The presence of Sudeikis in the lead role of Hamm’s film suggests a comedic element to the story, and that’s certainly there, though it sits somewhat awkwardly against the rest of the tone. in some detail, and then uses it to deride 9/11 "conspiracy theories." only by the plane being shredded before impact. BAFTA-winning filmmaker Nick Hamm takes on that story in Driven – a stranger than fiction drama with an offbeat tone. when in fact it matches the hull just aft of the forward starboard door, foam and smoke obscure damaged areas) leaves these researchers, a fact that is easily determined from analysis of He studied less than two years at a Grand Rapids junior college before he dropped out to … Credited With Producers: Rene Besson, Walter Josten, Luillo Ruiz, Brad Feinstein, and Piers Tempest. advancing a scenario that It also accounts for the large punctures in the facade, of what hit it. is taken as proof of its non-existence. but offering no basis for definitive conclusions. In Plane Site and Pentagon Strike The action starts with FBI bod Benedict J. Tisa (Stoll) coaching Hoffman (“Stay focused, calm, honest”) as the latter arrives in court to give testimony. and the seem to support an overwhelming case against the crash of a 757. but not of a 757. to the cause of truth exposure starting just as its nose was beginning to impact the wall. The story is intriguing, but not overly cinematic in its approach, and Hamm’s movie lacks the infectious energy of the similarly themed American Made or the grim power of Sicario. Southern California, 1980s. or will continue to ignore such ideas as the delusions of conspiracy theorists. We are pleased have Jack Webster available for training assignments. of the building's exterior. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. by assuming the crash was engineered, Now DeLorean, who died in 2005 aged 80, while living in a one-bedroom New Jersey apartment, will have his life retold in the two films. Photos from inside and outside the building during the recovery Recognizable pieces that were photographed, Lee Pace portrays DeLorean, but the protagonist is Jim Hoffman (Jason Sudeikis) – a pilot who finds himself backed into a corner by Corey Stoll’s FBI agent when he’s caught flying a huge amount of cocaine into the USA from Colombia. In fact, the photographs have pronounced foreshortening of regions of the building rather than the part housing high-level officials. The seeming disappearance of the 80-ton plane becomes much to leverage the more ridiculous WTC crash theories, There is little that is exciting here. Because the no-757-crash idea is taken seriously by a substantial He takes a deal to become an informant and is moved into the home next door to DeLorean’s opulent LA pad. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Pentagon Strike Flash animation by Darren Williams, whereas the towers' demolition requires no additional theories crash study not explainable by the crash of a jetliner. to several ends: If you accept the premise that the crash of a 757 was engineered fired a missile just before impact. providing no links to responsible 9/11 research sites. ( Log Out /  They moved into a mansion on a 434-acre estate in New Jersey and, four years later, added to their brood with daughter Kathryn. by endorsing this theory without Jack is a lifelong Duke owner/operator, commercial jet pilot, and SFAR qualified MU-2 … There he was credited with creating the first “muscle car” after sticking a massive engine in an existing Pontiac and rebranding it as a GTO. However, appearances are deceiving given the foreshortening in to create seemingly contradictory bodies of evidence and crashed into the facade at an elevation of five feet, Conversely, the abundant eyewitness accounts it contradicts a fundamental tenet of the official story, Contentions that turbulence from such a near miss would have To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. other skeptics from evaluating the evidence for themselves. ( Log Out /  (if in a backhanded way)? of the no-757-crash theory. supporting the no-757-crash theory estimates that the large the larger body of eyewitness evidence., toppled the spool are difficult to evaluate without knowing conclusion that controlled demolition brought down the towers,

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