I did HL myself so the techniques I used when doing these exams worked for me. This field is for validation purposes and should be left empty. So today’s advice is hopefully really going to help both SL and HL students in their IB English Paper 1 final exam (and Paper 2). The examiner can usually judge the strength of your analytical skills just from your subject statement alone, so it needs to be well-written. Would love to see one on paper 2 if possible. Do you have any tips for students preparing for English B HL? The IB wants you to dig deeper into the text and answer these two key questions: These questions get to the heart and soul of analysis. You need to discuss the characters, themes and plot of the chosen text. (This post does not apply to Language and Literature HL. I’d love to, but I did the paper in my final exam. The IB is a rigorous curriculum, where students strive to be 21st century learners. An introduction: contains a thesis and an outline of your points. Group 1: Language A1 . hello@studynova.com — All Rights Reserved © 2020 Studynova Online ApS. English A1 HL paper 1 Nov 2006; English A1 HL P1 2003; SL paper 1 Nov 2006; HL paper 1 – Nov 2006; PAPER ONE HL 2000 MAY; paper one SL 2001 may; PAST PAPERS – PAPER ONE LIST. […] elements. These events can be referred to as the. I’ll post it as soon as possible , Hey Jackson, could you make a post regarding the best way to write a conclusion? РњРЅРµ нравится, как РѕРЅР° учит английскому, РІСЃРµ просто Рё СЏСЃРЅРѕ. !” A comprehensive and intimate understanding of criteria is imperative to success — especially in IB English. Criterion C for IB English Paper 1 is Organisation. What is a Paper 1 exam? In this blog post, I want us to focus on Paper 1 overall. Imagine that you’ve been asked to simply “talk about” a text that you’ve recently read on your commute to school (e.g. Yes, please do! But this isn’t a casual chat. Helped me a lot! Love it. There’s a price to pay for studying all the time. In this guide, he will share his secrets on the IB English Paper 1 so that you can conquer it too! You have to have these building blocks. In each point, you must include: Guiding questions are a god-send for SL students, so remember to advantage of them given that your friends in HL English don’t get them at all. Is the new Paper 1 very different from the previous paper 1? What do you have to do now? We teach you how to create strong subject statements in our premium Analysis Bootcamp for IB English course. Thanks Lily. The idea is that each body paragraph, or point, aims to prove a separate, smaller aspect of the bigger thesis. It is the course through which the IB’s policy of mother-tongue entitlement is delivered. See my comprehensive list of Lang Lit text types in my Quora answer. By talking about these aspects, you are providing a holistic ‘comment’ on the text–which is exactly what we want. Change ), IB English A Language & Literature Resources, IB English A Language & Literature Paper 1 Guide, IB English A Language & Literature Paper 1 Notes.

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