She demands Billy tell her what happened or the love her life will die and she’ll be very angry and she doesn’t know what will happen if she gets very angry. Later, we see Miss Storm encounter Doc. Wynonna is outright flabbergasted. “Through this incredible, enlightening journey of playing a queer character and meeting the fans that are drawn to her, I guess I’ve re-evaluated how I am to face this part of me.”. Dominique Provost-Chalkley He thanks her and leaves. Waverly, Wynonna, Dolls and Jeremy deliberate the possibility of developing a cure for Nicole, deducing that they would need to obtain more venom from one of the Widows to do so. His soul for her soul. Holt pulls onto the farm just as Wynonna does and Waverly walks over to her, upset. Meanwhile, Doc, uncharacteristically disguised in street clothes, goes snooping around Waverly's apartment looking for whatever Earp good he can get his hands on to appease Bobo. Nicole greets him and he is confused as to what happened. Wynonna makes Rachel promise not to leave Nicole alone before running through the gate. Doc and Waverly, sensing something's up, trail fast behind her. She collapses into the Wynonna's arms after Nicole is taken away, going on to explain what had just happened to her and Dolls. The same year, Waverly was tricked by her \"imaginary friend\" Bobo to plant a talisman that would neutralize the ammolite on their land. Waverly knows it’s morse code which makes Nicole elated. Corral. Her mother is from Montreal, Quebec (like her co-star. She immediately confronts Nicole about this, who had looked at the results. Chrissy refuses to take the word of an Earp, since the last time her father was seen he was with Wynonna before she disappeared for a year and a half. Wynonna picks up Peacemaker, and aims it between Red's eyes and sends Red back to hell. Waverly brings up the proposal but Nicole cuts her off by kissing her. buddies. Waverly returns to the hospital and visits Nicole for a final time as Shae tries to make sense of Nicole's lab results. (Waiting Forever For You)Jeremy, Robin, Nicole and Waverly are having a lovely double date at the Earp residence. Wynonna agrees but Waverly has to persuade Doc who eventually agrees and steps inside. Though Doc struggles to control his thirst which scares Waverly. A mass murder has occurred in Pussy Willows. She starts to propose but Waverly asks if she can do it. It’s a cattle brand from an infamous family of cattle rustlers who were on the opposing side of the Earps during the shootout at the O.K. Nicole was so feeble in her begs so she made a deal for Nicole to bring Doc to the Clanton’s as punishment for what happened at the O.K. (Purgatory) Wynonna left Purgatory when she was quite young, leaving Waverly behind. Mercedes elaborates that she tried her best to nurse Nedley back to health but he ran away from her and into the woods where the monsters are. Appearance count:, The title makes reference to the country-music album. Instead Wynonna gets in a bit of a shoot out with Doc, who looks like a regular burglar. Rachel comments they’ll need pants to go. While there, they essentially detox from the cookies, and come to their senses. The trio contains the ogre as Wynonna watches blissfully. The two are together when Beth Gardner regains consciousness and fight about handling Tucker Gardner. Was voted nicest person in Purgatory and won a sash for it. Turns out the Doc and the hijacker, , are old-buddies-old-pals. ← "Friends in Low Places" Wynonna and Waverly are surprised the men are working together. They try to kiss, but are interrupted by Wynonna. After Nicole tells Waverly that she was worried, Dark Waverly pretends to break down and tells Nicole that Wynonna is possessed. She started the Homestead fire and Wynonna plans to kill the Clanton’s now. Relatives: At the border, Chrissy tries to leave and is cleared by the supervisor. He walks away from the scene as Nicole wakens. Waverly assures Wynonna that Doc is all over proving she didn't kill Nedley. Doc slowly passes out as she mutters about Nicole and Wynonna. Throughout the course of Season 1, Waverly questions her sexuality when she meets and finds herself falling in love with Nicole Haught. Waverly then learns that a year and a half have passed since Nicole broke her leg and the women were separated. The second option is an exorcism that drowns Nicole in salted holy water, but the idea of drowning doesn’t please Waverly. Doc stalks the woods for the People Eater, following a trail that leads to a bloodied and abandoned truck that was ambushed earlier that day. Wynonna wanders through the house to find Rachel who is moving out to the barn now that everyone is back. Cleo announces that four of the chilies were terrible with Chrissy thanking everyone for coming. A gunshot rips through the air and hits Holt who falls to his knees, dead. Deputy Marshall Dolls descends on the scene, albeit just a tad late, and provides shelter for the sisters. Nicole tells Waverly that there is something new in the traps every night, monsters that want inside.,, Veganism - The Philosophy | The Travelling Series, She finds the ring in a mug on Randy Nedley's desk. This allows her to use her father's ring, granting her magical powers, including killing Revenants (and presumably other demonic creatures) with a touch, miraculously healing Mercedes Gardner's face, which had been mutilated by Bulshar's wives in the previous season, and even resurrecting Charlie after his death, although it's unclear if his own angelic abilities contributed to this, as it later takes almost all of her father's power to heal Nicole Haught of a mortal wound. I am into ALL humans. They find Doc in a hole with a trap on his pants. Jeremy tries to reason with Waverly that everything was Nicole’s idea - from the handcuffs to the exorcism. Nicole wants to talk about it but she can’t without vomiting. Waverly assures Nicole that the team would find a cure before watching Nicole get put under. In the interrogation room, Bobo is paid a visit by Waverly, who wants to know why he chose to manipulate her as a young girl, to which Bobo responds that he sees deep, dark things in her. Waverly awakens in the woods by the homestead and instantly runs off to find Nicole. She is half English, half French-Canadian. Doc appears and punches Eve, who shifts into Jeremy and releases Waverly who struggles to regain her breath. Wynonna enters the garden and runs to the throne where Waverly is sitting. Doc doesn't let this get to him but Waverly tells Doc she won't let Eve escape her prison. Waverly believes this is her home and destiny. After Waverly finds a riddle left to her by her uncle, her and Champ head to Shorty's to decipher it however Waverly is the one doing all the work while Champ plays pool. (I Walk the Line) Willa threatens to shoot Nicole, calling her 'Waverly's girlfriend'. Out on the highway, Wynonna breaks free of the hijacker's grasp before she's intercepted by her sister and Doc. Nicole refuses to allow that as she's in this fight. But there's a caveat: because the booklet was technically Waverly's property, the Shadow Assassin is headed for her. Cleo starts the competition and tells them to get cooking. Waverly is in shock as she can't believe she killed Margo. Doc refuses to let Waverly sit on the stone-turning chair though she claims it's her birthright and legacy, before noting that she isn't sure why she said that. Nicole starts to wake up in the middle of the conversation, and Waverly leaves the room after Shae lets the doctor know that Nicole is allergi to a certain type of anesthetic. Rachel comments that Doc is goals for carrying a bottle the whole way. Billy kisses Rachel’s cheek and walks out of the barn. Nicole tells Wynonna that she didn't give up the badge. Upon discovering her passion for the performing arts, Dominique trained in acting, singing and all genres of dance. It's a clash of the titans. Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc track down August at Big Deep Lake, where the barber is hiding out. Waverly and Nicole discuss what happened while she was gone into their bedroom. Nephilim Latest appearance: “So I just focused really hard on the ‘boy part’, hoping that the ‘other part of me’ would eventually go away.”. She greets the inmate KC who feels unsafe with the presence of Wynonna. Waverly Earp, Nicole plans to right all the wrongs that were done to her when she gets out of the barrier. Kind: Jeremy and Nedley can’t see the Reaper and they knocked over the jar of frogs with Nicole. Whatever he’s up against they can work it out for the good of their kin - together. In Afraid, Nicole and Waverly set up a meeting at the homestead and wait for Doc and Wynonna to start Nicole’s presentation. Instead Wynonna gets in a bit of a shoot out with Doc, who looks like a regular burglar. Michelle: You’re already a lesbian. Wynonna brushes off her being in a white truck promising that she will explain everything later. 1 Biography 2 Season 4 3 Relationships 3.1 Rachel Valdez 4 Appearances 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 References Billy moved to Purgatory during the eighteen months in which Wynonna Earp, Waverly Earp, and Doc Holliday were missing. There's a brawl, incited by Michelle and Wynonna, and the two are thrown in jail. Waverly is shortly thereafter dragged from the car by an unseen figure, screaming for her sister. The worst-case scenario is her einsteins might run to snakes. She and Clayborn understand the sacrifice needed. Wynonna uses the ring to help encourage Waverly to return to Purgatory and leave her post in the Garden, reminding her that she's not just the Guardian but an Earp - and it's time to get up and give the ring back to Nicole. (No Future in the Past) Wynonna takes a spirited trip to the past to witness the creation of the Earp curse and the seals' locations. (When You Call My Name) Waverly falls into the clutches of a mountain man Revenant intent on dismembering, cooking, and eating her in lieu of more sporty fare. In The Blade, He won’t hurt them. He pulls the chains out of the well along with the roots weighing it down. Waverly eventually escapes and goes to Shorty's where she sees Jeremy drowning Nicole as Randy speaks Latin over her. He takes out his gunslingers and is greeted by a man who knows Doc's birthdate. Waverly tells her to fix her hex or she’ll kill her, but Margo claims she can’t. Jeremy changes the subject by giving them BBD binders that might have information on the Clanton’s. (Shed Your Skin) Nicole and Waverly's relationship has been somewhat tense because of Nicole being kept out Black Badge Division and Waverly's changes in personality (caused by her being possessed by the Mictian). While treating the bruise, Waverly kisses Nicole and they try to take it further until Nicole's bruise makes it painful. “I was attracted to girls… but I also liked boys?! Waverly Earp owns a vegan restaurant in Purgatory, which is supplied by a local farmer, Nicole Haught. Waverly admittedly holds a grudge against Wynonna for leaving her alone in Purgatory, even though Wynonna believes it was for the best. Doc removes his hat. Waverly awakens just in time to save Wynonna, who commands Peacemaker from across the room to work for Waverly so the youngest Earp can fire off a warning shot. Wynonna finds herself on the wrong side of the law and Doc partners with a new demon. This beauty was born in the city of Bristol, England, and is a French-Canadian woman by origin. After a brief scuffle, Mercedes bites into Nicole's arm and escapes. Doc reminds her that the thing needs human blood to survive, but neither of them is human so their blood won't work as a sacrifice. The Sheriff knocks on the glass that she has visitors. but Waverly's got guts. Instead, he's got to go back to Judge Cryderman and assure him that things are going well. She teams up with Wynonna to find Waverly, who has crossed into the Garden of Eden with Doc.

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