Do check that out too ! Instagram also works like this, but they don't give you these credentials. After ending your live video stream, you´ll see an option to share your live broadcast, once clicked, the video will be available for up to 24 hours. Please note, we are not storing any of your credentials in any servers, this is completely a client-side application, Watch the video to get a better idea on how to setup instagram live streamer with OBS Studio, This application uses Electron and React with Instagram Private APIs thanks to @dilame. Copy and paste the server URL and stream key or persistent stream key into the settings of your streaming software and start the video stream from your encoder. I am constantly updating and fixing things. they're used to log you in. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. This makes your brand more relatable, a key aspect in today’s digital marketing world. You need to reconfigure your channel before each stream since each stream key is unique. It may be that it’s disabled at any time, but for now, it works and here’s how you use it. We don't modify video stream that you send to us in any way. Facebook and YouTube have been a go-to source for DJ streaming for many years, with other platforms like Twitch gathering momentum more recently. As we said before, make sure you stream within two minutes of logging in to Yellow Duck, otherwise your key will expire. Instagram uses the same server and stream key system you might be familiar with on any other platform, but it automates it in the backend when you go live and hides it from the user. The most popular of them is OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software Studio). You would need at least a Restream Standard subscription plan and free Scheduler plan for that matter. Once again, we reiterate that Yellow Duck is third-party software and isn’t associated with Instagram — there are some other more technical ways to get access to your stream key and URL through some complex workarounds, which Yellow Duck essentially automates for you, so if it ever goes down or stops working, there’s always the long route. You can create broadcast on that page and OBS will sync settings and start streaming. Immediacy is key for this new function, as people will only be able to see what you're recording while you're live, it will not be saved in your history like Instagram stories, unless you share it. Bring your A-game to Instagram with Yellow Duck! You can live stream your pre-recorded videos to Instagram with the help of Restream Scheduler. Be patient Aaron, the latest update will soon get to the US. But there is a way to stream directly to Instagram from your laptop, giving you access to as many camera angles as you can connect, audio from any soundcard, logos, assets, and even green screening, as well as anything else that’s supported in your streaming software. Please follow this guide on how to set up and use Yellow Duck with Restream. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio, Setup CI/CD workflow with Github Actions (. Streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook provide constant stream keys, which allows you to set up your stream just once. You will also find the option called "live", where you'll be able to live stream your videos on Instagram. Then change the Output resolution to 720x1080 too, if it doesn’t change automatically. To view your live stream on Instagram while using Loola, you will have to login to Instagram from a different account. And that too from the camera which means you can't add extra effects, overlays or cool stuff like that. With WebSocket plugin installed and extra Browser source in your scene you can sync server address and stream key with this service and star/stop broadcasting automatically. Once you’re live, it’ll stay live until you stop streaming, but you have to enter your stream key within two minutes, so don’t log in to Yellow Duck until you’re ready to stream. To begin with, private messages on Instagram direct can also send videos or disappearing messages that vanish after the receiver has viewed them. Once you do, after a short delay, you’ll be greeted with your stream URL and stream key. However, you can still live stream to Instagram with Restream using a third-party service like Yellow Duck, which allows you to get an RTMP link and key. As streaming becomes the norm, try and get creative with your streams, assets, images etc — read our five ways to make your stream stand out here. At the time of writing this post, the original project of JRoy's has improved a lot ! For more information on choosing the best subscription plan, please check our Restream Plans FAQ. For setting up OBS, read this. – Rest assured your account information is safe because Yellow Duck doesn’t store your Instagram login information. Read how FL Studio changed electronic music forever, Declan McGlynn is DJ Mag's digital tech editor. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. This update does not change any of the other features that Instagram had previously.

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