Accidentally brought back the snowman/penguin sliding glitch. Following this up, Zerodium CEO Chaouki Bekrar put it more bluntly, tweeting: “iOS Security is f*****.”. The Spinner rims are no longer obtainable. Shotguns do more damage based off how many bullets hit the target(s). Added a feature where you can fuel up on Rocket Fuel without actually going to a Gas Station by simply pressing the Rocket Fuel bar or pressing Q on an empty tank. Right now, you will find the only valid codes that we’ve got. If you do chose to jailbreak your iPhone using the unc0ver hack, you should be vigilant installing apps as these app stores do not have Apple's strict levels of quality and security oversight. Torpedo is less slippery and is now the fastest vehicle in-game. More game console (Xbox, PS4, etc.) Apple is constantly adding more features to iOS that introduce new attack surfaces.". The Evil Lair and the Secret Agent Base can now be obtained at Level 5. The Ambulance has its own unique siren now. badge. A new jailbreak tool that works on almost all iPhones in use today was released Saturday. The usage instructions are available on the unc0ver website here. You can now get 5 XP for killing other players. Reduced the vehicle barrier in robberies due to complaints. While Apple has never supported jailbreaking tools, it has generally kept a hands-off approach to violators. The sound effect can be listened to here: Gave all vehicles an acceleration buff to compensate for slower speed due to the metal material. Thunderstorms are more frequent & lightning lights the map up. Apple reports that 94 percent of iPhones currently have iOS 12 or iOS 13 installed. Moreover, we shouldn’t be expecting a fix any time soon. You can now rent a Lamborghini for only 99R$. The oil tanks on the Cargo Train now glow in the night. The most recent major update was the Town Revamp Update. The Torpedo and the Arachnid are now obtainable at Level 5. The Passenger Train's locomotive was changed to Thomas the Train from a known kid's show called "Thomas the Tank Engine". Changed the Legacy lighting back to the Voxel lightning due to an issue with the brightness. New Mobile Garage customization features. 05/25 Update: Apple has made its first iOS 13 fixes via a remote server switch (meaning you don't need a new version of iOS). Robbery sounds (not the alarms) can also be mutable via the mute button. As of October 4th, 2020, Badimo is still on a monthly update schedule. When you reload a gun, the magazine will drop on the ground (you can not pick it up). Unfortunately, this does not address the zero-day hack, but rather patch a flaw introduced in iOS 13.5 which broke major apps including WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. The Radio Station building has been demolished. Cargo Trains now make a very loud engine sound. Found this article interesting? Part of the. The Town during the Volcano Eruption Update. Patched a helicopter parachuting bug that could send you under the map. 73. A new jailbreak tool that works on almost all iPhones in use today was released Saturday. Removed the small building by the Fire Station. Fixed an issue were planes wouldn't lock. The default license plate now says "BADIMO" instead of "ABCDEF". Fixed the team menu not popping up when you join a server. Removed the ability to glitch into the Bank when it's closed. Alien themed map, such as a purple map, a galaxy sky, two Suns, an egg-shaped moon, etc. New Tool Can Jailbreak Any iPhone and iPad Using An Unpatched 0-Day Bug. We will update the newest codes at the earliest opportunity that will help you enjoy playing this Roblox game. Supercar Update. New third-person shooting system (first-person shooting system still exists, but only with a few weapons). Xbox Controls are back for sprinting and driving., Miscellaneous Update 83 (Fall Map Update), Miscellaneous Update 72 (New Atmosphere Update), Miscellaneous Update 69 (Three Year Anniversary Update), Miscellaneous Update 65 (2020 April Fools Update). This provides full device access (microphone, texts, pictures, camera, etc) but would require an additional RCE (Remote Code Execution) to hack it from afar. You can now press 'Space' to close the automatically-opened parachute. Airdrop Briefcases have a bigger chance of giving a weapon instead of an item during Battle Royale. Apple iOS 13.5 Release: Should You Upgrade? Extended the tunnels in the Town Mineshaft. When you lock a vehicle and go into another vehicle, that vehicle will remain locked. 'Change out of that Prison Jumpsuit!' Giant alien tentacles are now found at every tunnel at the edge of the map. Spamming weapons/items was patched due to a glitch where weapon spamming could cause you to glitch through walls. The SUV's spawn was moved into a parking space next to the Camaro at the Prison. Improved train Physics. Helicopters and Ambulances are forbidden in Battle Royale. The screens in the Secret Agent Base are now glowing blue. New tunnel that leads to nowhere but will likely be part of a future map expansion. Cops can no longer arrest innocent prisoners. Shotgun’s bullets per clip amount has been buffed to 5 (used to be 4 per clip). The jailbreak, released by the unc0ver team, supports all iPhones that run iOS 11 and above, including up to iOS 13.5, which Apple released this week. Blade now has an option to change its headlight color. The donut on top of the Donut Shop now only has one eye. All vehicles (including aerial and watercraft) now has a reflection effect on the body (with the exception of. Every time Jailbreak updates, the game icon and thumbnail usually reflect so. Fixed a glitch where the E prompts wouldn't show up most of the time. Revamps are also usually on top of some bug fixes. Sometime between late February and early March, Miscellaneous Update 32 (Merch & Cyber Monday Sale/Gamepass Sale 4), Miscellaneous Update 18 (Gamepass Sale 3), Miscellaneous Update 07 (Black Friday Sale/Black Friday Sale/Gamepass Sale 2), Miscellaneous Update 03 (Gamepass Sale 1). It started in 2003 and we were repeatedly told websites could not compete with print! Removed the cooldown timer for spawning vehicles.

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