L'ICON A5, produit par le constructeur américain ICON Aircraft, est un aéronef amphibie léger.Etant conçu pour opérer aussi bien depuis la terre que l'eau tout en étant transportable par la route, il fait partie de la catégorie des aéronefs dits LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) Beautifully simple. [24].L'une des raisons possibles à cet accident était la combinaison de manoeuvres à haute inclinaison, basse altitude[19], ainsi que la consommation de médicaments[25](notamment " un cocktail composé de somnifère, d’amphétamine, de morphine, d’un relaxant musculaire, et d’anti-dépresseur") [26]. Whether you’re seeking your next adventure or you simply want to reinvent the weekend getaway, the A5 makes flying more exciting and more accessible than ever before. The Icon A5 has proven itself as the world’s first spin-resistant Light Sport Aircraft, must be experienced to be believed. Imagine landing on the water nearby, idling up to your favorite spot, cutting the engine, and jumping out to enjoy a beautiful morning or afternoon on the beach. By 27 July 2014, the first ICON A5 was unveiled at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Une fois produite à l'usine de Tijuana, les pièces sont envoyées à l'usine ICON Aircraft de Vacaville, Californie, afin de procéder à l'assemblage final puis à la peinture de l'appareil[16]. Parachute In the event of the unexpected, there is a whole of aircraft parachute that will float you gently to the ground (or water) from as a low as a few hundred feet. Sort. No problem. Any speed. SELECT UP TO MORE - CLEAR SELECTION, YOUR SELECTED AIRCRAFT ARE READY TO COMPARE. The ICON A5 delivers an unmatched experience that is redefining aviation. A total of 15 aircraft were delivered to customers in 2017, followed by 200 in 2018. With the engine in the back and a low instrument panel, the A5’s panoramic canopy allows you see the world in a new dimension. These platforms provide stability on the water as well as convenient platforms to check engine vitals and enter the aircraft on land, from a dock, or from the water. Lake Isabel is roughly 40 miles …, Flying the ICON A5 is an incredible adventure, offering a new brand of flying for many pilots. While an A5 was on static display at the Expo, the demo team …, With its amphibious capabilities, the ICON A5 can take you on incredible journeys and transform the way you see the world. Tempted to give the ICON A5 a go? Speak to our team, who can take you through the various options available to you, such as our private jet leasing solutions and the world’s most flexible jet card. The event hosted by the US Air Expo was their second of the year, the first of which in Naples, which ICON also attended last month. ICON Flight Instructors have hundreds of hours teaching pilots of all abilities how to safely navigate the dynamic water flying environments and low-level altitudes native to the A5. Several years ago, she was flying as a passenger around some of the most remote areas in the world when she decided she wanted to do the flying herself. 2019 ICON A5. Big difference. Elegantly simple. Ergonomic. But after doing a couple of landings, I was able to understand the capabilities of the A5 aircraft. The Model Year 18 versions of the A5 include an improved nose gear design, more legible and better night illuminated instruments, a simpler and lighter oil cooler with better cooling airflow, an improved rudder pedal design, upgraded landing-gear actuators, an enhanced canopy design with no airspeed limit for flight with windows removed, and improved wing and fuselage access panels. October 31, 2017. ICON invited Kellee to Company Headquarters in Vacaville, CA to punch her seaplane ticket and take her experience as a pilot to the next level in our Transition Landplane Course (TX-L). Cette particularité tient au fait que l'avion s'inspire directement du monde de l'automobile puisque Klaus Tritschler, anciennement directeur de la création chez BMW Group DesignworksUSA[3], a rejoint ICON Aircraft en tant que Vice Président en charge du Design[4] en 2011. Le 7 novembre 2017, Roy Halladay, joueur de baseball à la retraite, s'écrase à bord de son ICON A5 immatriculé N922BA près de Clearwater, Floride[17]. LSA are designed to be easy to fly, lightweight, and have low operating costs. Easy as 1, 2, 3. ICON develops advanced construction technologies that advance humanity by using 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials. The only prerequisites for A5 owners or future owners to train with ICON (aside from standard FAA requirements) are a desire to continuously improve and a passion for exploring and seeing the world in a new way. 3 years ago. When ready, the student has a check ride with a senior ICON Flight Instructor where they demonstrate proficiency of all maneuvers and are given a seaplane endorsement in their logbook to fly the ICON A5. Whether you’re seeking your next adventure or simply want to reinvent the weekend getaway, ICON makes flying more exciting and more accessible than ever before. ACS are not an aircraft operator. Si vous disposez d'ouvrages ou d'articles de référence ou si vous connaissez des sites web de qualité traitant du thème abordé ici, merci de compléter l'article en donnant les références utiles à sa vérifiabilité et en les liant à la section « Notes et références ». ICON has two transition training courses available, TX-L for landplane pilots transitioning to the amphibious A5 and TX-S for experienced seaplane pilots to learn about what makes the A5 unique. Come visit the ICON Aircraft team at the US Aircraft Expo, September 20-21 at KSNA. Gallery View Customize . But don’t take our word for it, let’s get you flying. The A5 reinvents recreational aviation, and lets you bring the exhilaration of flight to life like never before. 46 in (116.8 cm), ICON Spin-ResistantAirframe: https://aircharterservice-globalcontent-live.cphostaccess.com/images/canada/blogs/831278_icon20a520-20thumb_tcm76-52606.jpg, 2008 Popular Science 100 Best Innovations of the Year, 2009 International Design Excellence Awards Gold in Automotive & Transportation, 2009 International Design Excellence Awards People's Choice Award, 2010 Wallpaper "Life-enhancer of the Year" Judges Award. One of these pilots is Malcolm Dickinson. Si de tels systèmes de parachutes balistiques se généralisent dans l'aviation de loisir, il est à noter que son utilisation peut être catastrophique dans certains cas[14] tels que le déploiement involontaire ou l'incendie à bord. The A5 gets even more amazing with friends. Roy Halladay, bien que pilote expérimenté puisque ayant 721 heures de vol[21] à son actif sur différents appareils, n'avait néanmoins que 14,5 heures de vol sur un ICON A5[22]. Former MLB pitcher Roy Halladay died Tuesday in a plane crash in the Icon A5 plane. …until she discovered Adventure Flying in the ICON A5. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience the A5 and learn more about Sport Flying from the ICON team. Former MLB pitcher Roy Halladay died Tuesday in a plane crash in the Icon A5 plane. This intuitive interface provides very direct feedback, in keeping with the A5’s sport flying mission. Contact us here. Ground training also includes an introduction to water operations. Many times, these excursions come with flying in new and exciting …, At ICON, we believe that your training as a pilot never ends. Learn more about the design of the ICON A5, how to buy our seaplane, the safety features and other attributes that make our seaplane and light sport aircraft unique. Cirrus, HondaJet, Pilatus, Embraer, and Air Fleet …, ICON Aircraft invites you to attend our A5 Live event in Horseshoe Bay, TX. Its cockpit controls were designed by BMW designers and have been likened to those of a sports car, while the exterior was designed by Nissan designer Randy Rodriguez. The recreational plane can be flown by anyone holding a sport pilot license, since ICON positions the amphibious aircraft with other recreational powersports vehicles like ATVs, motorcycles, watercraft and snowmobiles.

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