The controversial Welsh rugby ‘pundit’ Jonathan Davies who called an MP a “knob”, and whose broadcast style has been criticised by a fan for ‘ruining‘ the game was condemned on social media during the Six Nations game against Italy for being “shite”, “biased”,“annoying”, and “irritating”, The Eye can reveal. “So please donate generously, anything will do.”. Opponents were unable to predict whether he was going to run, pass or kick. Rugby Rucker. Dual code legend Jonathan Davies has taken on the daunting task of picking his greatest British & Irish Lions XV of all time for a new book. //# Thank you!”. 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Podcast downloads for Jiffy's Six Nations Breakfast. “Unfortunately, my wife passed away, but Velindre were amazing. (r(document,t),r(window,"load")):"interactive"===document.readyState&&r(document,t),document.addEventListener?n(document,t,e):n(window,"load",e)},fire:function(e,t,n){var o;n=n||{},document.createEvent? In an interview, Brian O’Driscoll paid a sincere tribute to one of Irish rugby’s greatest ever players: ‘At times when Irish rugby wasn’t successful, he was always the shining light.”, Subscribe to receive the latest rugby news direct to your inbox. I’m so grateful for all the work that they do. 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I always appreciated his effortless style. Solo disputó una Copa del Mundo: Nueva Zelanda 1987 donde los dragones rojos llegaron a semifinales y posteriormente vencieron a los Wallabies para obtener la tercera posición, hasta hoy esta es la mejor participación de Gales. Two other famous faces in the Welsh rugby community, Wales’ leading try scorer Shane Williams and former Ospreys coach Sean Holley, have also gone every step of the way with Davies, who has five days, and 130 miles, left to cycle. And the former fly-half certainly appears to have been pouring his own blood, sweat and tears into it, with a photograph uploaded after day four of the challenge showing him to be, understandably, utterly exhausted. Davies announced he would begin the challenge on April 20, a special date for him as it was exactly 35 years to the day since he made his Wales debut in the 24-15 win over England in Cardiff. “I’m sure we have all had friends and close family, like myself, suffer cancer. The 2.6 challenge is encouraging the public to get active for charity and has seen a number of people put their own spin on it, from running 2.6 miles to cycling 26 miles. Esta página se editó por última vez el 29 dic 2016 a las 22:22. 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