Jackie Fielder (@JackieFielder_). The first event that politicized me was Black Lives Matter, when I was a sophomore in college. I have students at San Francisco State who are leaving with so much debt, a handful of them are unhoused or housing-insecure. After successfully running the DSA campaign to defeat the Police Officers Association, Jackie was tapped by Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza to take over her Race, Women, and Class course at SF State.Jackie’s opponent has consistently contradicted the voters of his own district and the work of DSA SF. And while Wiener, who is taking corporate cash, is still fundraising above her, Fielder believes San Francisco is ready for change. These groups would never support me anyway, but just wanting to make clear that I wouldn’t do it. We’re going to have it. We want at least a $20 minimum wage. Right before we arrived, the city opened up its biggest shelter. In any case, we crossed a really big milestone on July 1, passing the $350,000 threshold. He is the most real-estate-funded politician in the California legislature. In response to the pandemic, we want to cancel rent and potentially cancel mortgages. So when this movement came around, I found a ton of people like me who had been alienated or disconnected from their family history, and for the first time in generations, we saw an indigenous resistance in physical form in one location, and to no one’s surprise, there was a concerted, militarized law enforcement response and violent crackdown on unarmed water protectors there — indigenous and nonindigenous. California has 40 million people and the fifth largest economy in the world; we could be our own country, essentially. My involvement with DSA has been an extension of my own people’s beliefs — namely, indigenous people and Mexicanos — that we have to rely on each other to survive, that we deserve not just bread, but also roses. Help Us Stick Around for Many More. I saw how many millions of dollars police unions pour into state legislative races, including the assembly and senate, and I saw very clearly how that affected bills when they finally got to the legislature. We’re already seeing stories of landlords harassing and intimidating and locking out tenants who have just lost their jobs, and not a single legislator in the California legislature has proposed any measure for canceling rent or mortgages. And he surprisingly conceded somewhat. MBW: What's the most valuable thing you've learned about yourself as a first-time candidate?JF: I've learned that taking up space is not just taking up space for myself; it's for all of the communities that I'm fighting for. The privatization of basic human necessities that we’ve been pursuing for over two hundred years is not working. I also attended public schools here. The First 'Bridgerton' Teaser Trailer Is Here! That was my first protest ever, chanting through the streets of Palo Alto. We want a $100 billion California housing emergency fund. Get a discounted print subscription today. My hope for the longest time has been for that same wildfire to take hold here on the West coast. Corporate-free candidate for Senate (SD11). As a candidate for California State Senate, I am proposing a ten-point platform to dismantle police violence, fundamentally change our relationship with law enforcement, and end the terrorizing of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other communities of color by law enforcement. MBW: You're probably the youngest candidate we're speaking with in this series. In fact, you cofounded the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition, and that battle has been waged successfully so far, as I understand it. Public banking will always be my passion. What we want to do with our own public bank for the City of San Francisco is take that money out, keep it in our own public institution, and invest in things that we need, such as affordable housing and renewable energy. It’s the money that is continuously circulated through our local economy. What Happens Next in the Presidential Election? And so I decided to follow the money. We stepped in where the city and the state were not. I've been working hard and fighting my whole life. There will be a primary in March, and the top-two vote getters — regardless of party affiliation — will face off in the general election. 2020 is the year we take back our district, our state, and our country from corporate interests and put working people first.”, Jacobin’s Meagan Day spoke to Fielder about her history of political activism, the financial contrast in her State Senate race, and why California is ripe for what she calls “a workers’ revolution to take on entrenched special interests.”. Tell me a little bit about what you did in all those areas and what kinds of values and ethos you see running throughout all of them? JF: Building a grassroots machine of our own that's built by, built for, and is accountable to everyday people, not for the benefit of any corporation or private interests. We need to invest in our public schools more than ever; our teachers, our students, and our families are being asked to do tremendous amounts of work right now with even fewer resources. We deserve better, plain and simple. MELISSA BATCHELOR WARNKE: Tell us a little bit about your district in California — what its political dynamics and some of its big industries and issues are. It’s time to seize the moment. My hope for the longest time has been for that same wildfire to take hold here on the West coast. Causes event by Democratic Socialists of America: San Francisco on Saturday, September 26 2020 I'm consistently inspired by the people in this district. In fact, I'm a policy nerd; I studied public policy and economics as an undergrad at Stanford. My opponent has accepted contributions from all of those interests. The only alternative was to build a bank from the ground up that was owned by our local government. We also did an action last year during the fires to hand out masks to unhoused people in conjunction with Mask Oakland and a lot of other organizations, like Bay Resistance. MBW: What's been your biggest challenge so far? I’m 100 percent inspired by the successes in recent years among democratic socialists. Whereas I’m asking people for $25, and often less than that. Our new issue, “Failure Is an Option,” is out soon. So there is a huge disconnect there. (Twitter). So when she announced her candidacy, Fielder was already well-respected for her organizing work — and volunteers quickly hit the phones and the streets to get the word out. At that time, I was looking at police policies from the local level to the state level, and the flows of money from police unions to political candidates. California has a responsibility to lead not just the nation, but the world in passing a Green New Deal and making a Just Transition to a zero-carbon economy by 2030 in partnership with labor unions, affordable housing groups, renewable energy businesses, regenerative farmers, and people Indigenous to California. We have 18 million renters out of 40 million people in California, but two or even maybe just one renter in the whole California state legislature. That energy was seen in the remarkable success of radical Chesa Boudin’s campaign for SF district attorney. We deserve to not only survive, but to thrive. Is it self-serving or is it truly for their community? The DSA’s organizing operation, on the other hand, thrived due to motivated volunteers drawn to the agenda of its endorsed candidates. The common denominator in the oppression of Indigenous people, as well as Black people and so many communities of color, whether through private prisons or weapons manufacturing or fossil fuel corporations, is Wall Street. Get Shondaland directly in your inbox: SUBSCRIBE TODAY. Tell me more about the kinds of support you’ve gotten, what other kinds of support you’re looking for, and the particular situation in San Francisco in which new kinds of political coalitions are forming.

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