “Hg. Procedures for setting altimeters during high and low barometric pressure events must be set using the following procedures: Barometric pressure is 31.00 “Hg. (See Instrument Flying Handbook.) The lowest usable flight level is determined by the atmospheric pressure in the area of operation as shown in, When the minimum altitude per 14 CFR Section 91.159 and 14 CFR Section 91.177 is above 18,000 feet MSL, the lowest usable flight level must be the flight level equivalent of the minimum altitude plus the number of feet specified in.

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