#lalege #lagovpic.twitter.com/SxadrmuUTC", "Gov. Asked again Thursday, Edwards … Why does it only have one "L"? The first of Edwards' family in Louisiana was Morgan Edwards, who was British but lived in Dublin, Ireland. Then there was Buddy Roemer, who as a wunderkind congressman from Bossier Parish called his 1987 campaign the “Roemer Revolution.” He narrowly edged the incumbent, Edwin W. Edwards. BATON ROUGE, La. [29][30] In May, 2019, he signed an even more restrictive "fetal heartbeat" bill although a similar bill in the 5th Circuit, one with a similar predecessor, was blocked by Judge Carlton Reeves, in the Southern District of Mississippi. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Dardenne made his announcement at "Free Speech Alley" in front of the LSU Student Union building in Baton Rouge.[14]. According to Wikipedia, after Edwards graduated top of his class in high school, he went ahead to obtain an engineering degree from the United States Military Academy in 1988. [10] Edwards served as chairman of the Louisiana House Democratic Caucus, making him the Louisiana House Minority Leader. He continued his statement by referencing his attempts to expand investment in education, reform Louisiana's criminal justice system, pass laws that would protect LGBT citizens from discrimination in the workplace, raise the minimum wage, and ensure equal pay between men and women. What the Baton Rouge multimillionaire, who created a business in his living room now has annual revenues of close $400 million, does say, repeatedly, is that he is an acolyte of President Donald Trump. As an attorney, Edwards handled a variety of cases, though he did not practice criminal law because of his brother's status as the local sheriff.[6]. Edwards ran for a slot in the Louisiana House of Representatives in 2007. The JMC Analytics survey placed Edwards at 28 percent, instead of the actual 40 percent, and Vitter with 19 percent, rather than his actual 23 percent. [41] He is regularly seen attending church services at Christ the King Parish and Catholic Center, located on LSU's campus. Page Cortez of Lafayette became Senate president, while GOP Rep. Clay Schexnayder of Gonzales was chosen to be House speakerwith the help of Democrats, in a contentious vote that splintered Republicans. In 2011, Edwards was re-elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives, having defeated opponent Johnny Duncan, 83 to 17 percent. [11] Cities and towns that Edwards represented included Amite, Greensburg, and Kentwood as well as part of Hammond. [7] In 2007, Edwards ran for a seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives and was forced into a general election run-off with fellow attorney George Tucker. What Does Your TAG Heuer Serial Number Mean? This appointment was also a rarity for a freshman legislator, thus helping to solidify his presence in the house. Edwards was also selected as chairman of the Democratic house caucus, a rarity for a freshman legislator. [13], On November 5, 2015, Jay Dardenne of Baton Rouge, the outgoing Republican lieutenant governor, who placed fourth in the gubernatorial primary election with 166,656 (15 percent),[13] endorsed Democrat Edwards in the forthcoming race against Vitter. The moderate governor drew enough cross-party support for a win with his focus on bipartisan, state-specific issues. [35][36], Edwards is married to Donna (née Hutto, born February 1967). In line with his campaign to reduce the ever-growing prison population in Louisiana, the governor’s first action in office was to pardon 22 out of 56 prisoners. Edwards in 2015 received 162 votes, or 35.7% of the 453 votes cast. Actress Lynn Whitfield, a Baton Rouge native, read the Maya Angelou poem “Continue.” The governor was sworn in by Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Bernette Johnson. The inauguration featured a 19-cannon salute; a flyover by F-15s with the Louisiana National Guard; prayers; and hymns sung by college choirs. For John Bel Edwards it's the family ties, Kevin Litten, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune. [8] Edwards was overwhelmingly elected, winning every parish in the district. This fete made him the only freshman in the committee. [6], Edwards completed Airborne School in 1986, while he was a student at West Point. Edwards also got appointed as the chair of the democratic house. [42] In 2014, Edwards and other members of his Tangipahoa Parish political family were inducted as a group into the Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame Winnfield. The next year, Trump got 708 of 807 votes cast in this precinct, 87.8% of the total. "We're not very imaginative people in our family when it comes to names. Samantha Edwards is the daughter of Louisiana Gov. [27] One of his first actions as governor was to commute 22 sentences out of 56 that the state's Board of Pardons had identified for him. Edwards met with Pope Francis during the trip. John Bel Edwards, and the motivation behind him planning to sign the state's new "heartbeat" abortion bill. Edwards is a moderate Democrat who strongly believes in government as a beneficent force. Where the incumbent suffered were in precincts that Trump carried handily in 2016.

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