Extreme lightweight shell design weighs only 6 oz! No, the Truesight and the BOSS lenses have different cover lens kits. It's not the batteries, because I've went through tons of batteries trying to fix the problem. The part that the knobs screw into, the center protrudes instead of being flush, not allowing the knobs to get tight in the right place. Basically a next gen with a bigger window you can use a regular flat lense for the front just have the rubber gasket from the older hoods. They both rock. Collapse. If you find, like some users do, that the neck coverage is too skimpy you can buy the HSL series shell and move over to that design without laying out a lot of cash. Everything else are auto-darkening helmets. The Jackson Welding Helmet - Serpent TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30315 and the Miller Titanium are going to very similar in alot of aspects Here is a quick comparison Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No; Product Dimensions : 9.63 x 9 x 10.25 inches; 2.75 Pounds; Item model number : 29371; Batteries : 2 AAA batteries required. shade 8-13 5-13 The TrueSight provides a clearer view than the Infinity. babillis alex. And how long would those last? Yes the Jackson Welding Helmet - Serpent TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30315 comes with a built in mag lens holder.. GB100 is excellent for safely storing and carrying expensive welding helmets. The 1/1/1/1 optical clarity is as good as it gets. He has always been interested in welding from an early age and has the cuts and bruises to prove it as he set out to work with a variety of metals. The Jackson 370 headgear is fully adjustable for height, head size and eye distance from the viewport. Much better clarity and field of vision. i have both 9100x and xx and neither have a problem with the knobs coming loose. Yes, it does have a positive stop in the up position but no "click" sound. If you insist on a reliable, comfortable helmet that’s not going to fail or leave you regretting the money you spent, check out our five best Jackson welding helmets. The Miller Welding Helmet Magnifying Lenses that we offer on our site can be used with the Truesite helmets .. State-Of-The-Art: The TrueSight II is the only helmet in this tier at present. What all comes with this unit? Like most helmets with a curved cover, some users are bothered by glare or reflections. call speedglas and complain about the headgear. We can ship to them for free and you can then coordinate delivery costs from them to you. The lens will stay activated for 2 hours from the time the last arc was struck.It will then automatically turn off. There new 370 head gear is very comfy but does not last. I've considered getting rid of my speedglas just because the **** thing won't stay put when I have my hood up. Tighten it up and flip it down one time and it's loose again, gotta hold my head like my nose is bleeding to keep the hood from falling down. Previous 1 2 template Next. power auto on/off auto off X 1 on the 91000XX headgear. Jackson Truesight II Welding Helmet. The BOSS lens has a .2" larger viewing area than the Truesight lens (3.41 X 3.87 versus 3.25 X 4), so the difference in overall viewing area is very small. I love the large amber viewing window. Member. tig rating 5 The Truesight lens also has solar battery recharge and 4 independent sensors as opposed to 2 sensos on the BOSS lens. This helmet has a digital keypad for variable shade from 5-8 and 9-13. Now, I can just tighten them down so they are firm and the hood stays put in the up position regardless of head position. My job I'm currently not getting paid. I fired up on the TS and had to darken to a 10. It's a 18 week high rep training program to get the job. is this helmet better then miller infinity series? It is not a replacement for manufacturers directions and is only to provide reminders for experienced welders. The Jackson … This helmet has greatly improved my tig welding. And are there any ideas for a din higher than 13 in the works maybe? The Jackson Serpent TrueSight® II auto-darkening welding helmet now features the unmatched clarity of Balder™ lens technology. It’s an expensive helmet, but with the largest viewport Jackson offers, Balder Technology, industry-leading comfort and a 5-year warranty, it’s probably justified. The SmarTIGer is a professional welding helmet featuring Balder Technology and a 1/1/1/1 optical rating. The Grind, Weld and Torch modes give the NexGen filter its 3-in-1 label. You will then be rerouted to our third party shipping company. Disclaimer: Weldguru.com supports our readers with industry knowledge & research. The NexGen and BH3 are in this series. I bought this for my grandson. To attach the Jackson Welding Helmet - Serpent TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30315 to hard hat, you would use Jackson Mounting Blade Kit 187-S 15968 for mounting Jackson welding helmets to Jackson slotted (SC6) hard hats. You can’t go wrong with any of these helmets, but the Jackson BH3 is our top pick.. Jeff Grill hails from Long Island, a 118 mile stretch of land that starts just off the coast of Manhattan and stretches deep into the Atlantic ocean. I can actually see what I'm doing when welding this product is really great I'm totally satisfied with it. Is this the W60 or w70 model? It’s hard hat compatible and has a solar panel to keep the battery topped off. i had those cheap knobs on the side and i went through like 6 sets of em. Ive gone through three or four of them in the last year. One potential issue is that some users reported a lot of light coming in from behind. Shade level is fully adjustable between levels 9-13. The tradeoffs are a smaller viewport, no grind mode and a non-replaceable battery. Reason why I at least gave 2 stars. great helmat. Jackson welding helmets are known for great optics, high quality advanced technology and market-leading comfort. Balder True Color Technology combines with Jackson’s largest viewport, maybe the biggest on the market at 13 square inches, to bring you an unmatched view of your welding. It also has a smooth, rounded design with a curved front cover. The Insight and SmarTIGer are in this group. … Miller Jackson Jackson offers a wide range of welding helmets, from inexpensive passive hoods to high-priced, premium models at the top end of the market. The only thing I really don't like is that the graphic is more pink than it is red. speed 1/20,000 sec 1/8700 micro seconds One of the guys had a nex gen and loved it. Add to Cart. He had me look at my head gear and think we found what the problem is. You probably recognize the Jackson Safety name whether you’re a welding student, a professional or just a weekend warrior. The NexGen is equipped with an automatic shutoff feature and a low battery indicator. If you like these features on the BH3 but can’t justify its price, the SmarTIGer delivers a better value. Can you use a magnifier lens with this helmet? How do I get more clear lens for this kind of helmet? What type of batteries does this hood use? It is the real deal and I would buy another one. Time to upgrade helmets. ArcOne® Vision® Black Welding Helmet #X81VX-1500 . The Jackson Safety BH3 is a professional auto-darkening helmet that features Balder truecolor technology, 1/1/1/1 optics, light weight, great comfort and tops it all off with a 5-year warranty. Some users report that this shell is too narrow to fit a respirator. Optical clarity 1/1/1/1 is best-in-class Variable shade from 5-8 and 9-13 Balder True Color Technology for clearer view Weld, Grind and Torch modes Uses standard AAA battery size; Pros. Collapse. The BH3’s rounded corners make it easier to fit into tight spaces and improve impact resistance. Not just my helmet either, 2 more welders I know have this helmet and say the same thing. This one feature can make a huge difference in the quality of your welding because it gives you a great view of the weld puddle that green filters just can’t match. Sensitivity down to 5 amps is sensitive enough for TIG and sheet metal work. I purchased the welding helmet for my grandson who is taking welding class at BOCES. The Jackson is available in several graphic styles.. the Miller ins made over seas the jackson is US made, does this hood have an automatic on feature, The Jackson Welding Helmet - Serpent TRUESIGHT Auto-Dark Lens 30315 does not have an automatic on feature.. I am a aprentership pipe welder.. Ive been wanting the miller for a while and now that I got the money I'm starting to like thesse Jackson hoods... Help! I will say that the rest of the head gear in it is very comfortable and well made, Very good welding helet, lightweight with many variations of shade, The Cyberweld® name, logo and the slogan "Weld with your mouse" are registered service marks of Cyberweld®, Jackson Welding Helmet - Serpent TrueSight II Lens 46162 detail, Jackson TrueSight II Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets, Jackson Welding Helmet - TrueSight External Safety Lens 30320, Jackson Welding Helmet - TrueSight Internal Safety Lens 30321, 3.25 inch X 4.00 inch (13.0 square inch) Viewing Area, Digital controls (Designed by is the boss lens bigger than the truesight? $399.22 * You Save $110.22. Light weight with Jackson 370 headgear make it comfortable. by John Chamorro » Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:57 am . I have the old faithful Jackson that goes to 12- but when i change to an 1/8 inch tungsten on the Tig for heavy applications, i see lots of colorful spots when i lift the helmet. Jackson Welding Helmet - Serpent TrueSight II Lens 46162 comes with one extra outside cover plate. Welders using other helmet brands often recommend retrofitting with Jackson headgear, a testimonial to its legendary all-day comfort. So I figured buying a high quality pricey hood before I started would last me. Latest Price on Amazon ↑ Back to top ↑ 5. I just ran a couple stainless beads with my new True Sight II and with the Nexgen. Show. It does have a postive click both down and up which is nice. Jackson Welding Helmet - Serpent TrueSight II Lens 46162 comes with the W70 lens. The NexGen filter on this helmet is the real star of the show. check out the. Users love the big viewport on this helmet and the digital display that indicates the shade level at a glance. The True Sight is hands down better than the Nexgen. new posts. Typical Jackson comfort and durability please a legion of loyal users. The comfortable headgear features four height adjustments. The Miller comes in a high temp silver finish only .. Jackson Safety stands behind the BH3’s quality with a 5-year warranty, pushing this helmet into our top spot. Jackson TrueSight II Digital Variable ADF Welding Helmet - - Amazon.com. I just wished it came with a helmet bag.

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