PRESTWOOD FUNERAL HOME, 105 US 90 W. BALDWIN, FL 32234 (904) 266-0072. When Robert turned to Anna and asked if she thought about the time they admitted to being Robin's parents, they were both stunned to learn that they were both recalling the same moment in time. Luke also read a letter from Robert at the service. On 11-18-14, Anna states that she and Duke are no longer married, implying their marriage was legally dissolved. Julian shot and killed an escaped Olivia, who told Anna that Jonathan was really "Duke" before she died. Since his "death" Anna had been having frequent hallucinations of Carlos taunting her about how she's supposed to be upholding the law but then turned around and violated the law herself. Robert takes off to save Ethan, even after Anna asks him to stay for Robin's funeral. Join Facebook to connect with Josh DeVane and others you may know. When Anna realized Robin was in love, she made sure Patrick felt the same way before she left Port Charles and headed out on a different assignment. Anna went back to Port Charles and found out that Robert had Robin. [11], In late July 2003, All My Children announced that Hughes would exit in the role of Anna when her contract expired. She later gets a call from one of her officers and goes outside where she bumps into Mac Scorpio. David did everything he could to work his way back into Anna's life, including admitting to some crimes and giving up his job at the hospital for one at the free clinic. Anna later left Port Charles to confront Alex about Peter and the memory switch. Leora needed another surgery, but David did not want it. Gabriel, Alex, and Dimitri returned to Hungary to comfort Gillian's family. When Olivia realized that Duke wouldn't leave Anna, she planned to kill him in a rigged elevator which would crash. Duke and Anna were married at the time of his presumed death in 1989, but he was revealed to be alive in 2012. One time, Robin and Patrick walked in on them in the supply closet at General Hospital. Heather Webber is turning herself in at the PCPD for Anna and her friends so that everybody in Port Charles will be safe from her because according to Sonny's lawyer and Anna's friend Alexis, Heather is not just crazy, but she's also dangerous. On November 11, Anna returned to Port Charles and found Cassandra Pierce holding Charlotte Cassadine hostage by the throat. Robert, Patrick, Robin, Anna, and Mac Scorpio then shared a meal and toasted to family. On May 30, 2019, reported that Hughes would be leaving GH on May 31 to go on her annual summer break. The marriage was cut short with the revelation that David had drugged and hid Anna's sister in law Maria Grey from her family for over half a decade. [11], In late March 2008, it was announced that Hughes would make a return to General Hospital. Anna was presumed dead in 1992, but resurfaced years later in Pine Valley. [12] In late 1991, rumors circulated that Hughes had been fired. When Holly learned Anna was once Robert's wife she was outraged and left Robert and Port Charles. The arrival of Mr. Big's right hand man, Damon Grenville, meant that Duke would have to hurry and put their money laundering scheme, dubbed Operation Tumble Dry, into effect. Eventually, the two grew close. Devane appeared in the films McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971); Lady Liberty (1971); Family Plot (1976), directed by Alfred Hitchcock; Marathon Man (1976); Rolling Thunder (1977); Yanks (1979); Testament (1983) with Jane Alexander; Timestalkers (1987) with Lauren Hutton and Klaus Kinski; Forgotten Sins (1996) with John Shea; Exception to the Rule (1997); Payback (1999); Hollow Man and Space Cowboys (2000).

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